history of the world [Updated April 2005]

HWD  6 prizes Experienced Single Elim Scheduled 
   Round 2  16 Semi  Round 3 9  Final

    Ballroom B

Haim Hochboim, Israel

2004 Champion

2nd: Peter Busch, OH

3rd: Christina Hancock, NH

4th: Terry Coleman, BC

5th: Rachel Power, MI

6th: Keith Altizer, FL
Event History
1993    Ben Grimes        53
1994    Gordon Bliss      102
1995    Tim Johnson      105
1996    Keith Levy      102
1997    Bruce Monnin    108
1998    Greg Crowe        72
1999    Jonas Borra        68
2000    Robert Destro       70
2001    Harald Henning       56
2002    Rolinda Collinson       52
2003    Mike Backstrom       49
2004    Haim Hochboim       55

AREA Ratings

GM: Rolinda Collinson

The Tides of History ...

The Hasbro edition of History of the World has now been successfully played in the Century tournament as the default version and will continue to do so. The event will continue to follow the format of separate scheduled preliminary, semi-final and final rounds on separate days. The standings after the preliminary will be posted on the kiosk. The winners and alternates, in order of finish, present at the start time to fill tables will play the semi-final. The 5 or 6 top finishers will advance to the final table.
All games will use the pre-eminence chits. The following are the most significant changes from the original version to the Hasbro edition.
--when ties are rolled, both armies die
--ships are automatically given as listed on the empire cards
--Southern Europe is now worth points in the first Epoch
--a land may contain only one army
--the Sumerians are one of the 7 playable Empires in the 1st Epoch
--a Reallocation card has been added that allows the active empire to trade in ships for armies
--area point values have changed slightly but have a significant impact on game play
--Presence=at least one army in an Area
--Dominance= at least two armies and more than any other player
--Control=at least three armies and NO other players army present

Good luck and don't forget to check the kiosk for alternate standings after the preliminary!

 GM      Rolinda Collinson [2nd Year]   NA
    patchbasket@yahoo.com   NA

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