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Jeff Cornett, FL

2004 Champion

2nd: Scott Cornett, FL

3rd: Carl Willner, MD

4th: Forrest Pafenberg, VA

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1993    Tom Scarborough      12
1994    Dave Durlacher        8
2000    Jeff Cornett     16
2001    George Seary     14
2002    Jeff Cornett     20
2003    Scott Cornett     17
2004     Jeff Conett       8

AREA Ratings

GM: Jeff Cornett

The classic wooden block wargame:

SUMMARY: Napoleon is the original, classic wooden block wargame based on the Waterloo campaign. Although the rules are fairly simple, the game provides for diverse campaign strategies and tense tactical battles. The WBC tournament is designed to provide a good learning opportunity for rookies, yet a high level of competition for veterans.

Newcomers who have just learned the game in the tutorial may choose to be matched against another newcomer in the first round (subject to game availability).

Single elimination first round winners will be expected to play their second round game immediately after their win on Wednesday night or first thing Thursday morning. Subsequent rounds may be scheduled at the discretion of the opponents to accommodate their participation in other tournaments. The semi-finals must be completed before Saturday morning, and the Finals must be completed before Sunday morning.

1) Both sides will setup according to the "free deployment" rules (not the historical setup).

2) Use the British II Corps artillery as strength 2, as shown on the historical order of battle (not as printed on the counter).

3) Players bid combat step increases to their opponents army for their choice of sides. The losing bidder chooses which of his starting units will add these step increases. Increases are limited to just one step increase per unit and may not result in a unit increasing in strength beyond size 4. Move these improved units to their next blank side beyond their initial printed strength.

4) For improved play balance, the French will be given one additional way to win the game: When time runs out on the turn record track, the French win if they are actually occupying all three Allied supply cities.

For more details and a complete history of the WBC Napoleon tournament, go to:

To see the GM's list of Napoleon rules clarifications, go to:

 GM      Jeff Cornett  [5th Year]  728 Ashgrove Terrace, Sanford, FL 32771   407-330-1968

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