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WBC 2018 Auction and Auction Store Sales Last updated 8/21/18.


Once again, the auction registration closed in a record time, with 732 lots submitted and 632 lots accepted. The store, ended with just over our maximum limit at 1,537, after accepting lots rejected for the auction. 

Auction prices improved once again for the sellers in 2018, with the average for items sold rising 25% from $28.89 in 2017 to $36.10 in 2017. The auction sold a total of 621 items, with no unsold lots and eleven no shows. All the items sold for just under $22K, up 15% from 2017 despite selling 50 less games than last year. Seven items sold for $200 or more, with John Jacoby’s Big Board Circus Maximus taking top billing at $500. Other big dollar items included War of the Ring Anniversary Edition for $440, Mega Civilization for $280, The Gamers Complete Tactical Series and Twilight Struggle Collector's Edition for $240, Ticket to Ride with Northern Egypt Map for $220, and Star Wars Queen's Gambit for $200. Another 27 items sold for between $100 and $190, 80 items sold for between $50 and $95, and 137 items sold for between $30 and $49.  At the low end of the scale, 94 items sold for less than $10, 8% fewer than last year. Scroll down for an itemized list of sales.

The requirement of a $1 minimum bid worked well for the auctioneers and staff and will remain in effect for future years.

From a buyer’s perspective, 122 different buyers walked home with games from the auction, up 3% from last year.  Six buyers spent more than $500 and an additional 44 buyers spent more than $100. 

At the auction store, the number of sellers was slightly down, with 67 sellers in 2018 compared to 70 last year. A total of 1,520 items, of the 1,537 registered, were delivered Monday night. The line to enter the store on Tuesday started to form at 8am, with the store opening at 9am. Only 87% of items sold, or 1,325, which is 8% better than in 2017. However, a new problem is arising as 48% of the sellers had items that did not sell and less than 50% of them came to pick up their items after the store closed as required in the auction store rules.

Because of this, a handling fee will be implemented in 2019 for those that do not pick up their games at the prescribed time in the Grand Ballroom after the auction store closes. This will be in addition to the fee for unsold lots. This is a large issue for the staff as they, like the sellers, are trying to get everything wrapped up so they can get back to gaming. The extra time to box all these items and get them to registration as well as the registration staff having to deal with unsold item pick-ups is work the volunteers do not need.

The average selling price for auction store items was $12.91, down 5% from last year.  In the store, 116 items sold at the top price of $30, another 253 items sold for over $20, and 503 items sold for between $10 and $19. The quality of the auction store continues to improve as the auction closes earlier each year. The majority of items that went unsold had prices between $25 and $30 that did not or barely changed throughout the day.

The change in minimum lots for the auction worked well in 2018 so the minimum number of lots required for an auction submision in 2019 will remain at 10, the same as the auction store.

Thanks to everyone who participated as both buyers and sellers at this year’s event and we look forward to seeing you again in 2019.


Click to download Auction sales list as Excel Document.


WBC Auction Sales 2018
Lot #NameCompanyShrinkUnpunchedCompleteUnknownMissingOtherAmount
1Virgin QueenGMTX     $65.00
2Virgin QueenGMTX     $65.00
3Merchant of VenusAvalon HillX     $80.00
4On To RichmondAvalon HillX     $65.00
5Air BaronAvalon HillX     $38.00
6Grant Takes CommandMMPX     $40.00
7Stonewall Jackson's Way IIMMPX     $80.00
8Siege of JerusalemMMPX     $60.00
