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WBC Events List 2022
Last updated June 27, 2022.

With the cancellation of WBC 2020 and WBC 2021 due to COVID-19, the Board has decided that the WBC 2022 century and legacy events will be the same as those scheduled for WBC 2020 and WBC 2021 including adding Splendor back into the century. The Trial voting for 30 Trial Events (increased from 25 to 30 for 2022 only) has been been completed and the events voted into WBC 2022 is listed below under Trial Events. Vendors and Sponsors events are also listed below. For mor details on these event types, visit our new Event Description page.

Century Events | Trial Events |Sponsored Trial Events | Alternate Events | Juniors Events

The kiosk hallway funnels hotel guests on their walk to the convention center -
reassuring them they are reaching the WBC gaming nirvana.

Century Events

Century: These events compose the combined Century & Legacy Group of featured events that are supported by multiple prize levels, ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt, based on a formula using the most recent statistics of attendance and player hours. Slots were pre-determined by 2019 performance and Board vote under the Legacy rules (see BPA FAQs) and required only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event between October and November 2022.

Failure of a member GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from eligibility. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than January 15, 2022. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines.

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. Events without a GM commitment at this time are OPEN to any current member who submits an acceptable event form.

 Event Century/Legacy GM
7 WondersC-1Shea, Philip
1775C-2Lange, Sr, Jeff
18xxC-3McCorry, Tom
AcquireC-4Ackman, Cliff
Advanced CivilizationC-5Barhorst, Nathan
AgricolaC-6Murray, Rob
Air BaronC-7Jamelli, Max
AlhambraC-8Gutermuth, Debbie
Amun-ReC-9Bove, Alex
ASL Starter KitC-10Cocke, Perry
Atlantic StormC-11Coussis, John
AutomobileC-12Borton, DJ
B-17C-13Yoshikawa, Mark
Battles of the American Revolution SeriesC-14Miklos, Mark
Bitter WoodsC-15Sinagaglio, Bruno
BoxcarsC-16Bromley, Trella
BrassC-17Murray, Rob
Breakout NormandyC-18Gutfreund, Mark
BritanniaC-19Jordan, James
Can't StopC-20Drummond, Andrew
CarcassonneC-21Visocnik, Jennifer
Castles of BurgundyC-22Irving, Richard
Castles of Mad King LudwigC-23Corrado, John
CatanC-24Shipley, Rich
Championship Formula RacingC-25Long, Chris
Circus MaximusC-26Githens, Josh
Combat CommanderC-27Collars, Bryan
Commands & Colors AncientsC-28Stein, Peter
Commands & Colors NapoleonicsC-29Kirk, John
ConcordiaC-30Kircher, Rob
DiplomacyC-31Haver, Tom
DominionC-32Bielefeldt, Russ
DuneC-33Johnson, Brad
EgiziaC-34Emrick, Andrew
El GrandeC-35Borton, DJ
Empire BuilderC-36Stribula, Bob
Empire of the SunC-37Crane, Chris
For the PeopleC-38Pei, James
Formula DeC-39Githens, Josh
Formula Motor RacingC-40LeFevre, Chris
Gaia ProjectC-41Farrow, Dan
Great Campaigns of the American Civil WarC-42Cross, David
Great Western TrailC-43Saccenti, Scott
Hannibal: Rome vs CarthageC-44Tucker, Stuart
Here I StandC-45Rice, Justin
History of the WorldC-46Hansen, Ty
IngeniousC-47DuBoff, Max
InnovationC-48Effinger, Robb
IvanhoeC-49Roeper, Barb
Las VegasC-50Hurd, Adam
Liar's DiceC-51Reiff, Nicole
Lords of WaterdeepC-52St. Pierre, Robert
Lost CitiesC-53Petis, Roy
MediciC-54Cornett, Jeff
Memoir '44C-55Edelston, Sam
Merchant of VenusC-56Irving, Richard
NavegadorC-57Kaltman, Mike
OrleansC-58Feathers Ryan
PanzerblitzC-59Northey, Rick
Paths of GloryC-60Gregorio, Tom
PaydirtC-61Pisarz, Ron
Pirate's CoveC-62Fisher, Jason
Power GridC-63Savarick, Jim
Puerto RicoC-64Shay, Richard
Ra!C-65Scott, Steve
Ra: The Dice GameC-66Roy, Sky
Robo RallyC-67Houde, Marc
Russian RailroadsC-68Spencer, Jay
SagradaC-69Schreier, Daron
Saint PetersburgC-70Rule, Norm
San JuanC-71Reiff, Bruce
ScytheC-72LeWinter, Steve
SekigaharaC-73Mishler, Dennis
SlapshotC-74DuBoff, Max
Small WorldC-75Berk, Samantha
Space BaseC-76Coussis, John
SplendorC-77Murray, Rob
Squad LeaderC-78Pollard, Pete
Star Wars Queen's GambitC-79Sinigaglio, Buddy
Star Wars RebellionC-80Kizer, Chris
Stone AgeC-81Bacigalupo, Rodney
Terraforming MarsC-82Crenshaw, Bill
The Napoleonic WarsC-83Williams, Gareth
The Russian CampaignC-84Dickson, Gary
Through the AgesC-85Buehler, Randy
Thurn & TaxisC-86Latto, Andy
Ticket To RideC-87Brosius, Claire
Time of CrisisC-88Ferrell., Wray
TitanC-89Wolff, Bruno
Twilight StruggleC-90Young, George
Up FrontC-91Whitesell, Ken
Vegas ShowdownC-92Freeman, Eric
Victory in the PacificC-93Drozd, Ted
Virgin QueenC-94Beach, Ed
War At SeaC-95Meconi, Vince
War of the RingC-96Trimmer, Chris
Washington's WarC-97Peeck, Bill
Wilderness WarC-98LaDue, Grant
Wooden Ships & Iron MenC-99Hitchings, Tim
World At WarC-100Crowe, Mike
Afrika KorpsL-1Lockwood, Jonathan
Attack SubL-2Caler, Steve
AuctionL-3Kyrkos, Vasilli
Euphrat & TigrisL-4Moffitt, Craig
Facts In FiveL-5Corrado, John
Football StrategyL-6Schoose, Bert
KremlinL-7Cuccaro, Steve
March MadnessL-8Lewis, Carrie
Superstar BaseballL-9Lee, Roderick
Titan The ArenaL-10Breza, Kevin
TransamericaL-11Breza, Kevin
WaterlooL-12Musella, Marty

