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2024 BPA Game Library Inventory Updated July 12, 2024

The BPA 2023 Game Library inventory that is available for use during WBC is listed below.

Download a copy of the game library listing in Excel.


ID# Title Company Year Added
51812 - Invasion of CanadaAcademy  
61862 Railway Mania in the Eastern CountiesGMT 2022
201880 ChinaLookout 2023
71989: Dawn of FreedomGMT  
86 NimmitAmigo 
97 WondersRepos Production2018
107 WondersRepos Production2018
117 Wonders ArchitectRepos Production2022
217 Wonders ArchitectRepos Production2023
127 Wonders DuelRepos Production2018
137 Wonders DuelRepos Production2018
17AcquireAvalon Hill/Hasbro 
18Adel VerpflichtetAvalon Hill 
19Adventure Time Card WarsCryptozoic Entertainment 
588Alea Iacta EstRio Grande 2023
577Alhambra - Big BoxQueen 2023
26Alien FrontiersClever Mojo 
587Android Netrunner LCGFantasy Flight 2023
28Angels One FiveVictory Point  
29Angola w/ Big BoardMulti-Man Publishing2019
544AnnapurnaFiat Lucre2022
31ArboretumZ-Man 2019
33Arctic Scavengers ReconRio Grande  
34Arena Roma IIQueen  
584Arena Roma IIQueen 2023
41Ark NovaCapstone 2023
136Ark NovaCapstone 2023
579Arkham HorrorFantasy Flight 2023
37AttilaBlue Orange  
583Ave CaesarPro Ludo2023
38AzulPlan B 2018
212AzulPlan B 2023
42Battlestar GalacticaFantasy Flight 2018
352Betrayal on the House on the HillHasbro/Avalon Hill2023
48Beyond the SunRio Grande 2022
52Blockade RunnerNumbskull 
55BoxcarsRio Grande  
60Brutal KingdomsKosmos 
63Bunny KingdomIello2019
546ButterflyRio Grande 2022
382CacadiaFlatout 2023
67Can't StopParker Borthers 
68Can't StopParker Brothers 
70Can't Stop ExpressEagle-Gryphon 2018
73CarcassonneRio Grande  
74CarcassonneRio Grande  
75Carcassonne Dice GameRio Grande  
77Carcassonne: Hunters & GatherersRio Grande  
80CardcassonneRio Grande  
582Cards Against Humanity02023
81CarnivalDice Hate Me  
82CascadiaFlat Out 2022
83Castle DiceFun to 11 
85Castles of BurgundyAlea 
86Castles of BurgundyAlea 
87Castles of Mad King Ludwig w/ Secrets ExpBezier 2018
88CatanCatan Studios2018
90Catan: Cities & KnightsCatan Studios2018
91Cavemen: Quest for FireRio Grande  
92Cavemen: Quest for FireRio Grande  
94Century: Golem EditionPlan B 2018
95Century: Spice RoadPlan B 2018
533CharioteerGMT 2023
395China RailsMayfair 2023
98ChrononautsLooney Labs 
99Cinque TerreRio Grande  
100Circus MaximusAvalon Hill 
102Clank!Renegade Game Studios2018
103Clank! in SpaceRenegade Game Studios2018
104Clank! Mummy's CurseRenegade Game Studios2018
105Clash of GiantsGMT  
108Code 777Stronghold  
109Codenames XXLCzech Edition 
110Codenames: Harry PotterAsmodee2019
111Codenames: PicturesCzech Edition 
113Combat Commander: EuropeGMT  
114Command and Colors: NapoleonicsGMT  
573Commands & Colors: SamuraiGMT 2023
115CompoundedDice Hate Me  
117ConcordiaRio Grande  
118ConcordiaRio Grande  
119Concordia VenusPD 2019
120Conquest of ParadiseGMT  
550Cosmic Encounter DuelFantasy Flight 2023
123Crocodile Pool PartyRio Grande  
124CrokinoleHilinski Brothers 
129Dark HorseKnight Works 
130D-Day DiceValley  
135Dice ForgeLibellud 
543Dice RealmsRio Grande 2022
138Dinosaur IslandPandasurus2019
551Dinosaur Island Rawr 'n WritePandasurus2022
141Dominant Species Card GameGMT  
142DominionRio Grande  
143DominionRio Grande  
146Dominion: Cornucopia Rio Grande  
