euphrat & tigris [Updated April 2005]

E&T  3 prizes Experienced Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
 Rnd1 Heat1  15
     Rnd1 Heat2  17   Round 2 19 Semi   Round 3 21  Final


Aran Warszawski, Israel


2nd: Jeff Evich, MD

3rd: Mario Lanza, PA

4th: Ann Cornett, FL

5th: HJaim Hochboim, Israel

6th: Geoffrey Engelstein, NJ
Event History
1999    John Kilbride     77
2000    Chetan Radia     49
2001    Aaron Fuegi     66
2002    Jeff Cornett     66
2003    Lance Ribeiro     47
2004    Aran Warszawski     44

AREA Ratings

GM: Craig Moffitt

Acquiring Civilization ...

This event will use standard rules from the Hans im Glueck (Tigris & Euphrates) and Mayfair versions of the game which are identical. Players will need to win only one game to advance. If there are 64 or fewer players, 16 will advance to a Single Elimination semi-final round followed immediately by the final.

Priority in advancing to the first round will be as follows:

1. Players who win their first game.

2. Players who win their second game.

3. Players who finish second in two games.

4. Players who finish second in one game.

Within groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, ties will be broken in the following order:

1. Total result in two games played (except group 1)

2. Reverse player order in 1st game played

3. Reverse player order in 2nd game played (except group 1)

4. Lowest tie breaker number drawn at registration. Players who bring games will draw from numbers 1-50 and players who do not bring games will draw from numbers 151-200.

If there are more than 16 players who have won their first game and who show up for the first single elimination round, additional players will advance to the first single elimination to round out the field to a number divisible by 4 and the lower ranked players will have to play in a quarterfinal to advance to the semifinals. If there are less than 16 players who have won or finished 2nd in at least one game, the semis will consist of less than 16 players with players being randomly assigned to tables.

 GM      Craig Moffitt [1st Year]  NA   NA

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