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed Event Form between November 2021 and January 15, 2022. Century events will be run within two hours of the requested time slot or the GM will be consulted for an acceptable alternate time.

The end of the Kiosk hallway leads to registration and entertains passersby
with histories of past tournament results and upcoming schedule details, qualifications and results.

Trial Events

The Trial Events has been completed. The Top 30 vote getters are listed below and will be included in WBC 2022. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trial events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by the BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

WBC Trial Events


6 Nimmt!T-1Schneebeerger, Rob
7 Wonders DuelT-2Wildes, Chris
878 VikingsT-3Beall, Scott
Ace of AcesT-4Drummond, Andrew
Adel VerpflichtetT-5Pack, John
Age of RenaissanceT-6Spencer, Jay
AzulT-7Klayder, Paul
Battle CryT-8Heintzelman, Geoff
Battle LineT-9McCulloch, Sean
Bayonets & TomahawksT-10DuBoff, Max
Catan: Cities & KnightsT-11Gnech, Chris
Command & Colors MedievalT-12Heintzelman, Geoff
Conquest of ParadiseT-13McPartland, Kevin
Dune: A Game of Conquest & DiplomacyT-14Johnson, Brad
Leaping LemmingsT-15Powers, Bill
Love LetterT-16Saccenti, Antony
Monsters Menace AmericaT-17Love, Mark
Mr. Madison's WarT-18Stiffler, Dave
Naval WarT-19Kramer, James
Pro GolfT-20Monnin, Bruce
Race For the GalaxyT-21Freemen, Eric
Republic of RomeT-22Frank McNally
Santa Fe RailsT-23Drummond, Andrew
Star Wars Outer RimT-24Long, Dave
Titan 2-PlayerT-25desJardins, David
Underwater CitiesT-26Saccenti, Donte
Union PacificT-27Meyer, Chris
Voyages of Marco PoloT-28Wildes, Chris
Win, Place, & ShowT-29Reiff, Bruce
WingspanT-30Bean, Paul

