air baron [Updated April 2005]

ABN  5 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  17   Rnd1 Heat1  14
  Rnd1 Heat2  13  Rnd1 Heat3  13   
  Rnd1 Heat4  Round 2 12 Semi  Round 3 Final 15     

 Ballroom B   Ballroom Foyer, Table 3

Michael Musko, IN

2004 Champion

2nd: Ken Rothstein, NY

3rd: Chris Storzillo, VA

4th: Michael Destro, NJ

5th: Bryan Eshleman, NC

6th: Andy Gardner, VA
Event History
1996    Jack Jaeger      118
1997    James Garvey      110
1998    Fred Minard        94
1999    Ken Rothstein      117
2000    John Coussis     109
2001      Jack Jaeger       72
2002     Chris Storzillo        73
2003     Jonathan Fox        68
2004     Michael Musko        80

AREA Ratings

GM: Joshua Githens

A Wargame for Capitalists & Travellers

Air Baron is the dice rolling, airport controlling, game where anyone can be claimed the greatest success the skies have known. Come join us and see how your approach to dominating the airline industry compares.

Common Tactics Options:

Spread your hub presence into many diverse markets, providing a solid base of income. Thus, improving your ability to keep cash on hand for further purchases, while remaining a minor threat to your opposition waiting to spring your trap.

Perhaps focus your efforts on two or three key hubs and gain total domination in these markets. This creates multiple bases for you to launch your carefully timed strategy and take over the weaker surrounding hubs.

There is always the appeal of a hostile takeover approach. Gain some quick cash and enter "Fare Wars" using your funding to literally "roll" over the competition. This forces your opponent out of spaces and you gain control and the potential revenue the spokes once provided to them.

Patience is a virtue, and perhaps the harmonious path to victory. Build your bankroll and store the Jumbos in your hanger. Having them ready to fly at a moments notice can greatly impact the game. Keep the engines warmed and dispatch them at the right moment to overthrow your competitors hubs to claim your victory "right out of the blue".

Do not neglect the very prosperous foreign travel market. Set course with your sole Super Sonic Transport, or take a $20 million loan to tap into the wealth that overseas travelers bring. In either case the funding potential foreign markets bring is unparalleled and cannot be ignored.

Format: Four (4) Qualifying Heats, Semifinal and Final (all 3hr limit)

There will be no "Air Baron" session for young folks at WBC this year, but it is a family game that children 10 and over can play competitively. Everyone is invited to join in this great family style game of airport overthrow and intrigue to determine the 2005 WBC Sky Captain and the Airports of Tomorrow.

To lessen adjudication problems, the event will use the following rules.

1) The first calamity marker placed in the cup will be drawn from the Crash, Local Competitor, Strike and Recession chits. The Oil can marker is then mixed with the remaining calamities and they are randomly distributed to the market share chart normally - ensuring that the Oil Can will not be the first Calamity in the cup and giving players longer to become established.
2) Remove the Oil can chit from play if it is drawn after the two-hour mark. These two changes should lessen the impact of the Oil Can Calamity and the resulting probability of games running past the time limit.
3) Five-player games will be the norm although other versions will be played in the Heats as necessitated by size of the field and number of games available. However, advanced rounds will always advance a multiple of five. Check the event kiosk for Alternate status.
4) 25 winners will advance to the Semi-Final round for five games with the winners advancing to the Final. Should less than 25 players opt to advance, sufficient four-player games will be played to accommodate the field. Those playing in four-player games (as opposed to five-player games) will be selected at random. Should less than 20 players appear, only the top multiple of five will advance (e.g., 15 of 19 will generate three semi-final games with the last four players cut). If less than five games are played in the semi-finals, sufficient runner-ups (based on % of the winner's score) will advance to fill the final with five-players. If only one Semi-Final game is played, it will be the Final instead.
5) Tie-breakers in effect to determine advancement are:
2) A. Total Preliminary wins
3) B. Least heats required to gain first win.
4) C. Highest non-winning position
5) D. Highest % of the winning score.

 GM      Joshua Githens  [1st Year]   NA
    NA    NA

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