9Age of Renaissance (AOR is missing two square tokens)Avalon Hill    X $34.00
10Europe EngulfedGMT x    $36.00
11Asia EngulfedGMTx     $44.00
12Moongha InvadersTreefrogx     $32.00
13Dungeon LordsZ-Man  x   $16.00
14Dungeon Lords: Festival Season ExpansionZ-Manx     $20.00
15BushidoHeidelberger x    $12.00
16Die Sternenfaahrer von Catan (German)Kosmos  x   $22.00
17Die Sternenfaahrer von Catan (German) 5-6 player expKosmos x    $12.00
18Catan Stadte & Ritter (German)Kosmos x    $6.00
19Seafarers of CatanMayfair  x   $7.00
20Zum um Zug (German)DoWx     $20.00
21The ThingMonoteesx     $32.00
22LondonTreefrogx     $22.00
23FantastiqaGryphon x    $38.00
24AthlasGEGx     $16.00
25The Great WarPSC x    $28.00
26The Great War: Tanks ExpansionPSCx     $28.00
27Game of Thrones LCG core setFFG x    $12.00
281989: Dawn of FreedomGMT  x   $16.00
29Old School Tactical Volume 2 Kickstarter Bundle (OST v2/OST Airborne/OST V2 Strategy Guide/2 Specialty Dice/OST v2 Pocket Battles/9 Card Luck Deck/2x OST Playmats)Flying Pig Gamesx     $90.00
30Twilight ImperiumFantasy Flight  X   $18.00
31Ra The Dice GameRGG  X   $65.00
321830Mayfairx     $60.00
331830Mayfair x    $47.00
341870Mayfair  x   $80.00
35BrassTreefrog Games  x   $29.00
361844/1854Mayfairx     $85.00
37Railways of TimeEagle Gamesx     $14.00
38Railroad TycoonEagle Games  x   $22.00
39Mare Nostrum XX    $95.00
40Talon X     $22.00
41Container/Second Shipment Expansion   X   $50.00
44Innovation Delux   X   $38.00
45Feast for Odin   X   $60.00
46Lords of Vegas/UP expansion   X   $26.00
48"Descent (altar of despair , road to legend,well of darkness) 1st ED"FFG  x   $60.00
49"Sherlock consulting detective, mansion murder , queens park (shrink)"   x   $20.00
51The Hell of StalingradClash of Arms  x   $3.00
52"D day dice , Atlantic wall (Shrink)"Valley Games  x   $18.00
54Storm over StalingradMMP  x   $11.00
55Rock of he MarneMMP  x   $8.00
56Yom KippurMMP  x   $5.00
57Attack SubAvalon Hill  X   $26.00
58Rail BaronAvalon Hill  X   $30.00
59Kremlin (w/ Revolution Expansion)Avalon Hill  X   $18.00
60 Battle for Dresden 1813: The 6 Days of GloryNew England Simulations/Clash of Arms Games X    $22.00
61Civil War Brigade Series Bundle: Thunder at the Crossroad(unpunched)/Champion Hill(unpunched)/Seven PinesThe Gamers  X   $60.00
62GBOH Vol VI: Caesar Conquest of GaulGMT X    $22.00
63Standard CS Bundle: Afrika/Ardennes/Crusader/Stalingrad Pocket/Yom Kippur – all unpunched except Afrika (punched/complete)The Gamers  X   $55.00
64Med Bundle: A Raging Storm (TCS) (unpunched) and Tunisia (OCS) punched completeThe Gamers  X   $22.00
65Highway to the Reich 1st edSPI  X   $48.00
66Decent on CreteSPI  X   $52.00
67War in the East 1st edSPI  X   $46.00
68Foxbat and Phantom SPI  X   $5.00
69Axis and AlliesMilton Bradley X    $20.00
70ShogunMilton BradleyX     $46.00
71Fortress AmericaMilton BradleyX     $55.00
72BynzantiumWarfrog X    $20.00
73Bonaparte at MarengoSimmons X    $65.00
74A few Acres of SnowTreefrog X    $40.00
75Risorgmento 1859GMTX     $20.00
76CarrierVictroy Games  X   $48.00
77SS Amerika3W  X   $20.00
78Days of decisionADG X    $2.00
79GoaRio Grande  X   $30.00
80Escape Big BoxQueen Games X    $65.00
81"Roads & Boats, third edition 2003"Splotter  X   $100.00
82Mega Civilization999 Games X    $280.00
83Russia BesigedL2 Design GroupX     $50.00
84Glory to Rome - Black Box edition 2011Cambridge GamesX     $133.00
85Die Macher 2006 editionValley GamesX     $80.00
86Titan 2008 editionValley GamesX     $70.00
87Ogre: Designer's Edition (Kickstarter version) 2013Steve Jackson GamesX     $120.00
8818USDeep Thought Games  X   $115.00
89Blood Reef: Tarawa - ASL Historical Module 5MMP X    $150.00
90Pegasus Bridge - ASL Historical Module 4Avalon HillX     $70.00
91Reef Encounter LOT (Base game + Expansion)Z-Man Games X    $65.00
92Hannibal: Rome vs. CarthageValley GamesX     $42.00
93Dominant Species (2011)GMT GamesX     $36.00
94Successors (2008)GMT Games X    $48.00
