WBC 2011 Auction Sales, by Lot
Aug. 19, 2011

Auction Sales | Abbreviation Key

#NameCompanyAmountShrinkUnpunchedPunched CompletePunched unknownPunched MissingOther
1VI Caesars (1985 first edition before Conquest MB)Citadel$40X
2Broadsides & Boarding Parties (1985 1st ed before MB)Citadel$45X
3National Liberation Front (Larry Harris 1985 1st ed)Citadel$32X
4The Franco-Prussian War (1982)SPI$8X
5Phalanx (1971)SPI$24X
6Year Of The Rat (1972)SPI$10X
7Firefight (1976 flatbox)SPI$14X
8Platoon (1986 flatbox)Avalon Hill$5X
9Red Star/White Star (1972 flatbox)SPI$10X
10BattleFleet Mars (1977 flatbox)SPI$12X
11Wild West (1981 thin bookcase box)Fantasy Games$18X
12Cosmic Encounter (1982 bookcase box)Eon$36X
13Oregon Trail (1980's bookcase box)Fantasy Games$18X
14Boot Hill (1979 thin bookcase box)TSR$16X
15Gunslinger (1982 bookcase box)Avalon Hill$60X
16Universe (1981 bookcase box)SPI$20X
17Kingmaker (1972 bookshelf box)Avalon Hill$24X
18Napoleon's Italian Campaigns (1985 bookcase box)GTD$31X
19Napoleon's Penisular Campaign (1985 bookcase)GTD$32X
20Napoleon's Russian Campaign (1985 bookcase box)GTD$32X
21The Hammer Of Thor 2nd ed (1981 bookcase box)GTDNo ShowX
22National Liberation Front (Larry Harris 1985 1st ed)GTD$40X
23DispatcherAvalon Hill$35x
24OutpostTimJim Games$130X
25Attack SubAvalon Hill$12X
26KingmakerAvalon Hill$32X
27RoadkillAvalon Hill$14X
28Tokyo ExpressVictory Games$28X
29For The PeopleAvalon Hill$10X
30Empire of the SunGMT Games$34X
31West FrontColumbia Games$20X
32Stalin's WarGMT Games$26X
33Alexander the GreatPhalanx Games$12X
34Merchant of VenusAH$65Pawns
35Way out WestWarfrog$30Y
36Funkenschlag2f$40Y+ Laminated Map
37Germantown + MonmouthGMT$36Y
38AmyitisRio Grande$7x
39Victory Point Games Lot: Ancient Battles Deluxe, Caesar XL, Israeli Independence, Operation Veritable, Soviet DawnVictory Point$32x
40Ticket to Ride MarklinRio Grande$24x
41End of the TriumvirateZ-Man$16x
42Memoir '44 Lot: Med Pack, Overlord, Tigers in the SnowDays of Wonder$44x
43Attack in the Ardennes3W$12x
44BanzaiAvalon Hill$46x
45Broadsides & Boarding Parties (1st Ed.)Citadel$40x
46Car Wars Lot: Car Wars/Car Wars Expansion #1-#2/Truck Stop/Reference ScreenJackson$26x
47Civil WarVictory Games$34x
48D-Day (1991)$30x
49East FrontColumbia$22x
50Empires in ArmsADG$44x
51Fast Action Battles: The BulgeGMT$20x
52Great Patriotic WarGDW$22x
53Halls of MontezuemaGMT$32x
55Harpoon: Captain's Edition$10x
56Kingmaker (1st Ed) with General Jul-Aug 1977Ariel$40x
57Totaler KriegDecision Games$24x
58Next WarSPI$44x
59Pax BritannicaVictory Games$36x
60Rommel in the DesertThe Game Preserve$34x
61Struggle of NationsAvalon Hill$24x
62SuccessorsAvalon Hill$28x
63Up FrontAvalon Hill$65x
64World War II: ETOSPI$12x
65SubmarineAvalon Hill$4x
66BismarckAvalon Hill$16x
67Ironclads + Ironclads Expansion KitYaquinto$56x
68Gulf Strike 3rd ed + Desertshield ExpansionVictory Games$30x
69Battlecry (2000 ed)Avalon Hill$22x
70Settlers of Catan Card game + ExpantionMayfair$5x
71Eastfront IColumbia$20x
72War of 1812Columbia$24x
73Axis and Allies Pacific 1942 (2001 ed)Avalon Hill$14x
74Battle Stations Battle Stations (2006)Decision Games$4x
