mystery of the abbey [Updated April 2005]

MOA   Trial Beginners Single Elim Scheduled 
   18     Round 2 20  Final

Ballroom B    Ballroom Foyer, Table 1

David Burkey, PA

2004 Champion

2nd: Brandon Bernard, PA

3rd: James Kendrick, UK

4th: John Kratz, ID

5th: Andrew Bremer, NE

6th: Lisa Gutermuth, TX
Event History
2003    David Wenstrup     98
2004     David Burkey     31

AREA Ratings

GM: Eric Hautemont

Never trust a Benedictine ...

Mystery of the Abbey is "the thinking person's Clue ... a new kind of whodunit boardgame of deduction in a medieval abbey. Players attempt to discover, "Who Killed Brother Adelmo by moving through the beautifully illustrated Abbey board, searching for clues, questioning the other monks and using their intuition to uncover the truth.

Points are scored in two ways: By making correct revelations about one characteristic of the guilty monk (worth two points); or by making a correct accusation of who the culprit is (worth four points). An incorrect revelation subtracts one point from the player's score and an incorrect accusation subtracts two points.

Tournament Rules:
One Qualifying round will be held with each participant playing in one 4-6 player game. Winners of qualifying games, plus other top point earners (determined by number of entrants) qualify for the second and final round. Semifinal winners and/or top point earners (depending on number of qualifiers) then move on to the Final Round. The finals will consist of one 4-6 player game.

Learning the Game - New Players:
Beginners are welcome. There will be a teaching demonstration in Café Jay. A short review of the rules will be given before the first round.

 GM      Eric Hautemont  [1st Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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