95Ardennes '44 (2003)GMT Games X    $14.00
96Normandy '44GMT Games X    $24.00
97Maria (2009)Rio Grande/HistogameX     $54.00
98GangstersAH  x   $22.00
99"Barbarian, Kingdom and Empire"Icarus Games  x   $22.00
100CivilizationAH  x   $60.00
101Advanced CivilizationAH  x   $130.00
102TitanAH  x   $38.00
103We the PeopleAH  x   $14.00
104Age of RenaissanceAH  x   $38.00
105History of the WorldGibsons Games  x   $12.00
106History of the World - 1993AH  x   $28.00
107History of the World - 2001AH  x   $65.00
108Pax BritannicaVG  x   $50.00
109BelterGDW  x   $18.00
110Die Macher - German 2nd edHans im Gluck  x   $38.00
111Key HarvestRio Grande Gamesx     $33.00
112Three Kingdoms ReduxStarting Playerx     $26.00
113Fire in the LakeGMT x    $36.00
1141775 RebellionAcademy Games x    $40.00
115The HuntersConsim Press x    $48.00
116Russian RailroadsZ-Man Games x    $65.00
117Orient ExpressRio Grande Games x    $14.00
118Conflict of Heroes: GuadalcanalAcademy Gamesx     $38.00
119Power Grid: the Card GameRio Grande Games x    $16.00
120Festung EuropaCompass Gamesx     $28.00
121Red Storm: War StoriesConquistador x    $46.00
122Championship Formula RacingUtra Pro x    $40.00
123Amateurs to ArmsClash of Arms x    $32.00
124Red WinterGMT x    $32.00
125Virgin QueenGMT x    $65.00
126Kingdom of HeavenMMP x    $10.00
127Napoleonic WarsGMTx     $95.00
128Breakout Normandy Deluxe EditionL2 Designx     $80.00
129Downfall of PompeiiMayfair x    $24.00
130Power Grid Factory ManagerRio Grande Games x    $18.00
131ShogunQueen Games  x   $22.00
132EvolutionNorth Star Games x    $42.00
133MariaRio Grande Gamesx     $54.00
134Mage WarsArcane Wonders x    $24.00
135Rebel Raiders on the High SeasGMTx     $24.00
1361989GMTx     $26.00
137SekigaharaGMT x    $34.00
138ChurchillGMTx     $24.00
139I'm the Boss!Face 2 Face x    $12.00
140GalaxyGMTx     $16.00
141Andean AbyssGMT      $26.00
1421960 - The Making of the PresidentZ-Man x    $22.00
143Age of NapoleonPhalanx xx   $14.00
144Waterloo - Napoleon's Last BattlePhalanx x    $2.00
145Alhambra Big BoxQueen x    $38.00
146Primordial SoupZ-Manx     $28.00
147Octre MareRio Grandex     $7.00
148Power Grid - The First SparksRio Grande x    $22.00
149BoxcarsRGGx     $30.00
150Die Seefahrer Erweiterung (Seafarers of Catan German Edition with English Rules translationKosmos  x   $6.00
151Die Sternenfahrer von Catan (Spacefarers of Catan German Edition with English Rules translationKosmos  x   $14.00
152Tiger LeaderDVGx     $38.00
153Field Commander NapoleonDVGx     $42.00
154Lunar RailsMayfairx     $26.00
155India RailsMayfairx     $18.00
156OutpostTimJim  x   $14.00
157Merchant of Venus (with General Counters from V26#3 UP)AH  x   $70.00
1581846: The Race for the MidwestGMTx     $40.00
1591870: Railroading across the Trans /mississippiMayfairx     $85.00
160Boots on the GroundWorthington Gamesx     $7.00
161Phantom Leader Deluxe EditionDVGx     $30.00
1621830 Railways & Robber BaronsMayfairx     $60.00
1641835Hans im Gluckx     $56.00
165 Tactical Combat Series Lot: #1 (UP), #2 (UP), #3 (SH), #4 (SH), #5 (UP), #6 (UP), #7 (UP), #8 (PC), #9 (PC), #10 (PC), #11 (PC), #12 (UP), #13 (SH), #14 (UP), #15 (SH), #16 (SH), Modern Exp #1 (UP)The Gamers/MMPxxx   $240.00
166Helvetia Cup Tome 1Helvetia Gamesx     $12.00
167Star Wars Imperial AssaultFFGx     $48.00
168SpikeR&Rx     $18.00
16918CZFox in Boxx     $120.00
170Battle CryAH  x   $35.00
171Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary EditionDays of Wonderx     $150.00
172EpicusGibby Games x    $32.00
173War of the Ring - Anniversary ReleaseAresx     $440.00
174"Android Netrunner LCG Bundle (Base Game/Data Pack Sansa Cycle #1-5/Craetion Control Deluxe Exp/Honor & Profit Deluxe Exp/Order & Chaos Deluxe Exp/Genesis Cycle #1-6/Lunar Cycle #1,2,4-6/Spin Cycle #1-6/Starter, Runner, & Corporation System Crash Draft Packs/Game Night Kits Promo Cards 03;05;06;07;09;10/Game Night Kits Playmats 03;05;06;07;09;10/Game Night Kits Card Boxes 07;09;10/Acrylic Token Set"FFGX X   $42.00
