age of napoleon [Updated July 2005]

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   Wheatland   Ballroom Foyer, Table 3

Ken Lee, PA

2004 Champion

2nd: David Schubert, MD

3rd: Derek Miller, VA

4th: Steven Brooks, FL

5th: Andy Joy, MD

6th: Alex Vye, NB
Event History
2004    Ken Lee    20

AREA Ratings

GM: Jim Vroom

Napoleonic Conquest...

Phalanx Games, rapidly building a reputation for an outsatnding physical product including mounted mapboards and other top flight components brings us an Area movement game driven by cards for two players in 90-minute rounds ... extra time allocated due to the likely unfamiliarity of the players with this new offering. The publisher lists it as having a 60 minute playing time. Alas, that holds true only for the 1813 scenario which we will use in the preliminary rounds. The final will use the Campaign Game and be budgeted for a three-hour playing time. Jim Vroom hosts this quick playing wargame in Single Elimination format. Bring a copy if you have one. If not, be sure to attend the demo preceding the event in the Ballroom Foyer.

Age of Napoleon 1805-1815 is a colourful boardgame for two players that is based on the rise and fall of one of the greatest military commanders in history: Napoléon I, Emperor of the French. One player commands the forces of France and its allies and tries to achieve domination of the European continent. The other player leads a coalition of nations aiming to force Napoleon's abdication once and for all. The game not only represents the military units with playing pieces but also elegantly integrates famous events, important personalities and random factors by using playing cards.

 GM      Jim Vroom  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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