louis xiv [Updated July 2005]

L14   Trial Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled  
  Rnd1 Heat1 23   Rnd1 Heat2  22
     Round 2 21  Semi   Round 3 23 Final


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2005 Champion

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GM: John Weber

One of Four New Ones From Rio Grande For WBC 2005 ...

Slip on the role of clever court attendant and try your luck in the court of Louis XIV. Influence his next decrees. Relax in his radiance on his countless cushions. Bribe ministers and buy generals. Spin intrigue and spread your net in the empire of the Sun King. Every plan is right - if it works! A careful plan and provident use of information gained in the court can help you fulfill your mission - and win the game!

Author: Rüdiger Dorn
2 - 4 players, aged 12 and up
length 75-100 minutes
Suggested Retail: $29.95

Rules for the tournament are posted at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~jcw222/id38.html.

 GM      John Weber  [1st Year]   NA  
    NA   NA

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