175Mech War 2SPI      $30.00
176Nato Division CommanderSPI      $100.00
177Magic RealmAvalon Hill      $44.00
178Arkham Horror Chaosium      $20.00
179Bar-LevConflict      $20.00
180CarrierVictory Gamesx     $110.00
181Sword & the StarsSPI      $26.00
182Robo Rally Crash & BurnWotCx     $60.00
183B-17 Queen of the SkiesAvalon Hill      $120.00
18412 Realms BundleMage Companyx     $20.00
185Twilight Imperium 2nd Ed BundleFantasy Flight      $20.00
186King MakerAvalon Hill      $14.00
187Empire of the Petal ThroneTactical Studies      $65.00
188John Carter Warlord of MarsSPI      $28.00
189"France, 1940"Avalon Hill      $22.00
190Modern BattlesSPI      $28.00
191Island WarSPI      $24.00
192SpartanSPI      $34.00
193MinutemanSPI      $40.00
194Robo Rally wnd EdAvalon Hill      $38.00
195Galaxy Trucker Anniversary EditionCGE x    $115.00
196Star Trek Fleet CaptainsWizkids      $32.00
197Dungeon Lords Anniversary EditionCGE x    $22.00
198BelterGDW      $16.00
199Strat-o-Matic Football 1968Strat-o-matic      $46.00
200Galaxy TruckerCGEx     $36.00
201ColonistsMayfairx     $42.00
202Star Wars RebellionFantasy Flight      $50.00
203StarGate SG1Fleet Games Inc      $12.00
204Dark SoulsSteam Forgedx     $48.00
2058th Army: Operation CrusaderGDWx     $20.00
206Bitter WoodsAvalon Hill x    $18.00
207Big Board Circus MaximusJacoby     NEW$500.00
208Circus MaximusAvalon Hill  x   $14.00
209CONQUEST OF THE EMPIRE Milton Bradley  x   $22.00
213ENDEAVORZ-MAN  x   $34.00
214Enemy in SightAvalon Hillx     $26.00
216A Few Acres of SnowTreefrogx     $46.00
219ImperiumAvalon Hill  x   $12.00
220"JUNE 6 D-DAY, 1944 w C3i EXPANSION COUNTERS"GMT  x   $9.00
221KremlinAvalon Hill  x   $36.00
222LORD OF THE RINGS Hasbro/WotC  x   $22.00
223LOST VICTORYGMT x    $7.00
226Panzer Army AfrikaAvalon Hill x    $26.00
227Patton's BestAvalon Hill x    $38.00
228POWER GRID Rio Grandex     $16.00
229Puerto RicoRio Grandex     $42.00
230RAIL BARON Avalon Hill  x   $32.00
231RED PARACHUTESAvalanche Pressx     $5.00
232RISE & FALLEngleman x    $34.00
233ROMEGMT  x   $16.00
234SETTLERSMAY x    $16.00
235"SQUAD LEADER PACKAGE (Squad Leader, Creshendo of Doom & Cross of Iron"Avalon Hill  x   $40.00
236Through the AgesEagle/Czech  x   $18.00
237Titan the ArenaAvalon Hill  x   $10.00
238WILDERNESS WAR (mounted maps)GMT x    $12.00
239Advanced CivilizationAvalon Hill  X   $100.00
240Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill  X   $50.00
241Air BaronAvalon Hill  X   $26.00
242Air Baron Avalon Hill  X   $26.00
243By Hook or By CrookAvalon Hill  X   $10.00
244Carrier w/Mounted Map BoardVictory Games  X   $22.00
245Empire BuilderMayfair  X   $8.00
246Hannibal Avalon Hill  X   $26.00
247Midway w/General Magazine Vol15 No 5Avalon Hill  X   $3.00
248"War at Sea, and War at Sea II: Folio Game "Avalon Hill  X   $32.00
249We the People w/ Extra CardsAvalon Hill  X   $10.00
250U-boatAvalon Hill  X   $10.00
251"Battlelore Collection. Includes: Two Copies of base game, Notebook w/ 18 Scenarios, map. cards, extra cards, and tokens. Craft tool box w/units, map hexes, Tokens and dice. Expansion Sets: Call to Arms, Dwarvewn Battalion, Epic Battlelore, Goblin Maruaders, Goblin Skirmishers, the Hundred Years War. "Days of Wonder  X   $70.00
252TitanAHx     $65.00
253Star Wars Queen's GambitHasbro  x   $200.00
254Tide of IronFFG xx   $24.00
255Pirate's CoveDays of Wonder x    $22.00
256TitanValley x    $55.00
257Kingmaker Big BoxAriel  x   $24.00
258Pirate's CoveDays of Wonder  x   $30.00
259DescentFFG x    $30.00
260HeroscapeMilton Bradley x    $40.00
261HeroscapeMilton Bradley x    $38.00
262Strategy ISPI x    $65.00
263Starategy I (two copies of UnitsSPI xx   $60.00
264War in the East First EditionSPI  x   $46.00
2651918SPI  x   $20.00
26620 Years Quad & BreitenfeldSPI  x   $26.00
267Napoleon at WarSPI  x   $26.00
