bitter woods [Updated April 2005]

BWD  3 prizes Experienced Sing Elim w/Mul Continuous 
  18   10  Round 2 15  Round 3 20 Semi  
 Round 4  9  Final     


Bob Ryan, MI

2003-04 Champion

2nd: Randy Heller, MD

3rd: Forrest Pafenberg, VA

4th: John Popiden, CA

5th: Phil Evans, VA

6th: Jim Tracy, OH

Event History
1999    Phil Evans     19
2000    Randy Heller     16
2001    Rich Ogata     14
2002    Tom Gregorio     16
2003     Bob Ryan     17
2004    Bob Ryan     20

AREA Ratings

GM: Randy Heller

the game designer


L2 Design Group's DELUXE EDITION. Players are free to choose any scenario.

1. The six-turn 38. TOURNAMENT SCENARIO will be used as the default scenario. Individuals may arrange for a pre-tournament tutorial by contacting the designer/GM at the address listed below.
2. Sides played in previous rounds have no bearing on future rounds. Players are free to negotiate sides. If no agreement, resolve with a die roll.
3. All games played will be AREA rated.
4. The GM reserves the right to adjudicate any game at the end of the time limit. If you feel your opponent is moving too slowly, please contact the GM.

 GM      Randy Heller  [5th Year]  NA   NA 

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