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Last changed June 6, 2018
The following is an alphabetical list of Juniors Events. Juniors events can also be found in the convention schedule. Find out more about WBC’s Juniors Program, including the requirements to participate. All events take place in Hemlock. An adult with a badge must accompany the Junior to Hemlock to register for the week. Registration is FREE for Juniors who participate only in Juniors events. All events are Coached, but it is helpful if children are familiar with the games. Juniors should bring a copy of the games they will play. Listed times are per round. Event winners receive a plaque.
Wednesday 18
Crystal Shipley
Saturday 9
Apples to Apples
Crystal Shipley
Monday 9
Crystal Shipley
Friday 9
Daniel Broh-Kahn
Saturday 11
Can't Stop
Crystal Shipley

Friday 14
Rich Shipley


Tuesday 18
Facts in
Five Family
Andrew Drummond

Wednesday 14
Ray Stakenas
Thursday 18
Incan Gold
Luke Heinz
Wednesday 9
Joe Yaure

Monday 18
King of Tokyo
John Coussis

Monday 14
Las Vegas
Lesley Cousiss

Thursday 9
Lost Cities
Megan Byrd
Wednesday 11
Love Letter
Crystal Shipley

Tuesday 9
Ed Bond

Monday 11
Settlers of Catan
Janice Laird

Saturday 19
Mark Yoshikowa

Saturday 14
Sleeping Queens
Samantha Berk

Friday 11
Andrew Drummond
Tuesday 11
Sushi Go!
Scott Saccenti
Thursday 14
Downfall of
Michasl Sosa
Thursday 11
Ticket to Ride
Laurie Wojtaszczyk
Friday 18
Crystal Shipley
Tuesday 16
Wits & Wagers Family
Eric Freeman