268Fortress AmericaMilton Bradley  x   $30.00
269Flight of the Gueben & Up Against the WallSPI xx   $140.00
270Victory in the PacificAH  x   $20.00
271Triumph of ChaosClash of Arms  X   $20.00
272Empire of the Sun (torn cover)GMT  X  X$14.00
273Case Yellow 1940GMT  X   $22.00
274The BulgeGMT  X   $25.00
275WWII -- Barbarossa to BerlinGMT  X   $7.00
276Thirty Years WarGMT  X   $14.00
277Shifting SandsMMP  X   $28.00
278Blue & Gray II and Drive on WashingtonSPI  X   $44.00
279March MadnessAvalon Hill  xx   $24.00
280Fight in the SkiesGuidon Games  xx   $50.00
281King Maker with 2nd Edition RulesAvalon Hill  xx   $18.00
282Hammer of the ScotsColumbia Games  xx   $12.00
283Liberty Columbia Games  xx   $26.00
284Civilization with Western Extension MapAvalon Hill 1981  xx   $55.00
285Rebel Yell. (32/1120 counters punched)Game Publications   xx   $6.00
286Simulations Canda’s Battleship. (1925-1945)Omega Games xx    $11.00
287Simulations Canada’s Line of Battle (1914-24Omega Games xx    $10.00
288Magic Realm with 2nd Edition RulesAvalon Hill      $20.00
289AH Generals Vol #25 #1 to Vol 32 #3 (25.02 missing) 44 issuesAvalon Hill     Good$18.00
290Memoir 44Days of Wonder  X   $28.00
291Memoir 44 Breakthrough mapsDays of WonderX     $40.00
292Memoir 44 Equipment PackDays of Wonder  X   $42.00
293Memoir 44 Operation OverlordDays of Wonder  X   $32.00
294Memoir 44 Operation OverlordDays of Wonder  X   $22.00
295Memoir 44 Pacific TheaterDays of Wonder  X   $24.00
296Memoir 44 Eastern FrontDays of Wonder  X   $26.00
297Memoir 44 Terrain PackDays of WonderX     $20.00
298Memoir 44 Mediterraen TheaterDays of Wonder  X   $22.00
299Memoir 44 D-Day LandingsDays of WonderX     $100.00
300SaratogaGMT  X   $4.00
301Guilford Court HouseGMT X    $18.00
302SavannahGMT X    $20.00
303BrandywineGMT X    $13.00
304GermantownGMT X    $16.00
305PensacolaGMT X    $12.00
306MonmouthGMT X    $44.00
307NewtownGMTX     $20.00
308HannibalValley GamesX     $41.00
309Victory in EuropeColumbia  X   $12.00
310War of 1812Columbia  X   $22.00
311Hammer of the ScotsColumbia  X   $14.00
312FlattopBattleline  X   $14.00
313Paths of Glory +hard map & extra piecesGMT  X   $44.00
314Pursuit of GloryGMT  X   $34.00
315Washington's WarGMT  X   $22.00
316Napoleonic WarsGMT  X   $20.00
317Sword of RomeGMT  X   $20.00
318Barbarossa to BerlinGMT  X   $7.00
319A few acres of snowTreefrog  X   $28.00
320Union PacificAmigo  X   $65.00
321Planet SteamFantasy FlightX     $9.00
322We the PeopleAH  X   $14.00
323Anzio + extra mapsAH  X   $42.00
324Battle CryAH  X   $32.00
325Panzer Blitz & Panzer LeaderAH  X   $20.00
326MachiavelliAvalon Hill  X   $25.00
327Advanced CivilizationAvalon Hill  X   $130.00
328CivilizationAvalon Hill  X   $44.00
329Mosby's RaidersVictory Games  X   $6.00
330Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill  X   $42.00
331Warrior KnightsGames Workshop  X   $14.00
332Railway RivalsGames Workshop  X   $24.00
333SuccessorsAvalon Hill  X   $18.00
335IT NEVER SNOWSMMP x    $18.00
336THUNDER AT CASSINOAvalon Hill x    $40.00
340GANGSTERS ( INC SQUIRT GUN ) Avalon Hill x    $26.00
341PROUD MONSTER DELUXECompass x    $55.00
342SILENT WAR + IJN expansionCompass x    $75.00
343SPACE HULK 3rd editionGames Workshop  x   $44.00
346ECLIPSE + RISE OF THE ANCIENTS expansionLautapedlit  x   $42.00
349A FEW ACRES OF SNOW ( deluxe edition ) Treefrog  X   $40.00
350MARNE 1918HEXASIM X    $52.00
351War of the Ring w/ lots of extras to pimp your gameFantasy Flight  X   $34.00
352Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage w/ pre-order generals minisValley Games  X   $44.00
353"China w/ Embassies, Flusskarten & Grenzstreitigkeiten"Uberplay  X   $16.00
354Ticket To Ride: Rails & SailsDays of Wonder  X   $46.00
355Ticket to Ride & Northern Egypt Map (2011 Design Win)Days of Wonder/PNP  X   $220.00
356Funkenschlag: EnBW Edition w/ new power plant deck2F Spiele X    $20.00
357MangroviaZoch VerlagX     $16.00
