world at war [Updated April 2005]

WAW   6 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
    18     10
    9      9


Bill Moodey, PA

2004 Champion

2nd: Eric Schuelin, GA

3rd: Alvaro Martin, Spain

4th: Brian Conway, NY

5th: Ernie Copley, ME

6th: Jim Sparks, MD
Event History * = Global War
1992    Joe Brophy        8
1993    Conrad Struckman      20
1994    Jason Moore      17
1995    James Sparks      41
1996    Bruce Harper*      17
1997    Rob Carl*      26
1998    David Middleton*      27
1999    Greg Wilson*     19
2000    Herbert Gratz     25
2001    Stuart Pierce       8
2002    Jon Hogen     17
2003    Victor Hogen     20
2004     Bill Moodey     24

AREA Ratings

GM: Mike Crowe

formerly Global War ... formerly Advanced Third reich ...


Full Campaign Game of A World at War in one or both theaters ... now with expanded playing time.
Individual or team play. Team required if playing both theaters.
1941 Scenario Campaign game also allowed (to be published on the AWAW website by July, 2005).

Rules as of June 30, 2005, as posted in the PDF file on the website
If any player needs help finding a partner for a Global War game, please contact me.
I will do my best to pair players via e-mail prior to the convention.

For a list of those planning to attend, updated periodically, join the AWAW forum (instructions at

For updates to the tournament description as they evolve, see the website Http://

 GM      Mike Crowe  [7th Year]   5507 Callander Dr, Springfield, VA 22151   703-978-3528 

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