empire of the sun [Updated April 2005]

EOS   Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous  
   20       10  Round 2 14  Round 3 18
   Round 4 9  Semi   Round 5 13  Final

  Lampeter    Ballroom Foyer, Table 6


2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    -    -

AREA Ratings:

GM: Mark Herman

the game's designer

Another Entry in the Card Driven Series ...

Empire of the Sun™ is a new CDW released by GMT in April, 2005. The tournament will use the one-year tournament scenarios supplied with the game. The GM will teach the game during the scheduled demonstration on Thursday evening and coach folks during the tournament although he will be doing double duty as GM of For The People which runs parallel with this event so don't expect miracles.

For the latest details on this new release see members.tripod.com/~MarkHerman/index.html.

GMT will provide a merchandise certificate for the winner of this event.

 GM      Mark Herman  [1st Year]   NA  
    NA   NA

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