358"Tichu (1 shrink box with 2 decks) and large 32"" play mat"Rio Grande GamesX     $42.00
359BuranoEmperorS4  X   $10.00
360Giant BlokusEducational Insights  X   $50.00
361Settlers of Catan 15th Anniv Wooden Collector's Box SetMayfair  X   $130.00
362Volldampf signed inside box cover by Martin WallaceTM Spiele  X   $24.00
363Poseidon's Kingdom by Lamont BrothersGame SaluteX     $32.00
364Catan Geographies: GermanyMayfair/Kosmos  X   $16.00
365Power Grid Deluxe w/ BGG Compatibility Token KitRio Grande GamesX     $32.00
366The Great WarPSCx     $34.00
367"Command & Colors Ancients, 2nd printing"GMT  x   $38.00
368Formula De boards 3 (Netherlands) & 4 (Belgium)Descartes  x   $30.00
369Formula De boards 5 (South Africa) & 6 (San Marino)Descartes  x   $26.00
370Formula De boards 11 (Watkins Glen) & 12(Silverstone)Descartes  x   $28.00
371Formula De boards 19 (Suzuka) & 20 (Melbourne)Descartes  x   $30.00
372Formula De boards 21 (Budapest) & 22 (Nurburgring)Descartes  x   $24.00
373"Formula De American tracks #23, 24, 25, 26"Descartes  x   $42.00
374"Formula De American tracks #27, 28, 29, 30"Descartes  x   $48.00
375Formula De boards 31 (Zhuhai) & 32 (Sepang)Descartes  x   $32.00
376"ASL: Beyond Valor, 3rd Edition"MMP  X   $35.00
377ASL Bundle: For King and Country w/ 11 original style mapboardsMMP X    $60.00
378ASL Bundle: Set of 11 Original Style MapboardsAH X    $20.00
379ASL Action Pack #6: A Decade of WarMMPX     $14.00
380"ASL Starter Kit Bundle: #1, #2, #3, Bonus Pack, Expansion Pack"MMP X    $140.00
381"Bundle: Grants Gamble, Lee's Invincibles, Jackson & Sheridan"Worthington  X   $34.00
382Holdfast: North AfricaWorthington  X   $10.00
383"2WWAS Bundle: SOPAC, Midway, Bomb Alley"Avalanche  X   $40.00
384Where Eagles DareMMPX     $95.00
385Bundle: Flying Colors + Ship of the Line + Serpent of the SeasGMT  X   $50.00
386War Galley (includes Salamis expansion)GMT X    $38.00
387Kremlin (Limited Kickstarter Edition)Jolly Roger  X   $38.00
388War of the RingSPI    x"Missing card #60 (1 of the 3 Fierce Storms Event cards). Missing 1 of the 400 chits. Unknown, but not a starting chit."$12.00
389Magic RealmAvalon Hill   x Contains an extra set of woods tiles. Unknown counter and card count. Playable.$26.00
390Task ForceSPI  x   $4.00
391Race for the GalaxyRio Grande  x   $10.00
392Knights of CamelotTSR   x Complete except possibly some chits. Playable.$16.00
393QuirksEon  x   $22.00
394SPQR - 2nd EditionGMTX-NoteX-Note   Shrink deteriorated over time/box cover slightly damaged$20.00
395Lord of the Ring Flat BoxSPIX-NoteX-Note   Shrink deteriorated over time$40.00
396Middle Earth: Lord of the Ring/Sauron/GondorSPI X     $55.00
397Pacific WarVictory Games X   A few counters out of trees$40.00
398WWII: Pacific Theater of OperationsSPI X    $18.00
399WWII: European Theater of OperationsSPI      $28.00
400Dune/The DuelTAHGC The DuelDune   $85.00
401Freedom in the GalaxyTAHGC X    $18.00
402The Longest DayTAHGC X    $181.00
403Roads to GettysburgTAHGCX     $80.00
404Stonewall in the ValleyTAHGCX     $140.00
405Seige of JerusalemTAHGC X    $46.00
406War in EuropeSPI x   Good$180.00
407The Art of SiegeSPI xX  Good$70.00
408Storm Over ArnhemAvalon Hill X   Good$20.00
409Circus MaximusAvalon Hill  X  Good$17.00
410Ceasar Epic Battle of AlesiaAvalon Hill  X  Good$18.00
412The Siege of JerusalemAvalon Hill X   Excel.$44.00
413Pax BritannicaVictory Games X   Excel.$30.00
414"France, 1940 (Greman Blitzkrieg in the West)"Avalon Hill X   Good$20.00
415The Battle of the BulgeAvalon HillXX   Excel.$34.00
416Tobruk (Tank Battles in North Africa:1942)Avalon HillX    Excel.$18.00
417The Longest Day Avalon Hill  X   $71.00
418"Europe Engulfed, "GMT X    $22.00
420"NAPOLEONIC WARS, 1st ED with 2nd editon upgrade kit"GMT X    $21.00
421"C C Ancienst Number 5, Epic "GMT X    $18.00
422Musket and Pike-Gustav Adolf the Great GMT X    $48.00
423Saratoga 2nd Edition GMTX     $10.00
424Andean Abyss GMT X    $26.00
