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Mr. Madison's War (MMW) Links Email GM Last updated May 24, 2018
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Dave Stiffler (6th Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1 Tu 16 1 Exhibit Annex Table 5
Round 1 Mulligan Tu 18 4 Festival
Round 1/6 We 9 4 Festival
Round 2/6 We 13 4 Festival
Round 3/6 We 17 4 Festival
Round 4/6 We 21 4 Festival
Round 5/6 Semifinal Th 9 4 Festival
Round 6/6 Final Th 13 4 Festival
2018 Tournament Format  Single Elimination with Mulligan

We look forward to both veteran players and new hands joining us for the 6th offering of Mr. Madison’s War as the event is now twice as old as the war we’re fighting.

We'll be playing the full campaign game in all rounds again this year including the Mulligan round We’ll also continue to feature one game in each round on the "Big Board" version of the game.

Mulligan Round: Those who play and win in the Mulligan round get a pass through to Round 2. If you lose in the Mulligan round you can still enter single-elimination play in Round 1 with a clean slate.

Seeding: Seeding in the Mulligan Round and Round 1 will be by current AREA ratings. Players with no AREA rating will be seeded randomly after all AREA rated players. In following rounds, players with the same record will be paired together first and pairing the same players twice will be avoided if possible.

Byes: If there are an odd number of players in a round, the most recent past champion will get the bye. If the most recent champion has already had a bye it will go to the player with the best record entering that round. If multiple players are tied with the best record the bye will be determined randomly. No player can receive more than one bye in the tournament. A bye cannot be declined in order to preserve the option for a bye later. Byes will be treated as a win for tournament purposes.

Side Selection: In a change from previous years, bidding for sides will be required in all games. Sides will not be determined by die roll (see exception below) or mutual agreement. The bidding process will be conducted as follows:

  • Both players secretly write down their bid and reveal it simultaneously. Bids are the number of VPs players are willing to forfeit to their opponent at game start. Bids of “0” are allowed.
  • If both players bid the same amount, bid a second time and if still tied, repeat a third time.
  • Each bid should be recorded on the player information sheet provided by the GM.
  • If, after three successive attempts, the bids are still tied players will each roll one die, with the high roll winning. Roll as many times as necessary.
  • The player with the winning bid (or the high die roll) gets to choose the side they will play and immediately forfeits the number of VPs they bid (unless the bid was “0”, in which case there is no VP change).

Play Balance Notes: At last year’s WBC the British won a much larger proportion of games than they had in previous years based on a change in British tactics (specifically, taking Sackets Harbor in 1812). The bidding process will force players who want their choice of side to consider what it’s worth to them in terms of VPs forfeited at game start. For players reference, the average margin of victory in all games by both sides last year was just north of 6 VPs, although in one round the average margin was as low as 3 VPs, so players should be judicious as the contemplate bids.

Duration: We’ve seen the number of games that require adjudication growing in the last two years so we’ll be strictly enforcing time limits. Games in progress when time expires will be adjudicated by the GM and AGMs (The GM and AGMs will not adjudicate their own games). Complaints of slow play to the GM or AGM may result in players being put “on the clock”.

Rules Clarification: In all games rule 17.2 (British win games that end in a tie) and rule 17.3 (Instant Victory) are in effect.

Additional Prizes: Book prizes (titles TBD) will be given to at least the top four finishers, and additional prizes may be given. GMT will provide merchandise credit to the three plaque winners.