ace of aces [Updated April 2005]

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  18 Required Sign-in & Briefing  Rnd1 Heat1 Optional Circus
 Rnd1 Heat2 Optional Circus Campaign  Rnd1 Heat3 Optional Circus
Round 2 14 Final


Bruce Young, SC

2004 Champion

2nd: Dan Lawall, VA

3rd: Paul Weintraub, MD

4th: Chris Villeneuve, MI

5th: James Pei, TX

6th: Richard Irving, CA
Event History
2004    Bruce Young    48

AREA Ratings:

GM: Phil Barcafer

Another Blast from the Past ...

Tournament Format
This event has no set time except for the sign-up Thursday at 6 PM and the finals Saturday at 2 PM. Otherwise, players are free to play at any time during the week. There will be no formal teaching of the game, though it is so simple to play that if you are interested and can find someone willing to teach you, you are welcome to participate. However, that is unlikely, because in this format, if you don't have a copy of the game, you ain't playing! As the GM will not always be available to resolve disputes, good sportsmanship is vital.

Official sign up will be done on Thursday evening at 6:00 PM in the Hopewell Room. The GM will also have score sheets with him after that date if you cannot make it then,, so feel free to ask and sign up early, but please try to respect the opponent of any game in which he is involved. Scoresheets will also be available from the event kiosk which will be kept in the Ballroom B corridor in alphabetical order. There will be green Ace of Aces buttons available to the first 100 people signing up to help opponents find each other. The buttons are designed and graciously provided by Greg Schmittgens. If you still have yours from last year, please bring it
so we do not need to provide a second button.

The game will be played using only the beginners rules, except that aces will not be included.

Each player must have their own score sheet, provided by the GM. For each game played, they must provide the opponent's name, badge number, result of dogfight, whether shot down or escaped, damage to each player, and your opponents initials. All results must be returned to the GM - or the event kiosk - by Saturday at noon.

Players must have at least 15 dogfights against 10 different opponents, with no more than five dogfights against the same opponent. No more than 40 dogfights will be officially counted. Advancement to the finals will be determined by highest point average of those qualifying. Points are awarded as follows: 5 for shooting down opponent, 3 for battle that ends without shootdown if you have inflicted more points than received, 1 for flight that ends in draw or if you get away after sustaining more damage than inflicted. The point total will be divided by the number of flights flown. Ties will be broken by highest number of flights flown. Ties will be broken by highest number of flights, followed by greatest difference in damage inflicted over damage received. (Games played against opponents who do not sign up with the GM will not count.) The top six pilots (check the results on the event kiosk in Ballroom B Corridor for eligible pilots and alernates) will advance to the finals Saturday at 2:00 PM in Hopewell. The finals will be a round robin. The winner will be based on best record. In the finals, in the case of breaking contact with the opponent, players return to page 170, so there will be no draws. Ties will be broken by head to head record, followed by another round of dogfights if needed. If still tied, points inflicted vs points received will be the final tie-breaker. There will be informal "Circus" meetings in Hopewell at 10 PM Wednesday thru Friday to aid players looking for matches. Thursday's will be an organized campaign with specific missions being flown.

 GM      Phil Barcafer  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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