425The Supreme CommanderGMTx     $15.00
426Star Wars RebellionFFx     $65.00
427Normandy '44GMT x    $24.00
428Operation MichaelMMP x    $28.00
429REXFF  x   $22.00
430Battle Above the CloudsMMPx     $55.00
431Space EmpiresGMTx     $36.00
432Kawaguchi's Gmble Edson's RidgeMMPx     $6.00
433The Great WarOne Small Stepx     $26.00
434The Airborne Assault on Fortress HollandMMPx     $70.00
435GettysburgGMT  x   $20.00
436Space Empires Close Encounters ExpansionGMTx     $26.00
437No Better Place To DieThe Gamersx     $22.00
438Lincoln's WarMMP x    $20.00
439Tokyo ExpressVictory Games  x   $42.00
440Bitter WoodsAvalon Hill  x   $14.00
441Rail BaronAvalon Hill  x   $28.00
442Caesar GMT  x   $13.00
443The Battle For North AftircaGMTx     $12.00
444Ukraine '43GMTx     $24.00
445For the PeopleGMTx     $12.00
446TalonGMTx     $20.00
447Crusader The 8th Army's winter victoryThe Gamers  x   $9.00
448GuadalajaraMMPx     $4.00
449Screaming EaglesMMPx     $24.00
450Revolution RoadCompass Gamesx     $22.00
451Nine Years The War of the Grand AllianceCompass Gamesx     $18.00
452Reluctant EnemiesMMP x    $22.00
453Jackson & Sheridan The Valley CampaignsWorthington Publishingx     $10.00
454Pemberton & GrantWorthington Publishingx     $20.00
455Holdfast North Africa 1941-1942Worthington Publishingx     $26.00
456Lee's InvinciblesWorthington Publishingx     $20.00
457Grants GambleWorthington Publishingx     $12.00
458Holdfast Atlantic 1939-1945Worthington Publishingx     $40.00
459Holdfast Pacific 1941-1945Worthington Publishingx     $40.00
460MEGA Russian Campaign ( the limited edition giant version) L2 - 2011  X   $140.00
461Book of Sandhurst Wargames - 4 game set in the bookPaddy Griffith -1982 X    $10.00
462Interstellar Wars Attactix Games-1982 X    $18.00
463Dragon Pass Chaosiam - 1980 X    $70.00
464NewtownGMT - 2003X     $20.00
465SorcererSPI - 1975 X    $16.00
466Lost Victory - Manstein at KarkovGMT- 2003 X    $10.00
467C.O./B.O. Railroad GameAH -1970  X   $26.00
469Narvik ( comes with GRD Players Aid #3 )GDW -1980  X   $16.00
470StarforceSPI - 1974  X   $20.00
471Operation TyphoonSPI -1975  x   $52.00
472Ardennes - 1944GMT - 2003 X    $12.00
473Pea RidgeSPI - 1980  X   $9.00
474Prussia's GloryGMT - 2002  X   $7.00
475The Caucasus CampaignGMT - 2009  X   $16.00
476Panzer Blitz - Hill of DeathMMP - 2009 X    $26.00
477Spanish EaglesCompass Games 2008 X    $42.00
478Atlantic WallDecision Gamesx     $80.00
479SergeantsLost Battalion Games x    $26.00
480Bitter WoodsL2x     $70.00
481The Devil's CauldronMMPx     $170.00
482Operation Typhoon (detergent box)SPI  x   $38.00
484Operation DauntlessGMTx     $28.00
485Highway to the ReichDecision Gamesx     $60.00
486Wacht Am RheinDecision Gamesx     $65.00
487Mare Nostrum Academy Gamesx     $34.00
488Tokyo ExpressVictory Games   x   $40.00
489CarrierVictory Games  x   $46.00
490Fog Of Warunknown  x   $21.00
491Duel for KharkovPeople's War Games x    $26.00
492Gazala 1942People's War Games x    $16.00
493Operation CrusaderGDW  x   $60.00
494CivilizationAH  x   $165.00
496CrusaderThe Gamers x    $40.00
498ArdennesThe Gamers x    $26.00
499Battles for the American Revolution Bundle (first 8 games in series)GMT x    $130.00
500Wacht Am Rhein (detergent box)SPI x    $100.00
501Atlantic Wall (detergent box)SPI x    $65.00
502High-Bid3MX     $7.00
503Dark Crusade3W X     $2.00
504Tide of Fortune3W X     $3.00
505Braccio da MontoneACIESX     $4.00
506Avalanche: Invasion ItalyAPLX     $1.00
507GranadaAPLX     $5.00
508Great Pacific WarAPLX     $20.00
509Red VengenceAPLX     $5.00
510Frontiers: Liberty or DeathASMX     $3.00
5111812AYGX     $38.00
512The Cossacks are ComingBROX     $14.00
513EuroFrontCGX     $9.00
514MedFrontCGX     $12.00
515China MoonEGDX     $1.00
516EuropaEGDX     $16.00
517Through the DesertFFGX     $14.00
518Marengo 1800HC X     $8.00
519Battleship (1971)MBX     $2.00
520Battle for BaghdadMCSX     $14.00
521DomaineMFGX     $12.00