147Dominion: EmpiresRio Grande  
148Dominion: Intrigue Rio Grande  
592Dominion: PlunderRio Grande 2024
149Dominion: Prosperity Rio Grande  
150Dominion: ResistanceRio Grande 2019
151Dominion: Seaside Rio Grande  
154Drop ItKosmos 
155Duel of Ages Set 1 - WorldspannerVenatic 2019
158Dune ImperiumDire Wolf2022
552Dune ImperiumDire Wolf2023
160Dungeons & Dragons Attack WingWizKids 
595EarthInside Up2024
161EgiziaRio Grande  
162EgiziaRio Grande  
163Eight Minute EmpireRed Raven 
164Eldritch HorrorFantasy Flight 2018
165ElfenlandRio Grande  
166ElfenroadsRio Grande  
167Elk FestRio Grande  
168Elk FestRio Grande  
169ElysiumSpace Cowboys2019
170Empires of the VoidRed Raven 
553EverdellStarling 2023
175Everdell Collector's w/ Pearlbrook ExpStarling 2022
176EvolutionNorth Star  
177EvolutionNorth Star  
178Evolution ClimateNorth Star  
181FaiyumRio Grande 2022
182Falling SkyGMT  
15Feast for Odin, AZ-Man 2019
184Fields of ArleZ-Man  
185Fire in the LakeGMT 2019
186Fireball IslandRestoration 2022
188Fistful of PenginsWattsalpoog 
189Five TribesDays of Wonder 
190Five TribesDays of Wonder 
191Flamme Rouge w/ Peloton ExpansionStronghold 2018
193Flash Duel (2nd Ed)Sirlin 
194Flash Point: Fire RescueIndie Cards &  
195Fluxx - Batman FluxxLooney Labs 
197Fluxx - Cartoon Network Looney Labs 
198Fluxx - Cthulhu FluxxLooney Labs 
201Fluxx - Monty PythonLooney Labs 
205Fluxx - Star FluxxLooney Labs 
206Fluxx - Zombie FluxxLooney Labs 
208Fluxx 5.0Looney Labs 
210For the PeopleGMT  
213Fortress AmericaFantasy Flight  
214Founding FathersJolly Roger  
215Freedom: The Underground RailroadAcademy  
217FridayRio Grande  
219Gaia ProjectFeuerlnd Spiele2018
220Galaxy TruckerRio Grande  
221Galaxy Trucker Big ExpansionRio Grande  
590Galopp RoyalGold Sieber Spiele2023
223Gem RushVictory Point  
575Gloria MundiRio Grande 2023
226Glory IslandsRio Grande 2022
227GoaRio Grande  
228Goblins, IncRio Grande  
231Great Western TrailPlan B 2018
232Great Western TrailPlan B 2018
235Guild HallAlderac Entertainment Group 
237Guns of GettysburgMercury  
240Hammer of the ScotsColumbia  
241Harry Potter Strike Dice GameRavensberger2022
242Harry Potter: Hogwarts BattleUSAopoly2019
243Harry Potter: Hogwarts BattleUSAopoly 
244Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - Defense Against the Dark ArtsUSAopoly2019
245Hearts & MindsWorthington  
596HeatDays of Wonder2024
246Heaven & AleEggertspiele2018
554Her StoryUnderdog 2023
248History of the WorldAvalon Hill 
593HookyRio Grande 2024
251Imperial 2030Rio Grande  
252Imperial Stars IIVictory Point  
253India RailsMayfair 2022
258Innovation: Echoes of the Past Asmadi  
259Iron DragonMayfair 2022
261Just DessertsLooney Labs 
262Just OneRepos Production2019
263Just OneRepos Production2019
264Kaiser's PiratesGMT  
265Kan Ban Automotive RevolutionStronghold  
266Kawa GawaIello2019
268King of TokyoIello2018
269King of Tokyo w Power Up ExpansionsIello2018
275Last of the Independents, TheSkull Splitter2019
277Le HavreLookout2019
278Leaping LemmingsGMT  
280Legendary: Marvel Deck Building GameUpper Deck 
279Legends of AndorKosmos 
282Lewis & ClarkAsmodee 
555Liar's DiceMr. B2023
284Long ShotZ-Man  
286Lord of the Rings: Journey to Middle EarthFantasy Flight 2019
287Lord of the Rings: The ConfrontationFantasy Flight 2019
288Lord of the Rings: The ConfrontationFantasy Flight  
289Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DBGCryptozoic Entertainment 
290Lords of WaterdeepWizards of the Coast2018
291Lost CitiesRio Grande  
294Lost Cities - The BoardgameRio Grande  
295Lost Ruins of ArnakCzech Edition2022
296Lost TempleStronghold  
580Love LetterAEG2023
297MacaoRio Grande  
298Machi Koro DeluxeIDW  
299Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big CityIDW  
300Mage Wars AcademyArcane Wonders 
301Mage Wars ArenaArcane Wonders 
303Manifest DestinyGMT  
305Mansions of MadnessFantasy Flight  
306MaoriRio Grande  
307March MadnessAvalon Hill2018
556MariposasAlderac Entertainment Group2023
310Memoir '44Days of Wonder 
311MetacheckersDream 2022
312MetacheckersDream 2022
315Monkey LabAlderac Entertainment Group 
542Monsters Menace AmericaAvalon Hill2022
316Mr. Madison's WarGMT  
317Munchkin DeluxeSteve Jackson  
318Munchkin: LegendsSteve Jackson  
319Munchkin: ZombiesSteve Jackson  
320Napoleonic WarsGMT  
321Napoleonics 20: Espana 20Victory Point  
322Napoleonics 20: Prussia 20Victory Point  
324Naval WarAvalon Hill 
325NavegadorRio Grande  
327Neuroshima HexZ-Man  
328New FrontiersRio Grande 2019
329New FrontiersRio Grande  
332New York 1901Blue Orange  
557New York ZooCapstone 2023
558New York ZooCapstone 2023
334Ninja vs NinjaOut of the Box 
336Nuclear War Flying Buffalo Inc. 
337Nuclear War - 50th Anniversary EditionFlying Buffalo Inc. 
597NucleumBoard & Dice2024
338Odin's RavensRio Grande  
339Old School Tactical Volume 2 w/ Kickstarer extrasFlying Pig 2018
340Old School Tactical: AirborneFlying Pig 2018
341One Week Ultimate Werewolf with Mat & Bonus Pack ABezier  
598Onus TraianusDraco2024
343Orient ExpressRio Grande  
344OrleansTasty Minstrel 2018
345OrleansTasty Minstrel 2018
348PandemicZ-Man 2018
349PandemicZ-Man 2018
585Pandemic on the BrinkZ-Man 2023
351Paths of GloryGMT 2018
353PericlesGMT 2018
354Pew PewVictory Point  
355PhotosynthesisBlue Orange 2018
357Piece of CakeRio Grande  
358PinataRio Grande  
359Pirates CoveDays of Wonder 
360Pirates of the Carribean - Pirates DiceFriendly 2019
361Pirates of the Carribean - Pirates DiceFriendly 2019
560Pitch & PlakksPitch & Plakks2023
362Power Grid - First SparksRio Grande  
363Power Grid Card GameRio Grande  
364Power Grid DeluxeRio Grande  
365Power Grid DeluxeRio Grande  
367Pursuit of HappinessArtipia 2022
368Puzzle Strike w/ Upgrade packSirlin 
371Quartermaster General: Air Marshall Griggling  
599Quirky QuarksQuirky Quarks2024
374Race for the GalaxyRio Grande  
375Race for the GalaxyRio Grande  
377Railways of New EnglandRio Grande 2022
379RattlebonesRio Grande  
589Reality Shift DeluxeApollo2023
600RedwoodSit Down2024
388Rising SunCMON Limited2018
389Risky BusinessAdventure  
392Road to EnlightenmentConquistador  
394Robo RallyHasbro/Avalon Hill 
396Roll for the GalaxyRio Grande  
397Roll for the GalaxyRio Grande  
398Roll for the Galaxy AmbitionRio Grande  
561Roller Coaster RushPandasurus2023
399Rollers DeluxeUSAopoly2022
591RootLeder Games2023
400RowboatHike Moosetache  
402Russian RailroadsZ-Man  
405SamuraiGMT 2018
407San JuanRio Grande  
562Santa MonicaAlderac Entertainment Group2023
563Savannah ParkCapstone 2023
410ScytheStonemeier 2018
411ScytheStonemeier 2018
413Seven DragonsLooney Labs 
414Shadowrun CrossfireCatalyst  
578Shadows Over CamelotDays of Wonder2023
