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Battles of American Revolution (BAR) Links Email GM Last updated May 26, 2018.
Class B: Beginning Players Welcome You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demo. Be on time for the scheduled demonstration. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.
Schedule GM: Mark Miklos (2nd Year)
Round Day Start Time Duration Location
Demo 1 Tu 17 1 Exhibit Annex Table 4
Round 1/7 FSu 15 3 Festival
Round 2/7 Mo 9 3 Festival
Round 3/7 Mo 19 3 Festival
Round 4/7 Tu 9 3 Festival
Round 5/7 Tu 19 3 Festival
Round 6/7 We 9 3 Festival
Round 7/7 We 21 3 Festival
Quarterfinal Th 9 3 Festival
Semifinal Th 18 3 Festival
Final Fr 9 3 Festival
2018 Tournament Format Swiss Elim

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Battles of the American Revolution as a WBC Century event; a significant milestone by any measure.

We plan to mark the occasion with keepsake giveaways and chances to win a horde of raffle prizes. In addition our competition will showcase the recently released BoAR "Tri-pack" and its updated scenarios, maps, counters and rules for Saratoga, Eutaw Springs, Guilford Courthouse and Brandywine Creek.

We're also changing our format this year from single elimination to Swiss Elimination. In this way we hope to accommodate more players who, because of scheduling conflicts in the past might not have been able to attend a SE round. In Swiss Elim you can play in as many or as few as you wish throughout the week.

The top 8 players will advance out of the Swiss portion into a single elimination quarterfinal round. From there 4 semifinalists will vie for the chance to play in the final.

This year's games will be (Round 1) Saratoga 3rd ed. "Freeman's Farm" scenario, (Round 2) Monmouth Courthouse "Lee's Advance" scenario, (Round 3) Monmouth Courthouse "Holding Action" scenario, (Round 4) Guilford Courthouse 2nd ed. "Historical" scenario, (Round 5) Eutaw Springs 2nd ed. "Campaign" scenario, (Round 6) Brandywine Creek 2nd ed. "Knyphausen's Feint" scenario and (Round 7) Brandywine Creek 2nd ed. "Howe's Flank Attack" scenario.

The Quarterfinals will feature the game Germantown.

The Semifinals will feature the 3rd ed. Saratoga campaign game.

The Final will feature the 2nd ed. Brandywine Creek campaign game.

Eight players will advance into the quarterfinals based upon most wins in the Swiss portion. If tied, players will advance based on cumulative tournament points as follows: +4/-2 for decisive victory, +3/-1 for substantial victory, +2/0 for marginal victory and +1/+1 for a draw. If a player surrenders, his opponent will be awarded an additional tournament point and the surrendering player will be debited an additional negative tournament point. In all cases where tournament points are counted, ties will be broken first by accumulated Army Morale, next by accumulated VPs and finally by die roll.

Players will be seeded by AREA rating and by accumulated tournament points. Players without AREA ratings entering a Round for the first time and thus not yet having any tournament points will be seeded randomly at the bottom of the pool. Every effort will be made to avoid the same players having to face one another more than once in the Swiss portion.

Side determination is by agreement or by secret bid of at-start Army Morale points. Byes, if necessary, will be awarded to past champions in descending order followed by highest cumulative tournament points. A player receiving a bye will be credited with +3 tournament points and will be awarded a number of Army Morale and VPs equal to the average of all winning players in that round.

Play will be scheduled with Swiss Rounds available beginning Sunday afternoon and then morning and evening from Monday through Wednesday. The quarterfinals will be Thursday morning followed by the semifinal Thursday afternoon. The final will begin at 9:00 AM on Friday morning or at a time agreed upon by the two finalists and the GM. All rounds will be timed with 3 hours allowed per Swiss round, 6 hours for the quarterfinals, 4 hours for the semifinals and 8 hours for the final. In all cases slow play is discouraged and time frames will be strictly enforced.

If adjudication becomes necessary it will be as follows. The player with the most VPs at the moment play is suspended will be declared the winner. For this purpose ONLY, the player with the higher Army Morale will be awarded one additional VP. In the event of a tie, the GM and AGMs will assess the tactical situation and declare a winner by majority vote.

All advanced rules will be used in each game and scenario. All replacement counters published for the games/scenarios being played will be used. In addition:

  • Saratoga: The 3rd edition map, counters and rules will be used. Optional rule 3.7 will restrict the British player from examining American stacks. The GM will roll a common fog die roll for both tables in the semifinals.
  • Germantown: Living Rules, November 2010 and the Living Rule Player Aid Card, November 2010 will be used.
  • Eutaw Springs: The 2nd edition map, counters and rules will be used. Optional Rule 3.20 governing British reinforcements will be used.
  • Guilford Courthouse: The 2nd edition map, counters and rules will be used.
  • Brandywine Creek: The 2nd edition map, counters and rules will be used. The Intelligence Variant found in Section VI, "Muddying the Waters of Brandywine Creek" will be used when playing the full campaign game in the final.