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Bitter Woods (BWD) Links Email GM Last updated June 10, 2018
Class A: Experienced Players Only Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. 
Schedule GM: Bruno Sinigaglio (2nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Round 1/7 FSa 9 6 Festival
Round 2/7 FSu 9 6 Festival
Round 3/7 Mo 9 6 Festival
Round 4/7 Tu 9 6 Festival
Round 5/7 We 9 6 Festival
Round 6/7 Th 9 6 Festival
Round 7/7 Fr 9 6 Festival
Semifinal Sa 9 6 Festival
Final Sa 15 6 Festival
2018 Tournament Format  Swiss Elim

Bitter Woods is an Operational Level game of the Battle of the Bulge. The version played will be the Designer's Edition of Bitter Woods produced by Compass Games. By mutual agreement, or if neither player has that edition, players may choose to use any other edition of the game.

Tournament Scenario
The scenarios to be played during all Swiss rounds will be the 6-turn 16AM scenario or the 8-turn 16AM scenario as described in the rulebook. Elimination rounds will default to the 8-turn scenario if both players do not agree in advance to play the 6-turn scenario. Each round will end after six hours and games not completed will be adjudicated. Players can mutually agree to select the scenario and sides to be played. If they don't agree, then the lower AREA ranked player can choose the side or the scenario he wishes to play and his opponent can choose the other.

Additional tournament scenario details may be found by clicking here, including usage of German Army artillery in the six-turn scenario and random events on the 17AM and 19AM turns.

The following rules and clarifications are in effect:
(a) Reserve Designation may be done at any point during the phasing player's turn. On 17AM only, German Reserve designation must occur before a Skorzeny sneak occurs.
(b) Unaccompanied leaders are automatically eliminated when adjacent to any enemy mech or non-mech unit.
(c) Pieper Alternative breakdown units always have a ZOC in the hex they occupy.
(d) When multiple valid retreat paths exist, the retreating player must select one that has the retreating unit ending on a supply road.

Tournament Format
1. Free Form Format. The BWD Tournament uses a Swiss format for the preliminary rounds followed by a Single Elimination format for the four players with the best performances during the Swiss segment. Entrants may play multiple games during the Swiss segment, which begins on the First Saturday and concludes on Friday.
2. Schedule. The schedule consists of two segments, Swiss and Elimination (semifinals and final).
a. Swiss segment consists of seven daily heats starting at 10AM on the first Saturday and going through the following Friday. This segment ends on Friday at 2100 hours, at which time the four players with the best performances during the Swiss segment will advance into the Elimination rounds.
b. Elimination Rounds. All games played during the first segment will be used to determine the four best players, according to the tournament performance rules. The two-round Elimination segment begins Saturday with the semifinals at 0900 hours.