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Class A: For experienced players, rules not explained
B: Beginners welcome, rules explained one hour prior to start
  C: Coached, game will be taught by GM during play.
  Trial: This event is not part of the Century Group and does not earn a Centurion shirt for the winner.
Prize Level Number of Prizes Demo Event
Trial Event Junior Event
Format Single Elimination Single Elimination w/Mulligan
Multiple Entry Single Elim.
Double Elimination Triple Elimination
Swiss Swiss Elimination
Style Continuous Scheduled
Heat Continuous Heats
Day of the week
Mulligan Round
Round Number
Heat Number
Semi Final
Location (All or Most rounds)
Demo: This event will be taught in a one-hour demonstration in Frankie & Vinnie's at the designated time. The GM will not stay more than 30 minutes without anyone to teach so be on time.
TV: Links to the web page of the manufacturer which further illustrates and/or explains the game.
Home Address
Game Master Photo Unavailable

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