75Up FrontAvalon Hill$90x
76BanzaiAvalon Hill$70x
77Desert WarAvalon HillNo Showx
78Breakout: NormandyAvalon Hill$55x
79MBTAvalon Hill$28x
80IDFAvalon Hill$22x
81GangstersAvalon Hill$40x
82Stonewall Jackson's WayAvalon Hill$24x
83Here Comes the Rebels!Avalon Hill$32x
84Roads to GettysburgAvalon Hill$95x
85Onto RichmondAvalon Hill$140x
86Grant Takes ComandAvalon Hill$55x
87Stonewall in the ValleyAvalon Hill$32x
88Stonewall's Last BattleAvalon Hill$38x
89In Their Quiet Fields - AntietamThe Gamers$16x
90Bloody Road SouthThe Gamers$45x
91Embrace an Angry WindThe Gamers$42x
92Champion HillThe Gamers$18x
93Stalingrad PocketThe Gamers$18x
94AfrikaThe Gamers$20x
95Guderian's BlitzkriegThe Gamers$48x
96MatanikauThe Gamers$12x
97GD '40The Gamers$22x
98Bloody KasserineGDW$10x
99Race for TunisGDW$12x
100Air Assault on CreteAvalon Hill$30x
101Bloodiest DaySpearhead Games$18x
102They Met at GettysburgSpearhead Games$42x
103Main Battle AreaOmega$5x
104For the PeopleAvalon Hill$12x
105Storm over ArnhemAvalon Hill$12x
106Speed CircuitAvalon Hill$24x
107Republic of RomeAvalon Hill$26x
108Bitter WoodsAvalon Hill$26x
109GuerillaAvalon Hill$30x
110Empire in ArmsAvalon Hill$50x
1111830Avalon Hill$38x
112PanzerkriegAvalon Hill$14x
113Russian FrontAvalon Hill$65x
114Starship TroopersAvalon Hill$8x
115Hell's HighwayVictory Games$26x
116Pacific WarVictory Games$65x
117Air BaronAvalon Hill$36x
118Bllod & ThunderGDW$8x
119Wellington's VictorySPI$46x
120St-LoWest End$24x
121Advanced CivilizationAvalon Hill$250x
122Civilization with Western ExpansionAvalon Hill$42x
123Endkampf: Ostpreussen - Last Battles: East Prussia, 1945CoSi$12x
124Inchon (1981 copyright)Simulation Canada$30yes
125Dieppe (1981 copyright)Simulation Canada$34yes
1261830 (1986 copyright)Avalon Hill$36yes
127Fortress Europa (1980 copyright)Avalon Hill$10yes
128Tomorrow The World (1989 copyright)3W$24yes
129Pas de CalaisVanguard Games$65yes
130After The Holocaust (1977 copyright)SPI$46yes
131Gallipoli (1979 copyright)Paper Wargames$45yes
132War in the Falklands (1982 copyright)Mayfair$20yes
133Republic of Rome (1990 copyright)Avalon Hill$42yessmall box ding
134Kremlin (1988 copyright)Avalon Hill$65yes
135Angola (1979 copyright)Gameshop$22yes
136Bulge (1979 copyright)SPI$9yes
137Across Suez (1980 copyright)SPI$7yes
138Power PlayTask Force Games$3yes
139Warlords (1986 copyright)Panther Games$12yes
140Civilization (1981 copyright)Avalon Hill$40yes
141Napoleon's Last Battles (1976 copyright)(Designer Edition)SPI$32yes
142KingMaker (1976 copyright)Avalon Hill$28yes
143Shanghai Trader (1986 copyright)Panther Games$34yes
144Family Business (1982 copyright)Mayfair$18yes
145New World (1990 copyright)Avalon Hill$11yes
1461829 (1982 copyright)Hartland$44yes
147Shogun (1986 copyright)Milton Bradley$65yes
148Axis & Allies (1984 copyright)(first edition)Milton Bradley$16yes
149Siege of Jerusalem (1989 copyright)Avalon Hill$34yes
150Siege of Jerusalem (1976 copyright)Historical Perspectives$45yesno box
151Battle of the Bulge (1965 copyright)Avalon Hill$5yes
152Yalu (1977 copyright)Conflict Games$20yes
153Unentschieden (1975 copyright)GDW$80yeszip lock bag
