santa fe rails [Updated April 2005]

SFR   Trial Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
 Rnd1 Heat1 20   
  17  Rnd1 Heat2 21     
  Round 2 22  Semi  Round 3 24 Final

  Marietta   Ballroom Foyer, Table 4

Tom Stokes, NJ

2004 Champion

2nd: Tom DeMarco, NJ

3rd: Doug Smith, PA

4th: Tom Saal, MI

5th: Rob Kircher, RI

6th: Donna Balkan, ONT
Event History
2003    Andy Lewis     28
2004    Tom Stokes     22

AREA Ratings

GM: Rob Kircher

All Aboard

Tournament Format

The first round will be 4- (first choiced), 3- (second choice), or 5-player games.

The semi-finals will be 4-player games unless I'm overwhelmed with more than 64 players in the first round. All winners will automatically advance. Additional spots will be filled by runner-ups. Since play style greatly influences the range in which scores will occur, there is no fair way to write hard and fast tie-breaker rules; therefore, runner-ups who advance will be determined randomly. This means the only way to ensure advancing is by winning; there is no good second place strategy.

Only the winners from the Semi-Finals will advance to the Final.

The durations are estimates.

Tournament Officials

Rob Kircher will be in the Engineer's Seat. I am going to try to play and if I do, I will appoint two Assistant GMs who will always rule against me :-)

Feel free to write with any questions about the tournament. My email is lsited below.

Special Tournament Rules

Only the standard rules will be used. The Advanced game and optional rules will NOT be used unless all players at the table agree to use them.

Late Arrivals, Didn't Bring A Copy and Long Games

Group assignments for the first round will be started at 8 pm. If you arrive after that time, you may be forced to play in a group with your friends. Once all group assignments are complete, no latecomers will be accepted.

I will not be making 5-player games just because we're short on games. If we don't have enough games, the latest arriving people will not get to play.

Each round will be limited to 90 minutes from when the last group is organized. A 15 minute warning will be called. At the end of 90 minutes, the current turn will be completed plus one additional turn will be played, then final scores will be tallied.

 GM      Rob Kircher  [2nd Year]  NA   NA

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