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KGM  4 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Scheduled 
 Rnd1 Heat1 20   Rnd1 Heat2 16
 Round 2 12 Final  


Justin Thompson, VA

2004 Champion

2nd: Kevin Brownell, ME

3rd: Scott Stewart, VA

4th: Bill Powers. VA

5th: James Coomes, KY

6th: Peter Melinn, MA
Event History
1991    Heikki Thoen      24
1992    George Sauer III      11
1993    Chris Bodkin      28
1994    Paul Toro      24
1995    Charles Hickok      38
1996    Justin Thompson      36
1997    Jeff Clark      26
1998    Victor Guerrera      33
1999    Justin Thompson     26
2000    Sandy Wible     35
2001    George Sauer III     33
2002    Sandy Wible     24
2003     James Coomes     32
2004    Justin Thompson     28

AREA Ratings

GM: Bill Powers

War of the Horticulturalists ...

Tournament Format:
1.The tournament will be Swiss Elimination. There are two rounds in which the top five players will advance to a final. The two qualifying heats are up to four hours with a random end beginning after four hours of play.
2. Any players that win with a "Sole King" will advance to the Final. If there are no automatic qualifiers, the top five players with the "most votes in Parliment" in any one game they played will advance. Tie breakers are the most "votes from cities under your control", the second tiebreaker is the "rank of current heir under your control", the third tie breaker is the highest ranking official held by the faction in the "Basic Rules" Sequence of Play.
3. The Final can be up to seven hours with a random end beginning after five hours. The winner of the final is determined like the qualifying heats and place tie breakers in Format rules #2.
4. The games will be organized by the GM randomly and play will begin normally.
5. The GM's ruling on any questions during the game is final. A question concerning a game involving the GM will be handled by the Assistants.

WBC Rules:

Basic Rules - All of the "Basic Game" rules will be in use except "setting out the Royal counters"

Optional Rules - The only optional rules that will be used are "Ambush", "Commission", "Optional Parliment" and "Return from Parliment" (which will be done openly beginning with the player who called Parliment).

Advanced Rules - The only "Advanced Games" rules that will be used are "Components" (except for Refuge Cards) and "Prepare for Play". The "Nobles Killed Table" is used only when specified on the combat resolution card, and never for "Ambush" results. The "Loyalty Table" is not used under any circumstances!

Check for any other variants & clarifications.

 GM      Bill Powers  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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