wizard's quest [Updated April 2005]

WZQ  Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
  Demo 22
    9    Round 2 13  Final

 Ballroom B   Demo Ballroom Foyer, Table 2

Erica Kirchner, KY

2004 Champion

2nd: Verity Hitchings, DE

3rd: Alice Trumblee, ID

4th: Cliff Ackman, PA

5th: Katherine Hitchings, DE

6th: Randy Sands, PA
Event History
1997    Gregory Crowe      22
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      20
1999    Brooks Beyma     14
2000    Bill Navolis     13
2001    Brooks Beyma     14
2002    Bob Runnicles     19
2003    Bill Lenoir     18
2004     Erica Kirchner     15

AREA Ratings

GM: Paul Bolduc

Harken oh heroes to the days of yore

Relive the savage days of old when cunning warlords directed mighty heroes, powerful sorcerors, and stalwart warriors against slavering orcs, a ravenous dragon, and each other in their quest for the kingship of the ancient island of Marnon! Meet the challenge of Peacemaker the Wizard. and recover three hidden treasures to claim the Throne.

WIZARD'S QUEST was one of Avalon Hill's more successful games back in happier days for boardgames. Its presence on the shelves of Toys R Us introduced many a new gamer to the hobby with a simple, yet intriguing family pastime. Hobby grognards tended to dismiss it for more challenging fare and its presence at our convention was limited to Junior tournaments until 1997 when those juniors grew up and challenged their parents to meet them in adult battle!

Its inclusion in the Iron Man competition can only help the field. New GM Paul Bolduc is scheduling for a field of 36 or less, but will be delighted with anything between 12 and 216.

Plans are afoot for yet another constitutional coup d'etat on Marnon at WBC 2001, scheduled for 26 Jun to 1 Jul 01 at the Hunt Valley, MD Marriott. Again, we don't have "Century" Status in 2001, but we are scheduled for 9 AM Thursday, with a teaching session at 11 PM Wednesday.

Any volunteers for Asst GMs?
I'm again considering awarding a cash prize equal to $1/actual player with a minimum of $25 if we have 16 players.
Some changes I'm considering:
     1. Allowing the "Blank Petition Card" optional rule proposed by Mr Boeche in his variant (Variant7), changing result 11 since it isn't appropriate.
     2. Issuing "Dragon Food" and "Orc Bait" certificates to the players on each board whom the Dragon has munched most and the orcs clobbered most.

 GM      Paul R. Bolduc [7th year]   NA 
    wizquest@aol.com   NA

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