154Lam Son (1978 copyright)DH Casciano$28yeszip lock bag
155Marita-Merkur (1979 copyright)GDW$30yes
156To The Wolf's Lair (1983 copyright)People's Wargames$35yes
157Uboat (1961 copyright)Avalon Hill$10yes
158Rollout (1987 copyright)Supremacy Games$20yes
159History of the World (1993 copyright)Avalon Hill$38yes
160Fortress America (1986 copyright)Milton Bradley$75yes
161Arbitrage (1986 copyright)HC Jacoby$16yes
162Supremacy (1985 copyright)Supremacy Games$20yes
163Strategy I (1971 copyright)SPI$70yesSPI flat pack
164Wacht am Rhein (1977 copyright)SPI$60yesSPI flat pack
165Battlefleet Mars (1977 copyright)SPI$14yesSPI flat pack
166Barbarossa (1971 copyright)(first edition)SPI$18yesSPI flat pack
167Moscow Campaign (1972 copyright)SPI$22yesSPI flat pack
168Year of the Rat (1972 copyright)SPI$16yesSPI flat pack
169Sinai (1973 copyright)SPI$14yesSPI flat pack
170Pearl Harbor (2nd edition)(1979 copyright)GDW$12yesSPI flat pack
171Global War (1975 copyright)SPI$28yesSPI flat pack
172Borodino (1972 copyright)SPI$24yesSPI flat pack
1731918 (1972 copyright)SPI$22yesSPI flat pack
174Invasion America (1976 copyright)SPI$52yesSPI flat pack
175To The Green Fields Beyond (1978 copyright)SPI$24yesSPI flat pack
176Operation Konrad (1983 copyright)Close Simulations$10yes
177Battle for the Ardennes (1978 copyright)(w extra counters)SPI$16yesflat pack&bkcse
178Rise and Fall (1989 copyright)EMS$34yesmap laminated
179Britannia (1987 copyright)Avalon Hill$20yes
180Blitzkrieg Expansion KitAvalon Hill/SPI$4yeszip lock
181Battlewagon (1981 copyright)Task Force Games$12yeszip lock
182Battles of the Hundred Days (1979 copyright)Operational Studies$4yeszip lock
183Battle for Hue (1975 copyright)Simulations Design$20yeszip lock
184Air Strike (1980 copyright)Q/WC Likens$9yeszip lock
185Missile Boat (1974 copyright)Rand Games$14yeszip lock
186Falkland Sound (1982 copyright)Mayfair Games$20yeszip lock
187Siedler von CatanKosmos$12xGerman
188Unhappy King CharlesGMT$26x
189South MountainMMP$18x
190Kaiser's PiratesGMT$30x
191Flying ColorsGMT$20x
192Clash of MonarchsGMT$28x
193Red Badge of CourageGMT$38x
194This Terrible SoundThe Gamers$44x
195Bloody Roads SouthThe Gamers$60x
196Barren Victory: Battle of ChickamaugaThe Gamers$42x
197Across the RappahannockGMT$34x
198Summer StormClash of Arms$55x
199Devil's DenAvalon Hill$24x
200YspahanRio Grande$14x
201Here Comes the RebelsAvalon Hill$60x
202Roads to GettysburgAvalon Hill$85x
203Stonewall in the ValleyAvalon Hill$24x
204Stonewall's Last BattleAvalon Hill$22x
205Grant Takes CommandMMP$35x
206Chickamauga & ChattanoogaAvalanche Press$7x
207Pea RidgeSPI$16x
208Blue Gray QuadSPI$14x
209Great Battles of the Civil War Vol 5 & 6SPI$44x
210Mosby's RaidersVictory Games$24x
211The Devil to Pay - A Summer Storm ScenarioClash of Arms$15x
213The Great InvasionClash of Arms$10x
214Forged in FireWorthington$10x
215Gettysburg 1863Avalanche Press$20x
216Strike Them a BlowMMP$34x
217A Fearful SlaughterMMP$28x
218Thunder at the CrossroadsThe Gamers$32x
220Power Grid with New Plant CardsRio Grande$24x
