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Last updated June 19, 2018

ADMW Games (M. Day)
Tuesday @ 16 – Sunburst Forum
ADMW games will give a half hour presentation of our games with newest releases and have an informal question and answer session.

B-17 After Action Meeting (M. Yoshikawa)
Friday @ 21 – Foggy Brews
B-17 After Action Meeting to report the results of the missions of the previous day. Any new players we will have a prize table where people will pick out something going from the person with the lowest score to the highest. Please bring something to contribute to the table.

WBC After Action Meeting (K. Gutermuth)
Sunday @ 8 – Snowflake Forum
The way-too-early start of the drive home begins with discussion of the week in review

BPA Annual Meeting (A. Lewis)
Tuesday @ 15 – Gradn Ballroom
BPA annual meeting with reports from the Chairman, President, and Treasurer as well as the presentation of the BPA Annual Awards

Catholic Mass (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
First Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum

Weekly Catholic Mass hosted by Seven Springs

Centennial Discussion of World War I
Tuesday @ 13 – Sunburst Forum
In honor of the continuing centennial of the Great War, this will be a 90-minute opportunity to discuss what folks find most interesting about the War with 100 years of perspective under our belt. This is not a lecture, but a chance for each of us in turn to talk about at least the following 4 questions:
(1) What do you find the most fascinating event in the War, and why?
(2) What do you think is the biggest remaining mystery about the war, and why?
(3) What do you think is the greatest impact the war had on history?
(4) What game most captures the essence of the war, and why do you think so?
For each question, everyone who wants to will be given time to share their answer; if participants want to use their time to argue against a previous speaker that will be allowed (but you won't get a second chance on the question).

Christian Worship Services (G. Petroski)
First Sunday @ 7 – Snowflake Forum
Sunday @ 7 - Snowflake Forum
Interfaith Service to give thanks for another year of fellowship – and maybe a few good dice rolls. Couldn’t hurt… with Music, singing, brief motivational talk.

Condos, Chalets, & Cabins (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Tuesday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Saturday @ 10 – Snowflake Forum
Seven Springs will be offering a seminar on alternative lodging at the resort including Condominiums, Chalets, & Cabins

Formal Dance/Karaoke (A. Bender)
Friday @ 24 - Alpine
The annual dance/karaoke/formal event formerly known as the "Werewolf Prom".

Game Design (L. Pulsipher)
Thursday @ 19 – Snowflake Forum
Annual Game Design discussion with Lew Pulsipher

Game Design & The Boy Scouts Game Design Merit Badge (D. Bromley)
Saturday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Game Designer and creator of the requirements for the Boy Scouts Game Design Merit Badge discusses design and Merit Badge requirements (A Scout Troop is visiting WBC on Saturday)

How To Be The Ultimate Werewolf Moderator (D. Hoffman and S. Buckwalter)
Wednesday @ 17 – Sunburst Forum
Do you love Werewolf? Want to run games at home with your own group? Come learn the ins and outs of moderating, setting up the game and keeping the days moving quickly.

Wargames For Eurogamers (C. Yaure)
First Saturday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
Are you a wargamer? Do you avoid wargames, or simply not know where to begin with them? This seminar will identify differences (and similarities) between wargames and eurogames, explain some of the common mechanics in wargames, and help you identify wargames you may want to try (focusing on WBC events with demos). Bring your smart phone for some survey questions.

A World at War After Action Meeting (B. Harper)
Saturday @ 22 – Sunburst Forum
Come attend the A World at War After Action Report. We will discuss the state of the game and its pre-games, Gathering Storm (ETO), and the soon to be released, Storm Over Asia (PTO). This event is open to all interested.