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Gary Mei, NJ

2004 Champion

2nd: Paul Sidhu, NJ

3rd: Ron Duenskie, NJ

4th: J. R. Tracy, NY

5th: Gary Trezza, NY

6th: Mark Pitcavage, OH
Event History
1991    Mike McGrath        91
1992    Perry Cocke      112
1993    Mike McGrath      120
1994    Gary Fortenberry      130
1995    Gary Fortenberry      130
1996    Tom Morin      110
1997    Jeff Coyle        81
1998    Bret Hildebran        81
1999   Steve Pleva        43
2000   Bret Hildebran      42
2001   Paul Sidhu      32
2002   Paul Sidhu      35
2003   J. R. Tracy     24
2004   Gary Mei      36

AREA Ratings

GM: Jeff Evich

The Guards Counterattack!

ASL remains in a pre-con slot. A six round Swiss tournament (two rounds each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday starting at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM) will determine the BPA Champion. Best record takes home the wood. Will Gary Mei repeat? Will another champion return to reclaim the past glory? Will it be you? RECON 2005 means three days of ASL gunning free of distractions and schedule conflicts! Make plans to join us in our larger digs in Lancaster Host!

RECON '05 will be conducted as a six-round swiss tournament. Players will be matched with opponents in each round by the tournament staff; places 1 through 6 will be determined by W/L record. Ties between players with the same number of wins will be broken as follows:

1st tie breaker: Head to head record.
2nd tie breaker: Record against common opponents.
3rd tie breaker: Number of wins by opponents player defeated.
4th tie breaker: Number of wins by opponents that defeated players.

Tournament prizes provided by BPA will be supplemented by MMP.

Before pairing for each round, each player chooses which column he desires to play that round, A or B. To the extent feasible, pairings will be made with these choices in mind (although, after the first round a player must have a loss to elect Column B), but players should be prepared to play in column A if necessary (but may move to B even without a loss by mutual consent).

After being paired in a column, each player secretly rank orders three of the five scenarios (1 to 3 in descending order of preference). Scenario choices are then compared and the common scenario with the lowest combined ranking is chosen.

* If only one scenario matches, play that scenario.
* If two or more scenarios match, play the scenario with the lowest total ranking.
* If there is a tied total rank among common scenarios, low dr gets choice of the two.

EXAMPLE: The round has scenarios, A, B, C, D and E. Perry chooses in order; 1-B, 2-E and 3-C. Jeff chooses in order; 1-A, 2-B and 3-E. In this case, scenarios A, C and D are not common choices. Scenario B is a common choice with a combined rank of 3 (Perry 1 + Jeff 2). Scenario E is a common choice with a combined rank of 5 (Perry 2 + Jeff 3). The scenario with the lowest combined rank is scenario B. If there is a tied combined rank, a dr is made with the player rolling lower receiving his choice of the two scenarios. Use A26.5 (or any mutually acceptable method) to determine sides.

Please note that even if your ASL set is not particularly travel-worthy, mapboards, overlays, and status markers (i.e., Prep Fire, DM, First/Final Fire, etc.) are always in high demand. MMC/SMC/SW/Guns/Vehicles are typically in ready supply. Please try and at least bring the necessary overlays and boards for the scenarios you expect you'll select in each round and your tray of status markers if possible.

Scenario List
Several scenarios are marked with "(b)" indicating tournament-specific balancing provisions. Others are marked with an asterisk (*) to show that official errata exists.

Round 1: Saturday 9 AM - A: Saurkraut en Tea  B Empire at Dawn
HS17 Water Fowl J59 The Army at the Edge of the World
HS19 Bewildered and Belligerent DB036 First Crack at Hellzapoppin Ridge
109 Dreil Team HS8 Bailey's Demise
102 Point of the Sword HS16 Sims Ridge
105 Going to Church AP 15 Broken Bamboo (b)

 Round 2: Saturday 4 PM - A: Journal 6  B Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli
J90 The Time of Humiliation J20 The Guns of Naro
J94 Kempf at Melikhovo A72 Italian Brothers
J99 On to Florence DB046 Hill 731
J92 Your Turn Now * 54 Bridge to Nowhere
J100 For a Few Rounds More J34 Men of the Mountains *

 Round 3: Sunday 9 AM - A: Meat en Taters  B: A Season in the Minors
WCW7 Eye of the Tiger J41 By Ourselves
J27 High Tide at Heiligenbeil DB40 Riding the Coattails
A70 Wintergewitter J44 Audacity!
J59 Friday the 13th 84 Round 1
T4 Shklov's Labor Lost AP8 A Bloody Harvest *

 Round 4: Sunday 4 PM - A: Heavy Shelling  B: Burnin' Down the House
A38 Acts of Defiance A25 Cold Crocodiles
J1 Urban Guerillas * J28 Inhumaine *
AP12 Cream of the Crop J87 Flames of Unrest
AP14 Ace in the Hole A110 Shanghai in Flames
J2 Battlin' Buckeyes (b) HS21 Hervorst Hell

 Round 5: Monday 9 AM - A: Willie & Joe  B: Rattenkrieg
J74 Priests on the Line AH2 The Commissar's House
G6 Rockets Red Glare RB3 Bread Factory #2
U6 Action at Kommerscheidt J22 Oh Joy!
AP3 A Breezeless Day (b) RB2 Blood and Guts
11 Defiance on Hill 30 (b) RB6 Turned Away

 Round 6: Monday 4 PM - A: Tommy Ending  B: The Last Samurai
J32 Panzer Graveyard A60 Totsugeki! *
HS25 Lambs Lead to the Slaughter A42 Commando Hunt (b)
96 The Crux of Calais J12 Jungle Fighters
A41 OP Hill DB042 Pursuing Kobayashi
HS28 Battered Remnants J46 Strongpoint 11

Balance (b)
J2 Battliní Buckeyes: Add one 6-6-7 and 1 Baz í45 to American at start OB

11 Defiance on Hill 30: Add a hero and 3-3-7 to the initial US forces; exchange the US 8-0 leader for an 8-1 leader; the U.S. reinforcements enter automatically on turn 4.

AP3 A Breezeless Day: Add one 4-4-7 and two LMG to the German OB.

AP15 Broken Bamboo Add one 4-4-7 to the initial Japanese OB

A42 Commando Hunt: Add six "?" to Australian OB

Errata (*)
AP8 A Bloody Harvest: Delete two Allied Minor LMG from the Polish OB. Polish Elite and 1st Line squads have Assault Fire.

A60 Totsugeki!: Both Chinese MMG Strength Factors should be "4-10".

J1 Urban Guerillas: SSR5 should read: Partisan units have PF capability as if they were German, and Captured Use Penalties (A21.12) apply; only a maximum of 3 PF may be fired by Partisans during the scenario.

J28 Inhumaine: SSRs 1, 2, & 3 should refer to building M6, not building P6 (P6 is open ground).

J34 Men of the Mountains: In Italian set up, change and/or" to "and".

J92 Your Turn Now: Both sides amass VP per the hexes listed in SSR 3;if the Japanese do not earn the listed VP by clearing the set DC, then the Filipinos do. Filipino units do not Disrupt

Supplementary Prizes: Multi-Man Publications will supplement the WBC plaques with merchandise credits of $10 per prize level; i.e. $60 for first, $50 for second, $40 for third, $30 for fourth, $20 for fifth, and $10 for sixth.

 GM      Jeff Evich  [2nd Year]    NA     NA

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