lost cities [Updated April 2005]

LST   2 prizes Beginners Swiss Elim Continuous 
  Demo 16  Rnd1 Heat1 23
  Rnd1 Heat2 23  Rnd1 Heat3 12
 Rnd1 Heat4 13  Round 2 9   Round 3 10   Round 4 11 Semi   Round 5 12 Final

  Paradise   Demo Ballroom Foyer, Table 3

Rebecca Hebner, CO

2004 Champion

2nd: Nate Hoam, OH

3rd: Laurel Stokes, NJ

4th: Jared Scarborough, IL

5th: Sean McCulloch, OH

6th: Peter Reese, VA
Event History
2000    Daniel Broh-Kahn     48
2001    Jared Scarborough     84
2002    Daniel Karp     66
2003    Charles Blahous     60
2004    Rebecca Hebner    60

AREA Ratings

GM: Ivan Lawson

a quick Euro for two


Lost Cities is an easy-to-learn two-player card game, and an excellent game for all gamers, age and gender neutral. The tournament will be four (4) single elimination Heats, averaging 45 - 60 minutes each, with the individual winners advancing to continuous Single Elimination Rounds with a total of four rounds projected (dependent on the number of entries). Each subsequent Single Elimination Round will consist of three (3) hands, and should average 45 - 60 minutes.

Players with copies of the game should bring them! Extra copies will be needed. This event has turned away players in the past and will doubtless do so again this year for lack of games. Bring a copy of the game if you expect to play! Please contact me with any questions.

Initial Heat Description - See changes below
The event uses four (4) heats over four evenings, essentially comprising the "First Round." The heat is one game per two players registered. The winners of each heat will advance to the second round. Players may play in each of the four heats. The first and fourth heats as well as the second round and thereafter will be played according to the box rules - each game will be three (3) hands with the best cumulative score of the three hands declared the winner. The second and third heats will feature variants for those who enjoy a change or those who enjoy the challenge of playing an old favorite under slightly different scoring requirements. In the second heat, the hands will be scored separately, not cumulatively, with the format of best two out of three. In the third heat, the hand with the highest score will be discarded and the winner will have the highest cumulative score of the remaining two hands. Tie-breaker for this heat will be the addition of the discarded high score to the cumulative score.

Single Elimination Rounds, beginning with the Second Round through the Championship Round will continue until completion. Pairings and Byes will be determined by bracket, seeding best heat score against worst heat score, etc. (NCAA Basketball Tournament fans should be familiar with this method.) Tie-breakers will be determined in order as follows: 1) best score from individual hand in heat/round, 2) next best score from individual hand in heat/round, 3) best score from third hand, if played, in heat/round, 4) Longest expedition in heat/round, 5) Most expeditions of 8 or more cards in heat/round, 6) Most successful expeditions with investors in heat/round (Score 0 or positive number), and 7) Most total successful expeditions in heat/round (Score 0 or positive number).

Places 3 through 6 will be determined by comparing the cumulative scores for those players in the round that he/she was eliminated.

 Dan Broh-Kahn will also offer a Juniors tournament on Friday at 7 PM in Cornwall for those 12 and under. See http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbook/jnrpge.htm

 GM      Ivan Lawson  [1st Year]   NA 
    lawsonic.415@verizon.net   NA

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