power grid [Updated April 2005]

PGD  5 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled  
    18   Rnd1 Heat1 19
   Rnd1 Heat2 14   Round 2 17 Semi  
   Round 3 21 Final  

   Conestoga 3      Ballroom Foyer, Table 5

Eric Brosius, MA

2005 Champion

2nd: Evan Tannheimer, MA

3rd: Tim Swartz, MD

4th: Richard Meyer, MA

5th: Frank Hastings, MD

6th: Marshall Phillips, VA
Event History
2004    Eric Brosius    84

AREA Ratings

GM: Jason Wagner

new and improved Funkenschlag ...

This is the new and improved (rules and graphics!) Funkenschlag from Friedemann Friese. Players compete to build the best network of power lines and stations, choosing which cities to supply and what sources of power to use.

Author: Friedemann Friese, Players: 2-6 aged 12 and up
Length: 90-120 minutes

Format: Power Grid will be played per the printed rules form Rio Grande Games.

All tournament games must use the map of the United States.

All games will consist of four to five players.

All winners will advance to the semi-finals on Saturday.

With six or less winners, the semi-final will be the final round and there will be no final on Sunday. If there are more than six individual winners, all winners and, if necessary, seconds will be used to fill out semi-final games. The semi-final winners will advance to the final.

Adjudication Time Limits: A maximum of three hours will be allowed for all rounds. Games not complete within three hours will be adjudicated by the Game Master.

Winner: Supply electricity to the most cities.

Tie Breakers as stated by Rio Grande:

1. Most Money.

2. Most Cities.

3. Biggest/Highest power plant number (added by GM)

Score Sheet: All heats must completely and accurately complete a score for the heat recording ALL the game end conditions to count as a tournament game.

 GM      Jason Wagner [1st Year]   NA  
    loquutus@hotmail.com   NA

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