522More Cosmic EncounterMFGX     $12.00
523Quo Vadis Roman SenateMFGX     $14.00
524Silverton (2nd ed)MFGX     $30.00
525EastWall (zip)MIH  X    $5.00
526A Fearful SlaughterMMPX     $25.00
527April's HarvestMMPGX     $4.00
528No Better Place to DieMMPGX     $22.00
529MaharajaPHAX     $22.00
530WaterlooPHAX     $10.00
531Royal NavyQDX     $24.00
53220th CenturyRGGX     $20.00
533Augsburg 1520RGGX     $12.00
534Black FridayRGGX     $20.00
535Caylus Magna CartaRGGX     $14.00
536Doge ShipRGGX     $16.00
537For Crown & KingdomRGGX     $40.00
538"Friedrich, Anniversary Edition"RGGX     $56.00
539KhronosRGGX     $18.00
540Space DealerRGGX     $40.00
541Ystari Treasure BoxRGGX     $14.00
542Power & Resolution (zip)SMCNX     $8.00
543Origins plus Age Reason expSMGX     $38.00
544Hob Lepoard IITSKX     $34.00
545Sunken CityUBRX     $6.00
546ChainmailWOGX     $8.00
547CowboysWOGX     $14.00
548Forged in FireWOGX     $10.00
549Hold the LineWOGX     $12.00
550MedWar SicilyWOGX     $12.00
551Prussia’s Defiant StandWOGX     $22.00
552Attack of MutantsYAQX     $46.00
553Baron's WarCOAX     $8.00
554Fires of MidwayCOAX     $16.00
555Hell of StalingradCOAX     $33.00
556La Bat. LutzenCOAX     $30.00
557LobositzCOAX     $20.00
558Operation SparkCOAX     $8.00
559Persian Incursion (Harpoon)COAX     $10.00
560PragueCOAX     $22.00
561SFE: MediterraneanCOAX     $10.00
562Speed of HeatCOAX     $14.00
56330 Yrs War Quad (SPI)DGX     $20.00
564Advanced Pacific Theater of Operations (APTO)DGX     $34.00
565Axis Empires: Dai Senso!DGX     $50.00
566Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg!DGX     $40.00
567Cherkassy PocketDGX     $14.00
568China: The Middle KingdomDGX     $5.00
569Empires at WarDGX     $18.00
570Land Without EndDGX     $20.00
571LuftwaffeDGX     $26.00
572Nine Navies WarDGX     $28.00
573Operation KremlinDGX     $6.00
574Operation Olympic & Coronet (Ziplock)DGX     $12.00
575Over the Top!DGX     $16.00
576The Forgotten WarDGX     $16.00
577Wellingtons VictoryDGX     $55.00
578FrescoQNGX     $42.00
579Show ManagerQNGX     $24.00
580TombouctouQNGX     $20.00
581The Grand CampaignSPW X     $24.00
582Western FrontSPW X     $27.00
583Omaha Beachhead: Battle for the Bocayne   x   $4.00
584Tank Leader   x   $6.00
585Tafeet for Today  x    $65.00
586America in Flames; Democrazy vs Darknes x     $10.00
587Patton in Flames x     $5.00
588Patton in Flames x     $7.00
589World in Flames: The Final Addition x     $20.00
590World in Flames: The Final Addition x     $8.00
591World in Flames: Global Conflict   x   $9.00
592Atlantic Wall   x   $42.00
593Night of Man   x   $12.00
594Conquest of the Pacific x     $1.00
595Sergeants Minis Game: Hasty Positions Normandy Expansion x     $22.00
596Sergeants Reple Depple  x    $7.00
597Sergeants on the Eastern Front  x    $16.00
598Sergeants Minis Game: Road to Careton expansion  x    $12.00
599Sergeants Minis Game: Day of Days Expansion  x    $20.00
600Imperium   x   $9.00
601War in the Pacific   x   $90.00
602World War II  x    $30.00
603Imperium   x   $5.00
604World War II  x    $25.00
605Civilization       $12.00
606Road to Washington       $20.00
607Op. Cannibal (APL)APL      $10.00
608Tempus (CAF)CAF      $15.00
609Battle for Moscow (zip) (GDW)GDW      $10.00
610Express (MFG)MFG      $10.00
611Desert Victory (OMGA)OMGA      $10.00
612Mesopotamia +card (PHA)PHA      $15.00
613Thieves of Bagdad (TILSIT)TILSIT      $10.00
614Vanished Planet (VPG )VPG      $5.00
615Perikles (WARF)WARF      $10.00
616Battle Cry of Freedom (DG)DG      $10.00
617Alhambra Dice Game (QNG)QNG      $20.00
618Eketorp (QNG)QNG      $15.00
619Montego Bay (QNG)QNG      $15.00
620Montego Bay (QNG)QNG      $10.00
621Samarkand (QNG)QNG      $20.00
622Battle for Moscow (zip) (GDW)GDW      $10.00
623Twilight War (ziplock) (TSR)TSR      $10.00
624Emperor's First/Napoleon's First combo pack (DG)DG      $15.00


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