brawling battleships [Updated April 2005]

BBS   Trial Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled  
    Rnd1 Heat1 14
   12  Rnd1 Heat2 13   Rnd1 Heat3 12
    12  Final

  Lampeter    Ballroom Foyer, Table 2

Rob Mull, CO

2004 Champion

2nd: Kevin Brownell, ME

3rd: Tim Evinger, PA

4th: Tom Phillips, NJ

5th: Chris Greenfield, NY

6th: Mark Bayliss, UK
Event History
2004    Rob Mull    30

AREA Ratings:

GM: Craig Taylor

the game's developer

Leader off the port bow ...

Brawling Battleships™ is a fast paced card game that pits squadrons of dreadnought battleships against each other in a wild free for all fight. From two to six players can play individually or in teams. Points are scored for sinking the opponents dreadnoughts, but that is easier said than done amid duds, confusion, spies and mutinies.

BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS STEEL is being run this year instead of  BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS. BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS STEEL is the new, improved and repackaged version of BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS. It includes everything found in the original game and in the Expansion Deck to the original game plus a few new cards and revised rules to include everything that was originally found in two different places. However, not to worry, there are no major changes to the rules and, if you know how to play BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS, you already know how to play BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS STEEL. This is still a fun and fast-moving game. Entry in one of the three heats used to determine finalists can be a break from more intense games and, judging from last year's finals, playing in the final round may be as intense as anything at WBC.

 GM      Craig Taylor  [2nd Year]   NA  
    NA   NA

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