dixie [Updated April 2005]

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GM: Tom Dalgliesh

Civil War Cards ...

Dixie is an exciting card and dice game for two players. The tournament will use the Bull Run edition cards. Event takes place Friday at 20:00-23:00. After a short tutorial, you play two games, one as the USA, the other as CSA. Each game takes an hour or less to play.

Top 8 scores advance to finals on Saturday at 14:00-17:00. Wins/Losses is the primary consideration for making the final. Battle Damage Inflicted (BDI) is the tie-breaker.

Players must have a battledeck for each side. A Bull Run deck comes with 30USA/30CSA cards and is appropriate right out of the box but you may wish to construct a deck of any 30 UNIQUE Bull Run cards.

Finals are three single elimination rounds (sides chosen at random). First round 8 players. Second round 4 players, Final Round 2 players.

 GM      Tom Dalgliesh  [1st Year]   PO Box 3457, Blaine, WA 98231 
    tom@columbiagames.com   360 366 2228

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