monsters ravage america [Updated April 2005]

MRA  3 prizes Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  12  & 18  Rnd1 Heat1  23
 Rnd1 Heat2 16   12  Rnd1 Heat3  13   Rnd1 Heat4 21 
      Round 2 Semi   Round 3  11 Final

  Ballroom B     Ballroom Foyer, Table 4     

Nick Henning, CT

2004 Champion

2nd: Steve Scott, CA

3rd: Rich Moyer, MN

4th: Paul Weintraub, MD

5th: Sue Cornett, FL

6th: David Brooks, FL
Event History
1998    Dave Long      167
1999    Marvin Birnbaum     106
2000    Tom Meier       83
2001    Rebecca Hebner       68
2002    Joseph Sposito       69
2003    Marvin Birnbaum       73
2004    Nick Henning       64

AREA Ratings

GM: Mark Love

Finally! A MONSTER movie where the MONSTER wins!

YOU and three opponents choose and control one MONSTER, with its own special abilities, and one branch of the military! YOU decide where your MONSTER will go to increase its health - by destroying cities! Small cities are snacks (one point of health) , others are one-course meals (one die of health), bigger ones are two-course meals (two dice of health.) Better get your military units into Los Angeles or New York City right away - they're worth the most to whomever eats them first - (three or four dice of health). You gain extra attack markers as your MONSTER achieves INFAMY by destroying historic landmarks - Mt. Rushmore, the Alamo, the Washington Monument and many more! Each MONSTER has a personal goal and gets an extra die of health points if they stomp that city (although they don't have to do it at all.) YOU decide!

If YOUR military weakens a MONSTER enough, YOU SELL it to Hollywood moguls, who use it for B movies! Even if YOUR military only retreats the MONSTER, you get a chance for a breakthrough in military research - like the Blonde Lure! YOU decide how you spend your military budget EACH TURN. It's only cut if a MONSTER ravages one of your bases. You'll be more successful with four or more units, but even a single unit can retreat the MONSTER. ANY player can place unmovable National Guard units on intact cities. But BEWARE - if you fire a cruise missile, the MONSTER may MUTATE and get even STRONGER! And just as you close in with a massive force to attack - the MONSTER can DISAPPEAR off the map, reappearing in one of its six lairs! BUT WAIT - that MONSTER in Hollywood has gradually been getting stronger - it has BROKEN FREE to RAVAGE AGAIN!!!

WHEN will this horror end???? The MONSTER that destroys the 20th city issues a CHALLENGE to the others. They scramble to get to one of five Challenge Sites, say Niagra Falls, to grab the chance to strike first! If your military has Super Colossal Guy or the Mecha-MONSTER, even they can win this fight-to-the-finish (and do - 3% of the time!). The MONSTERS weigh in...the challenger chooses who to fight first. The winner adds the loser's beginning health score to whatever it has left after the battle and chooses the next opponent. The last MONSTER standing is the KING (or QUEEN) of the GIANT MONSTERS and wins the game!

RAVAGE vs MENACE: There is a new WOTC version of the game out entitled Monsters Menace America. The default version to be played in the tournament will remain Monsters Ravage America.

TOURNAMENT ADVANCEMENT METHOD: 2-hour, 5-player games: Play in any or all of the four heats.The top 16 players will advance to a Single Elimination semi-final based on the following order: 1. Total numbers of wins. 2. Won in first heat entered. 3. Won in second heat entered. 4. Won in third heat entered. 5. Won in fourth heat entered. 6. Highest scoresheet score (to break ties or advance non-winners as alternates). 7. Scoresheet tie-breaker. Since a game won in the 1st heat played beats a win in the 2nd heat played, etc., there is no penalty whatsoever for continuing to play in additional heats - you can only improve your chances - not lessen them - by continuing to play - but it is is still possible to qualify to advance by playing in only one heat. Only a handful of players have ever won more than one heat, so a first-try win may be all that's needed.

The last player beaten in a MONSTER challenge is not necessarily the second place player. To help determine advancement and plaques, handout Score Sheets will record at the START of the MONSTER challenge: 1 point for each health point, 2 for each infamy marker, 3 for issuing the first Challenge, and for these specific mutations: 10 for Whip Tentacles, 7 for Armor Scales, Atomic Breath, or War Spikes, 2 for Beserk and, if you did NOT choose the first Challenge opponent, 3 for Hi-Octane Blood. Tiebreakers: Up to three points can be earned for MONSTER sound effects (See back of the rule book) and Tournament house rules: 1) You Are Here/Local Hero infamy marker - the player who has the second choice of military will place the marker in the space of their own hometown, instead of Hunt Valley, MD. 2) The El Toro Marine Base in the Los Angeles grid is closed in real life, so before play, the Marine player can designate the grid north of there to use as Barstow (sharing the grid with Vandenberg AFB). 3) Retreats - If a MONSTER is to be retreated in a battle with multiple military branches, then a branch controlled by the MONSTER has no say on the retreat route. If other branches cannot agree on the retreat route, settle it with a die roll. Unless a player holds the Guard Commander research card, all players except the MONSTER make the choice for surviving National Guard units. 4) Misprint on the game board - MONSTERS do not have the option of remaining in Hollywood when they regain half their starting strength. They MUST break free - go to L.A. or disappear.

 Mark Love will also offer a Juniors tournament on Thursday at 11 AM in Cornwall for those 12 and under. See

 GM      Mark Love  [7th Year]   NA    (NA)

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