221Power Grid Expansions Lot: Brazil/Spain & Portugal, Benelux/Central Europe, France/Italy, New Plant CardsRio Grande$38x
22218FL - FloridaDeep Thought$95x
223Memior '44 Expansion - Air PackDays of Wonder$24x
224Campaigns of King DavidClash of Arms$16x
225Le HavreLookout Games$34x
226Agricola with Deluxe Wooden Euro TokensZ-Man$50x
227Long ShotZ-Man$18x
228Winds of PlunderGMT$10x
229BlackbeardGMT$12xXerox Rules
230C3i - Asia EngulfedGMT$8x
231Key HarvestR&D Games$18x
23218MEX - MexicoDeep Thought$90x
233Portobello MarketPlayroom$12x
234CubaRio Grande$24x
235Cuba Expansion: El PresidenteRio Grande$14x
236Price of FreedomCompass$16x
2371832: The SouthDeep Thought$90x
2381850: The MidwestDeep Thought$80x
239TV WarsAvalon Hill$9x
240Dragon HuntAvalon Hill$12x
241Merchant of VenusAvalon Hill$100x
242La StradaMayfair$6x
243Starfarers of CatanMayfair$64x
244Shanghai TraderPanther$24x
245Fast Food FranchiseTim Jim$44x
246Cowboys - The Way of the GunWorthington$22x
247Sword of RomeGMT$28x
248AuctionAvalon Hill$16x
249Operations Magazine #1The Gamers$7x
250Operations Magazine Lot #2-5The Gamers$16x
251Operations Magazine Lot #6-15The Gamers$30x
252Operations Magazine Lot #16-25The Gamers$30x
253Operations Magazine Lot #26-35The Gamers$18x
254Operations Magazine Lot #36-47The Gamers$24x
255C3i Magazine #18GMT$22x
256April's HarvestThe Gamers$10x
258Embrace an Angry WindThe Gamers$28x
260PerryvilleThe Gamers$40x
261No Better Place to DieThe Gamers$26x
262Three Days of GettysburgGMT$44x
263On To RichmondAvalon Hill$120x
264ImperiumConflict Gamers$7x
265Fury in the WestBattle Line$5x
266Blue & Gray Quad IISPI$40x
268Ironclads ExpansionYaquinto$32x
269Circus Maximus (Limited Run Intro Ed)Avalon Hill$30x
270Das BuchKosmos$24x
271TempusCafé Games$12x
272HaciendaRio Grande$10x
273Speed CircuitAvalon Hill$16x
274Princes of the RenaissanceWarfrog$70x
275BattleloreDays of Wonder$40x
276Battlelore Expansion: Epic BattleloreDays of Wonder$6x
277DecathlonAvalon Hill$10x
278Shifting SandsMMP$26x
279Destroyer CaptainQuarterdeck$10x
280Union PacificRio Grande$80x
281Caesar - Epic Battle of AlesiaAvalon Hill$24x
282DogfightMilton Bradley$42x
283Square MileMilton Bradley$20x
2841825 Lot: Units 1,2,&3, Expansions R-1, R-2, G-2, K-1, K-2, K-3, K-6, K-7, R-1 EXT, R-3, K-5Heartland & Trefoil$305x
285Ferrocarriles PampasWinsome$34x
286Veld SporwegWinsome$28x
287Prairie RailroadsWinsome$40x
288Lancashire RailwaysWinsome$30x
290Rail BaronAvalon Hill$180x
291Iron DragonMayfair$20x
2921861 - RussiaZ-Man$80x
2931860 - Isle of WightJKLM$52x
294Title BoutAvalon Hill$16x
295Statis Por Baseball Players Cards - 1958Avalon Hill$40x
296B-17Avalon Hill$30x
297SPI Intro Games Lot: The Creature that ate New York, Napoleon at Waterloo, The Tower of AzanaSPI$24x
298Dutch Inter City Railroad GameWinsome$30x
299Modern Battles QuadSPI$34xNo Trays/Box
300Carcassone - Hunters & GatherersRio Grande$14x
3012038 Tycoons of te Asteroid BeltTim Jim$30x
302Chickamauga & ChattanoogaAvalanche Press$12x
304Caesar's LegionsAvalon Hill$16x
305The First World WarPhalanx$15x
306Age of ExplorationTim Jim$20x
307The First World War At SeaClash of Arms$18x
308Battlelore Expansion - Scottich WarsDays of Wonder$18x
