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Labyrinth: The War on Terror (LBY) Links Email GM   Last updated June 3, 2018.
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule  GM: Stephen Aslett (1st Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1 FSa 20 1 Exhibit Annex Table 3
Round 1 Mulligan FSa 21 2 First Tracks Slopeside
Round 1/4 FSu 10 2 First Tracks Slopeside
Round 2/4 FSu 12 2 First Tracks Slopeside
Round 3/4 FSu 14 2 First Tracks Slopeside
Round 4/4 Final FSu 16 2 First Tracks Slopeside
2018 Tournament Format Single Elimination with Mulligan

What could be better than playing Labyrinth, GMT's epic two-player card driven game of the war on terror? Playing its expansion: Labyrinth: The Awakening! This 2017 WBC tournament will be a hybrid tournament of Labyrinth and its expansion Labyrinth: The Awakening

If you haven't played Labyrinth: The Awakening, there will be a demo of the base game and the expansion before the tournament starts. Players who own the base game and expansion are strongly encouraged to copies of both to the tournament. Only players who bring a copy of at least the base game will be guaranteed entry.

The tournament format will be continuous single elimination with one mulligan round. Winners of the mulligan round will advance directly to Round 2; losers of the mulligan round will play each other in round 1. Beginning in round 2, players will be randomly paired to try to ensure that they did not play each other i,n the mulligan round. Players will be randomly paired in each subsequent round (with one exception, see disclosure statement below).

If there are sufficient copies of Labyrinth: The Awakening available, all games played will be played with the expansion. The scenario will be a single deck game of The Awakening (2010 scenario). Players will determine sides by agreement; if unable to reach an agreement, they will choose randomly. The final will be a two-deck game of The Awakening (2010 scenario).

If there are insufficient copies of Labyrinth: The Awakening, some players will be randomly chosen to play the base game against each other. Base game matches will be one-deck games of the Let's Roll! scenario. Players chosen to play base games will bid for the opportunity to play the Jihadist side. Players will determine the start bidder randomly. The start bidder may begin the bid at 0 or any whole number. The next player may accept the bid or bid higher. The bid winner plays the Jihadist side and the loser chooses selects a number of aid tokens to place in eligible countries at the start of the game with a maximum of one extra aid token per country.

The GMs will bring enough copies of the expansion to try to ensure that, if possible, no base games are played beyond the mulligan round and round 1.

Game length for all games except the final will be capped at 2 hours. Games still being played at the 2 hour mark will be adjudicated by the GMs.

Disclosure Statement: The GM and his wife will be playing in this tournament. Two neutral parties will serve as assistant GMs and will probably also play in the tournament. The following accommodations will be made to avoid conflicts of interest or any perception of unfairness.

The GM and his wife will not play each other in the mulligan round. The GM and his wife will also not play each other in subsequent rounds unless they both advance to the final. One of the assistant GMs will adjudicate any disputes in games in which GM or his wife are playing. If an assistant GM and the GM's wife play each other, the second assistant GM will adjudicate any disputes.