up front [Updated April 2005]

UPF   3 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Continuous 
   9   Round 2 17  Semi  Round 3 20  Final   


John Emery, SC

2004 Champion

2nd: Bari Herman, NJ

3rd: Ray Stakenas II, MI

4th: Ray Stakenas, MI

5th: Bruce Wigdor, NJ

6th: Bruce Young, SC
Event History
1991    Mark Cohen      44
1992    Maria Hawthorne      43
1993    Bruce Young      53
1994    Bruce Young      53
1995    Herbert Gratz      48
1996    William Edwards III      46
1997    John Emery      42
1998    John Emery      55
1999    Larry Davidson     42
2000    John Emery     34
2001    Bruce Wigdor     39
2002    John Emery     50
2003    Ray Stakenas II     38
2004     John Emery     30

AREA Ratings

GM: Bill Edwards

Another Year, the Same Format ????

Round 1: Players will be matched by Random Selection. If there are an odd number of players then the most recent WBC Up Front Champion will receive a bye (only one bye per Champion).

Round 2 through 5: Players will be matched against players with similar records. If there are an odd number of players then a bye will be given to a player randomly selected from those with the worst record. No player may receive more than one bye.

Each round will be 90 minutes.

The top eight players will compete in a three-round single elimination final.

 GM      Bill Edwards  [4th Year]   NA 
    edwardswbe@comcast.net   NA

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