309Oscar Robertson's Pro Basketball Strategy 1969Research Games$16x
310We the PeopleAvalon Hill$20x
311New WorldAvalon Hill$9x
314Battlelore Expansion - HeroesFantasy Flight$20x
315Prussia's GloryGMT$24x
316Quebec 1759Columbia$16x
317The Sun Never SetsDecision Games$12x
318Blood of Noble Men - The AlamoWorthington$10x
319Air EmpireAvalon Hill$26x
320SlapshotAvalon Hill$32x
321GunslingerAvalon Hill$35x
322Deguello at Dawn 1824Khyber Pass$5x
323Blue MaxGDW$12x
324Louis XIVRio Grande$8x
325DesicretionPrinceton Int'l$7x
328New EnglandZugames$16x
329SienaClash of Arms$5x
330La Bataille de LutzenClash of Arms$34x
331La Bataille de Preussusch-EylauClash of Arms$85x
3321807 The Eagles Turn EastClash of Arms$20x
333Blood RoyalGames Workshop$40x
334Frederick the GreatAvalon Hill$22x
335BritanniaAvalon Hill$20x
336Dinosaurs of the Lost WorldAvalon Hill$30x
337A Famous VictoryMoments in Time$18x
338La Guerre de L'EmpereurOSG$18x
339Assyrian WarsUGG$10x
340Napoleonic WarsGMT$26x
342Soldier KingsAvalanche Press$5x
343Thirty Years WarGMT$24x
344Here I StandGMt$28x
345Notre DameRio Grande$26x
348C3i #23 - Jena 20GMT$14x
349C3i #17 - CheritonGMT$20x
350Sword of Rome - 5th Player ExpansionGMT$7x
3521853 - IndiaHartland Trefoil$30x
353Age of MythologyEagle$14x
354Damn the TorpedoesWinsome$9x
355The Really Nasty Horse Racing GameUpstarts$85x
356Speed Circuit3M$16x
357The Royal NavyQuarter Deck$24x
358Freight TrainWhite Wind$40x
359Napoleon at the CrossroadsOSG$30x
360The Seven Days of 1809OSG$24x
361Strat-o-matic College Football - 1986 TeamsStrat-o-matic$14x
362Football StrategyAvalon Hill$10x
363The Guns of AugustAvalon Hill$24x
365Onward Christian SoldiersGMT$30x
366Statis Pro Major LeagueAvalon Hill$20x
367C3i #19 - Here I StandGMT$30x
368C3i #21GMT$12x
369World at War #1 Premier Edition$1x
370Title BoutAvalon Hill$24x
371Circus Maximus Big Board with 15mm ChariotsJacoby$300x
372Mississipi QueenRio Grande$22X
373TitanAvalon Hill$40X
375Breakout: NormandyAH$34X
376Empires in ArmsAH$50X
377Dragon PassAH$32X
378Stonewall Jackson's WayAH$20X
379Thunder at CassinoAH$26X
380Tokyo ExpressVG$28X
381War and PeaceAH$9X
3823 Days of Gettysburg (1st Ed.)GMT$28X
383Federation and Empire LotTFG$36X
384I'm the BossFace2Face$14X
385Patton's BestVG$18X
386Combat Commander:EuropeGMT$25X
387For the PeopleGMT$22X
388Starfire/Imperial Starfire LotTFG$22X
389Stand and DieGDW$10X
390We The PeopleAvalon Hill$20XX
391Gung HoAvalon Hill$90XX
3921860 : Isle of WightJKLM Games$48XX*
393Here Come the Rebels!Avalon Hill$65XX
394Axis and Allies: EuropeHasbro/Avalon Hill$14XX
395CivilizationAvalon Hill$34XX
398Flat TopBattleline$22x
399Across Five AprilsVG$24x
400Team YankeeGDW$3x
401Battle Over BritainTSR$7x
402Across The RappahannockGMT$34x
403Terrible Swift SwordSPI$40x
404Axis and Allies PacificAH$16x
405Axis and Allies EuropeAH$12x
406Clash for a ContinentWorthington$16x
407Blue and Gray QuadDG$8x
408Seven Days BattlesDG$11x
409Battle of BritainTSR$24x
410Hunt for Red OctoberTSR$7x
411Road to RichmondSPI$5xfolio
412Sixth Fleet + S&T 48SPI$5xfolio
414Midway - with Leyte Gulf expansion kitAH$12x