416ShipyardRio Grande  
419Small WorldDays of Wonder 
421Small World: UndergroundDays of Wonder 
422Smash Up Alderac Entertainment Group2019
423Smash Up Alderac Entertainment Group 
426Song of Ice & Fire: Stark vs Lannister Starter SetCMON Limited2022
427Space BaseAlderac Entertainment Group2019
428Space BaseAlderac Entertainment Group 
429Space SheepStronghold  
430Space Station PhoenixRio Grande 2022
431Space Station PhoenixRio Grande 2022
432Spirit IslandGreater than 2018
564Splendor DuelSpace Cowboys2023
435Spy Alley Spy Alley Partners 
565Star Wars Deckbuilding GameFantasy Flight 2023
566Star Wars Outer RimFantasy Flight 2023
567Star Wars Outer RimFantasy Flight 2023
436Star Wars RebellionFantasy Flight 2018
437Star Wars RebellionFantasy Flight 2018
438Stock Car Championship RacingMcGartlin Motor Sports 
439Stone AgeRio Grande  
440Stone AgeRio Grande  
442Strike of the EagleAcademy  
576Tales of Arabrian NightsZ-Man 2023
447Terra MysticaZ-Man  
448Terra MysticaZ-Man  
449Terraforming Mars Venus Next ExpansionsStronghold 2018
450Terraforming Mars Venus Next ExpansionsStronghold 2018
451Terraforming Mars w HellasStronghold  
452Terraforming Mars w HellasStronghold  
454Thanos RisingUSAopoly2018
574The Downfall of PompeliMayfair 2023
457Through the AgesCzech Edition 
458Through the DesertFantasy Flight  
459Thunder Alley GMT  
568Thunder RollsMr. B2023
462Thurn & TaxisRio Grande 2022
463Thurn & TaxisRio Grande  
464TichuRio Grande  
465TichuRio Grande  
466Ticket to RideDays of Wonder 
468Ticket to Ride: EuropeDays of Wonder 
469Ticket to Ride: Heart of AfricaDays of Wonder 
470Ticket to Ride: IndiaDays of Wonder 
473Time of CrisisGMT 2018
474Timeline: AmericanaAsmodee2019
475Times SquareRio Grande  
477Tin Goose Rio Grande  
545TitanAvalon Hill2022
481Toboggans of DoomBucephalus  
586Traders of CarthageZ-Man 2023
484Transamerica w Vexation ExpansionRio Grande 2018
486Trekking the National ParksUnderdog 2022
569Trekking the National ParksUnderdog 2023
487Trekking the WorldUnderdog 2022
570Trekking the WorldUnderdog 2023
571Trekking Through HistoryUnderdog 2023
572Trekking Through HistoryUnderdog 2023
490TudorAcademy 2019
491Twilight ImperiumFantasy Flight  
493Twilight StruggleGMT 2018
495Ultimate Werewolf: Inquistion Bezier  
496Underwater CitiesRio Grande 2019
497Underwater CitiesRio Grande  
498Union PacificRio Grande  
499Unlock Series: A Noside StoryAsmodee 
500Unlock Series: Squeek SausageAsmodee 
501Unlock Series: The Adventures of OzAsmodee 
502Unlock Series: The FormulaAsmodee 
503Unlock Series: The House on the HillAsmodee 
504Unlock Series: The Island of Doctor GoorseAsmodee 
505Unlock Series: The Nautilus' TrapsAsmodee 
506Unlock Series: The Tonipal's TreasureAsmodee 
507Unlock Series: Tombstone ExpressAsmodee 
549Vamp on the BatwalkJellyfish Game Studios2022
510VikingsRio Grande  
511VillageTasty Minstrel  
513Viva JavaDice Hate Me  
514Viva Java: The Dice GameDice Hate Me  
518War PartyTreefrog  
520Washington's WarGMT  
521WatchRio Grande 2022
523Welcome to CentervilleGMT  
581Werewolves of Millers HollowTui Meme2023
525WerewordsBezier 2019
528WingspanStonemeier 2022
529WingspanStonemeier 2022
531World at War: America ConqueredLock 'N Load 
535Yoko HamaTasty Minstrel 2019
537YspahanRio Grande  
540ZoolorettoRio Grande  
541Zulus on the RampartsVictory Point