blitzkrieg general [Updated April 2005]

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GM: Udo Grebe

the game's designer

Leader off the port bow ...

Blitzkrieg General Strategic World War 2 using the additional cards and counters from Pasaran - the Spanish Civil War.

For more information on the games you can use the following links:

There will be two rounds of five-player games. Players form Alliances: ywo players for the Axis and three for the Allies.

Axis: Player 1 Germany and Italy
Player 2 Japan

Allies: Player 1 USA and China
Player 2 UK and France
Player 3 USSR

Players have the choice who to play, but the GM can overrule this to make sure that no veteran team is playing against a rookie team.
The winning teams advance to the final. If needed, player numbers can be adjusted. Blitzkrieg General works for two to eight players but is best with five.

UGG offers 5 $ voucher for each member of the winning team. The voucher can be "cashed" at the GMT booth.

The GM is the designer of the game. To participate please forward your experience level.

 GM      Udo Grebe  [1st Year]   Bergheimer Str. 36, Bedburg, Germany 50181   49 2272 7702

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