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GM: Dan Mathias

One of Four New Ones From Rio Grande For WBC 2005 ...

Revolution: The Dutch Revolt simulates the Eighty Years' War between Spain and the Netherlands. This epic struggle lasted from 1568 until 1648 and eventually brought independence to Holland and the northern provinces. In the south, the revolt was less successful and Belgium did not emerge as an independent state until after the Napoleonic era. During the initial stages of the struggle, William of Orange became the symbol of freedom. His main adversary was the Spanish King Philip II, who sent in the Duke of Alba with his formidable conquistadores to stop the rebellion.

Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648 is a game of skill for 2 to 5 players. It depicts a power struggle in which each player represents one of the principal factions involved, the Catholics, Habsburgs, Nobility, Burghers and Reformers. Some factions tend to have similar outlooks but they are not allies - each has its own motives and objectives. These may be summarized, very briefly, as follows:  

  2-5 Design: Francis Tresham
  4-8 Hours Graphics: Franz Vohwinkel
  12+ Art.-Nr.: PHA-US.REV01

 · The Catholics want to preserve the status quo in the area, implying the supremacy of the Catholic faith and secular rule by Spanish (Habsburg) masters.
· The Habsburgs (who are Catholic) are determined to govern the provinces under their military authority and quell rebellion.
· The Nobility are Netherlanders who, initially, owe their position to the Habsburgs and who obviously wish to maintain their own power and estates.
· The Burghers want to be free of the excesses of taxation and centralization so that trade and industry can flourish. They see the value of religious tolerance in helping to bring this about.
· The Reformers want religious freedom, which means in practice that many people will become Protestants, and hope that this will bring peace to the region.

This game is not a detailed military re-enactment of the Eighty Years´ War. It tries to capture the flavor of these interesting times in a much broader sense. It contains an element of warfare in the form of battles and sieges but the main theme is built on economic, religious and political control. The constantly shifting balance of power, caused by temporary alliances, makes Revolution an immensely challenging game.

Revolution: the Dutch Revolt was more than 15 years in the making, and marks Francis Tresham´s long-awaited return to the forefront of game design. He is most famous for his widely acclaimed board game Civilization and the 18xx series.

Revolution includes
· 1 large game board
· 41 playing cards
· 416 colorful game pieces
· 1 player aid card
· 1 rules booklet

 GM      Dan Mathias  [1st Year]   NA  
    NA   NA

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