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory event form no later than January 15, 2022. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the official schedule is released. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trial events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

Vendor/Exhibitor/Sponsor Introductory (New) Trials:Each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event above and beyond the 30 Trial events voted in by the membership anytime prior to March 31, 2022  . Such New Trials will automatically fall into Century or Continuing Trial classifications the following year based on their 2022 performance. These events must be for games which are in print by the March 31, 2022 deadline and for which BPA has received an Event Form from a willing GM. Publisher must submit a copy of the game at the time of the event submission.

Events Sponsored by Vendors/Sponsors Vendor/Sponsor GM
MBTS-1Scoenen, Robert
Nuclear WarS-2Lockwood, Jonathan
Galaxy TruckerS-3Finberg, David
GandiS-4von Knorring, Bjorn
Five TribesS-5Wildes, Chris
RootS-6Tamburo, Joel
Enemy in SightS-7Evinger, Matt
Dune ImperiumV-1Collars, Bryan
Beyond the SunE-1McCorry, Tom
Dice RealmsE-2Buchanan, Brandon
WatchE-3Vroom, Jim

Alternate Events are those which failed in the December Membership Drive vote. Alternate events for which a satisfactory event form has been submitted may be used as replacements for any qualifying Century or Trial event without a GM commitment by the January 15, 2022 deadline. Alternate events are occasionally upgraded by Sponsors.

WBC Alternate Events


A Feast for OdinA-1Feathers, Ryan
ElchfestA-2Love, Mark
Isle of CatsA-5Morelli, Marcy
IstanbulA-6Feathers, Ryan
Lost Ruins of ArnakA-7Kaltman, Mike
MetacheckersA-8Bond, Ed
Res ArcanaA-9Kaltman, Mike
When Gods CollideA-11Bond, Ed

Juniors Events

Juniors Events: Volunteer GMs are always needed to run free events for children aged 12 & under in the WBC Juniors room. Any game held at WBC is eligible provided it is suitable for children of that age group and available in sufficient numbers to allow all children present to play. You cannot assume children will bring their own copies of the game. The GM should come prepared to instruct children how to play the game. A BPA Room Monitor is always present to help maintain order but is not always available to assist children in playing the game. Recruitment of assistants to aid you is strongly advised. Volunteer Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact Ken Gutermuth at or Megan Byrd at

Events for Children 12 & under Junior Events GM
Apple to Apples JuniorsJ1Open
Blokus JuniorsJ2Shea, Philip
Can't Stop JuniorsJ3Evinger, Tim
Carcassonne JuniorsJ4Open
Catan JuniorsJ5Open
Enemy in Sight Juniors DemoJ6Evinger, Matt
Facts in Five Family JuniorsJ7Drummond, Andrew
Formula Motor RacingJ8Schlosser, Erik
Guillotine JuniorsJ9Stakenas, Ray
Incan Gold JuniorsJ10Heinz, Lucas
Ingenious JuniorsJ11LeWinter, Steve
Las Vegas JuniorsJ12Coussis, John
Last Spike JuniorsJ13Sosa, Michael
Love Letter JuniorsJ14Weintraub, Jarrett
Mmm… BrainsJ15Evinger, Matt
Slapshot JuniorsJ16Yoshikawa, Mark
Sleeping Queens JuniorsJ17Berk, Samantha
Splendor JuniorsJ18Drummond, Andrew
Sushi Go! JuniorsJ19Shea, Elizabeth
Ticket to Ride JuniorsJ20Byrd, Aaron
Vacant SlotJ21Vacant
Vacant SlotJ22Vacant
Vacant SlotJ23Vacant
Vacant SlotJ24Vacant