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Stone Age (STA) Links Email GM   Last updated May 26, 2018
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule  GM: Rodney Bacigalupo (3rd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1 Mo 21 1 Exhibit Annex Table 5
Heat 1/3 Mo 15 2 Seasons
Heat 2/3 We 13 2 Grand Ballroom
Heat 3/3 Fr 13 2 Seasons
Quarterfinal Fr 20 2 Seasons
Semifinal Sa 9 2 Seasons
Final Sa 11 2 Laurel
2018 Tournament Format HMWG

Players struggle to survive the Stone Age by working as hunters, collectors, farmers, and tool makers. As you gather resources, enlarge your tribe, and build huts you work to gain Victory Points.

Players use up to 10 tribe members each in three phases. The first phase players place their people in regions of the board that they think will benefit them, including the hunt, the trading center, or the quarry. In the second phase, the starting player activates each staffed area in whatever sequence he chooses, followed in turn by each of the other players. In the third phase, players must have enough food available to feed their populations, or else lose resources or points.

Stone Age is a game where players take turns placing their meeples in various actions to accumulate food, resources, cards, special items, and victory point buildings. Once players have placed all their meeples, each player takes their turn, starting with the starting player, and use the actions where their meeples are placed. Then, each player feeds their meeples. This continues until either all cards or one building stack are gone. Then, final scoring is resolved, to determine the winner.

Second round (quarterfinal) will consist of players ranked in a tournament bracket (similar to NCAA basketball tournament). Ranking will be based on the standard set of tiebreakers. [Additional two tiebreakers if still tied. Next tie breaker is leftover food. If still tied, highest dice roll.]

A person must have at least one win to play in the quarterfinal. If 64 winners are not available for the quarterfinal, top ranked winner(s) will receive byes into the 16-player semifinal to the extent that can be assigned and enough 3- or 4-player games are available to fill out the remaining slots of the semifinal. For example, if 61 winners appear, then the top ranked person would receive a bye and the remaining 60 winners (15 games) would play for the remaining 15 slots. Another example, 47 winners appear for quarterfinal. Top five ranked persons would receive byes; nine 4-player and two 3-player games would vie for the remaining 11 slots.