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GCA  3 prizes Beginners Swiss Elim Continuous 
  Demo 10  Canpaign Game Demo 12   
  Rnd1 Heat1 9, 12, 15, 18   Rnd1 Heat2 9, 12, 15, 18 
 Round 2 9   Round 3 13 Semi Round 4Final 17     

   Conestoga 1    Demo Ballroom Foyer, Table 4

Chris Withers, CA

2000-04 Champion

2nd: Ed Beach, MD

3rd: David Cross, VA

4th: Paul Nied, KS

 5th: Robert Dwyer, NJ

 6th: Dennis Mason, ME

Event History
1993    Ed Beach*      22
1994    Ray Rooks*      22
1995    Bruno Passacantando*      22
1996    Paul Tisevich *      27
1997    Jeff Otto*      22
1998    Bruno Passacantando *      13
1999    Ken Lee*     18
2000    Chris Withers**     19
2001    Chris Withers**     20
2002    Chris Withers**     18
2003    Chris Withers**     19
2004    Chris Withers**     16

* Stonewall Jackson's Way

** Great Campaigns 1862 prior to 2005


GM: Ed Beach

Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

The year 2000 brought change to The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series tournament play. Instead of trying to pack an ever expanding series of games into a five-day tournament it was decided to consolidate down to two events. Multi-player campaign games are held on the elimination round days. The first tournament was titled '1862' which encompassed four games: Stonewall Jackson's Way, Here Come the Rebels, Stonewall in the Valley and On to Richmond, but it was expanded in 2002 to include Stonewall's Last Battle scenarios


To celebrate WBC's move to Pennsylvania, the Great Campaign tournament is going to begin our week with a focus on the Gettysburg campaign. We'd love to have new players join us during the week. We'll hold two events just for newcomers on Wednesday:
Training Session for New Commanders: Wednesday - 10am to noon.
Multiplayer Gettysburg Campaign: Wednesday - noon to midnight.
If you've never gotten to try the series, you'll want to stop by some time on Wednesday. Our multiplayer campaign game features multiple commanders on each side, making it easy for newcomers to jump in. We're planning to use the detailed fog-of-war system included in the Skirmisher #2 magazine to add to the fun!

Tournament play will begin on Thursday. We'll spend Thursday and Friday in Swiss-format preliminary rounds to choose our eight quarterfinalists for Saturday. We are also going to use "parity" scheduling during the preliminary rounds to ensure that players spend most of their time against an opponent at a comparable skill level.
Here are the details on the preliminary rounds:

9 am: Seven Pines (OTR)
12 pm: Piedmont (GTC/SIV, Skirmisher #2)
3 pm: The Battle Continues (RTG, Skirmisher #1)
6 pm: Battle of the Wilderness (GTC)
The players with the top two point totals on Thursday advance to the Saturday single elimination tournament without having to play on Friday.

9 am: Sheridan Rides South (GTC)
12 pm: Fort Stevens (HCR/RWH, Skirmisher #2)
3 pm: Sedgwick to the Rescue (SLB)
6 pm: Strike Them A Blow (GTC)
The players with the top two point totals on Friday advance to the Saturday single elimination tournament. At the end of the day, we'll also determine the four players with the top overall point totals for the week (without finishing first or second on Thursday or Friday). These four "wildcard" players will round out the quarterfinals.

Here is the schedule for the single elimination rounds that finish up the tournament on Saturday:
9 am: QUARTERFINALS: Wilderness (GTC)
1 pm: SEMIFINALS: Bethesda Church (GTC)
5 pm: FINALS: Bloody Spotsylvania (GTC)

For the latest current information, see

Supplementary Prizes: Multi-Man Publications will supplement the WBC plaques with merchandise credits of $10 per prize level; i.e. $30 for first, $20 for second, $10 for third.

 GM      Ed Beach  [10th Year]   NA   NA

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