royal turf [Updated April 2005]

RYT   Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous  
  15    19   Round 2 20 Semi  Round 3 21 Final

   Ballroom B  Ballroom Foyer, Table 1

Luke Koleszar, VA

2004 Champion

2nd: Rhonda Reiff, OH

3rd: Lyle Wenger, PA

4th: John Welage, OH

5th: Phil Bradley, IL

6th: Mathieu Yuill, ONT
Event History
2004    Luke Koleszar    34

AREA Ratings

GM: Andy Maly

Is there room for two horse racing games at WBC? ...

Come on, ALBINO!

Single Elimination format will be used but alternates may advance from first and second rounds to provide for a six-player final.

Hidden bidding and 0's in use for all races.

A riding crop will be on hand to encourage horses that run too slow.

For more information about Royal Turf see

 GM      Andy Maly [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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