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Command & Colors: Ancients (CCA) Links Email GM Last updated May 23, 2018
Class A: Experienced Players Only Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. 
Schedule GM: Bill O'Neal (1st Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Round 1/2 Th 9 3 Festival
Round 2/2 Th 12 3 Festival
Semifinal Th 15 3 Festival
Final Th 18 3 Festival
2018 Tournament Format  Swiss Elim

The first TWO rounds will actually be a round robin if we have over 34 players. Players will be broken into groups of four (depending on numbers, we may have one group of six). You will play every one in your group once (or three people if in the group of six). The specific scenarios will be selected at a later date, check the tournament website.

The top player in every group will automatically advance to the next round. The runner-ups from the groups will fill the spots to make the single elimination rounds four or eight players. The second round will be single elimination if we have 34 or less; otherwise four will advance to elimination rounds after a second round robin.

The elimination rounds will be a strict ladder (1 plays 8, 2 plays 7). Assignment to a ladder position will be semi-random. All 3-0 winners will be randomly assigned the top positions.

The elimination rounds will be two-game matches against the same opponent.

See the event website for more specifics.

GMT will supplement the four wood prizes for this event with merchandise credits.