attika [Updated April 2005]

ATK   3 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled  
  18  Rnd1 Heat1 20  Rnd1 Heat2 10  Round 2 12 Semi  Round 3 14 Final

   Wheatland     Ballroom Foyer, Table 1

Debut Event

2004 Champion

2nd: Lucimara Martins, MD

3rd: Dan Broh-Kahn, MD

4th: Cliff Ackman, PA

5th: Andy Lewis, DE

6th: George Sauer, OH
Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet    55

AREA Ratings

GM: Jeff Mullet

"Attika! Attika! Attika!" - Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon

Each player oversees the building of his city-state. Temple, theater and oracle, a harbor with ships, vineyard with vintner, and many more must find space on the islands. Players must move fast to get the best land for themselves while blocking their opponents from good building spots. As building is expensive, players seek to save money by using the natural resources of the islands. Players also seek to organize their building in an order that gives them the best city-state.Any winner of a preliminary heat game advances to a 16-player semi-final.(four boards).

Advancement tie-breakers will be most wins in least heats, head-to-head, temple to temple wins over building wins, and die roll in that order. If less than 16 winners advance or show up, we will reduce the boards to 3-player games or even 2-player if need be. Basically, whatever it takes to get to four winners with a 4 player final. You must have a win(s) in the preliminary rounds to advance this year.

Be sure to check the Attika Kiosk in the Ballroom B Corridor for alternate status if you wish to advance to the Semi-Finals from a runner-up position.

 GM      Jeff Mullet  [2nd Year]   21683 Ringgold So. Rd., Circleville, OH 43113   740-474-7635

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