ivanhoe [Updated June 2005]

IVH   Trial Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled  
  Rnd1 Heat1 23   20  Rnd1 Heat2  23
  Rnd1 Heat3 23   Round 2 9  Semi   Round 3 10 Final

  Ballroom B   Ballroom Foyer, Table 1

Rebecca Hebner

2001 Champion

2nd: Rick Bass, NC

3rd: Sean Vessey, VA

4th: Steve Scott, CA

5th: Michael Johnson, MA

6th: Lee Price, NC
Event History
2001    Rebecca Hebner    27
2002    Steve Scott    29

AREA Ratings:

GM: Steve Scott

Returned From Days of Yore ...

It seems like only yesterday that a young damsel achieved the impossible ... putting her elders to shame by winning four tournaments at WBC ... a grand slam. This is one of the games that made it possible - and, ironically, you can win four tournaments in the game itself.

Ivanhoe returns to the WBC courtesy of an anonymous sponsor after a three-year hiatus with a new format, new classification and different rules. In the past Ivanhoe was run as a single-day tournament. This year it will have three separate heats starting at 23:00 on Tues, Weds and Thurs with the Semi-finals and Finals starting Fri morning at 9:00. The classification will also be changed from an "A" to a "B" with the teaching demo starting at 20:00 on Weds night. The rules for the tournament will be "straight out of the box". The controversial "house rule" that whoever drew the purple chip went first and kept the chip will be dropped as some of you thought it gave too great an advantage to the person who drew the purple chip, even though statistically that didn't seem to be a valid criticism. The top 25 will advance to the semi-finals based on (1) most wins (2) a win in the first heat played in (3) a win in the 2nd heat played in (4) a win in the 3rd heat played (5) largest margin of victory over runner-up. If less than 25 winners appear for the semi-finals the field will be filled with the best non-winners according to the same format as the winners. Any game reaching 90-minutes will be adjudicated at that point except for the Final round.

 GM      Steve Scott  [2nd Year]   NA  
    NA   NA

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