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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report   

 2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Chris Gnech, PA

2012 Champion

Event History
1999     Daniel Lawall      40
2000     Bradley Johnson      41
2001     Jeff Ribeiro      44
2002     Jeff Cornett      42
2003      Brad Johnson      71
2004     Brad Johnson      61
2005      Bill Dyer      65
2006     Brad Johnson      56
2007     Scott Buckwalter      66
2008     Brad Johnson      68
2009      Brad Johnson      65
2010     Alexandra Henning      63
2011     Brad Johnson      72
2012     Chris Gnech      67


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Brad Johnson       IL    11    288
  2.  Alex Henning       CT    12     74
  3.  Bill Navolis       MD    12     67
  4.  Jason Levine       NY    10     50
  5.  Jeff Finkeldey     OH    11     40
  6.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    07     40
  7.  Bill Dyer          IL    05     40
  8.  Jeff Cornett       FL    02     40
  9.  Jeff Ribeiro       NH    01     40
 10.  Dan Lawall         VA    00     39
 11.  James Kendrick     uk    08     36
 12.  Chris Gnech        PA    12     34
 13.  Ken Samuel         VA    12     32
 14.  Tamara Houde       VA    04     30
 15.  Tom McCorry        VA    11     28
 16.  Rich Shipley       MD    07     28
 17.  Cliff Ackman       PA    06     28
 18.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    12     24
 19.  Charles Squibb     PA    11     24
 20.  Brian Schott       MD    07     24
 21.  Lance Ribeiro      NH    05     24
 22.  George Seary       NY    01     24
 23.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    08     20
 24.  Jeff Power         MI    05     19
 25.  David des Jardins  CA    03     18
 26.  Dan Mathias        MD    10     16
 27.  Brad Davis         VA    08     16
 28.  Jonathan Tivel     VA    04     16
 29.  Dan McGowan        ME    01     16
 30.  Winton LeMoine     CA    12     13
 31.  Curt Collins II    PA    09     12
 32.  Clyde Kruskal      MD    03     12
 33.  Rodd Polsky        PA    02     12
 34.  Vic Hutcherson     MD    00     12
 35.  David Davis        OH    99     12
 36.  Josh Githens       SC    09     10
 37.  David Kyle         PA    99      9
 38.  Ewan McNay         NY    10      8
 39.  Scott Chupak       IL    09      8
 40.  Reiko Brooks       TN    08      8
 41.  Carl Sykes         SC    07      8
 42.  Mark Neale         RI    05      8
 43.  Nick Henning       CT    03      6
 44.  Kevin LeRow        MA    99      6
 45.  Craig Trader       VA    08      4
 46.  Pat Mitchell       DE    03      3

2012 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists:

Alexandra Henning, PA

Ken Samuel, VA

Winton Lemoine, OH

Bill Navolis, DE

Steve Cuccaro, MD

Past Winners

Daniel Lawall, VA

Brad Johnson, IL
00, 03, 04, 06, 08-09, 11

Jeff Ribeiro, NH

Jeff Cornett, FL

Bill Dyer, IL

Scott Buckwalter, MD

Alexandra Henning, CT

Chris Gnech, PA

The finalists pose for their official picture ...

... and then are back to plotting their moves.

A Year of Firsts ...

This year's RoboRally saw several firsts. For the first time ever, the GM missed a heat -- this was due to a conflict with the Bumper Car Arena Jrs tournament, which we did not catch until the last minute. Fortunately, I was able to get everything started and leave it to my assistant GM's to handle any issues. Considering they were done and packed up when I got back from the juniors room, it seems everything went well. There were no complete eliminations in the first heat (I must be slipping) so no Kaarin Engelmann Memorial Crash & Burn Award was awarded.

Heat 2 saw the first repeat winner of the KEMC&B: Evan Cagwin. To date only Kaarin herself has more difficulty with telling right from left, (and at least she's smart enough to write it on her hands). The second heat also saw, the closest game I have ever had to adjudicate. At the end of the time limit, all six players had touched the first two flags (tie breaker 1), and four of the six were within one card of the final flag (using the 'Tom McCorry optimal hand distance to the next flag tie breaker'). So it came down to who had the most lives left. That happened to be James Gilmere who had not lost a single robot. (Obviously, somebody did something wrong).

Round 2 was the worst turnout I've ever had for a semifinal. Of my 12 qualifiers (one of which was my wife), only seven came (and my wife was not one of those, choosing instead to go watch what turned out to be a pretty lame Drum Corp International Regional semifinal in Allentown). Sadly, one of the seven had to leave for a family emergency before we got started, so, that left us with six. Which it just so happens is the number needed to properly fill out the prize form. So, with the consensus of all present, the semifinal became the Final (for which we plan for an extra hour). Which would allow us to end just before the room got too crazy with Slapshot. All of the finalists were veterans of previous years, but only one past champion, Alex Henning, made the cut this year. Yes, that's right, for only the second time, Brad Johnson failed to make it to the semifinal round.

Despite the use of the Cannery Row board twice in the Final, robot deaths were down from previous years with only 12, although robot shutdowns were way up (averaging one or two a turn for 20+ turns) with an impressive four declared for Turn 4 though only three robots were alive to take advantage of them. There was also a turn where Bill Navolis's Hammerbot survived being pushed three times in the same turn while riding the cannery row conveyors.

Yet another first for this year, in every round, the starter board from the new Avalon Hill/Hasbro Edition of the game was used. However, rather than have every player pick a different spot to start, players were allowed to pick any start space they liked. If it happened they did not pick one that someone else did, then they started the game right off as a real robot. (Otherwise, they started virtual as in the past.) We have not used this board in the past, as the rules provided with it, give an inherent advantage to whoever selects their start space first. Our slight modification makes this a non-issue, so this board will likely make future appearances.

In discussing things with some of my veteran players, many of whom GM their own events, and the assistant CD, I am considering going to three heats next year. Much like myself, it seems most of them only get to play this game at WBC so providing more opportunities for all of us seems like a good idea. Next year I might even remember to put all of the requested information on the GM form.

 GM      Marc F. Houde  [14th Year]  113 Lee St., Front Royal, VA 22630   202-487-6272

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