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WBC 2019 Scheduling Tools Last updated July 17, 2019

Here you will find the event previews and different formats of the schedule for the 2019 World Boardgaming Championships.
To request a different format or report a schedule error, contact the convention director..

2019 Room Name Change: The remodeled Festival Hall is now called Winterberry.


Event Previews provides details about all scheduled tournaments (html)

Spreadsheet Schedule FINAL by day, version changes indicated by date

Calendar by event; for use with products such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook (Update 6/30/19, courtesy of Craig Trader)

Powers' Custom Scheduler — Gantt-style view of your schedule; pick as many events as you like;
print using Google Chrome browser (6/30/19; courtesy of Michael Powers)

WBC iOS App —offline schedule access (6/6/19; courtesy of Michael Kiefte)

Program — Color; formatted with 1 page up (pdf*; 7/14/19)

Program — Color; formatted as a booklet (pdf*; print duplex and flip on short edge; 7/17/19)

*The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. Download a FREE copy of the software from Adobe.