415Lion Heart$22x
416Flat TopBattleline$12x
418ConflictParker Brothers$20X
419New WorldAvalon Hill$6X
420The Roaring 20'sYaquinto$8X
421Air EmpireAvalon Hill$26X1 counter missing
422History of the WorldAvalon Hill$30X
423AcquireAvalon Hill/Hasbro$55X
424Age of GodsAsmodee$15X
425Strange New WorldsGametime Games$6X
426Die MacherValley Games Inc$24X
427LIFTOFF!Avalon Hill$24X
428TitleboutAvalon Hill$14X
429Merchant of VenusAvalon Hill$95X
430PanzerblitzAvalon Hill$10X
432Three Days of GettysburgGMT$65x
433We the PeopleAvalon Hill$40x
434Hof GapSPI$34x
435Four Battles of Army Group SouthSPI$44x
436Fortress EuropaAvalon Hill$36x
437Mystic WoodAvalon Hill$36x
438Nexus OpsAvalon Hill$50x
439Kremlin with expansionAvalon Hill$80x
440Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill$105x
441Victory in the WestGMT$28x
442Second World War at Sea: SOPACAvalanche Press$16x
443Replay BasketballReplay$7x
444NOVA Bundle: Ace of Aces, Jet Eagle, Bounty Hunter-Shootout at the SaloonNOVA$44x
445Napoleonic WarsGMT$32x
446Up Front with Banzai and Desert War ExpansionsAvalon Hill$115x
447Empires of the Ancient WorldWarfrog$40x
448Streets of StalingradL2$160x
449General Volume 14 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$16x
450General Volume 15 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$22x
451General Volume 16 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$22x
452General Volume 17 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$20x
453General Volume 18 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$17x
454General Volume 19 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$15x
455General Volume 20 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$15x
456General Volume 21 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$14x
457General Volume 22 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$19x
458General Volume 23 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$15x
459General Volume 24 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$14x
460General Volume 25 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$14x
461General Volume 26 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$14x
462General Volume 27 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$9x
463General Volume 28 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$15x
464General Volume 29 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$15x
465General Volume 30 #1-6 with AH Red BinderAvalon Hill$14x
466General Volume 31 #1-4, 6 with 2 AH Red BindersAvalon Hill$18x
467General Volume 32 #1-3 with 2 AH Red BindersAvalon Hill$16x
468The Twilight War: Game of French Resistance 1944TSRNo SaleX
469The Napoleonic WarsGMT Games$25X
470The Halls of MontezumaGMT Games$26X
471Marne 1918 FriedensturmHexasim$25X
472Hell of StalingradClash of Arms$26x
474Dominion Lot : Base game (P), Alchemy (P), Intrigue (P), Prosperity (P), Seaside (UP), also includes Stash (UP), Black Market (UP), Envoy Cards (UP)Rio Grande$90xx
475Tikal ( 1st Edition )Rio Grande$22x
476GunslingerAvalon Hill$60x
477Circus MaximusAvalon Hill$34x
478The Burning BlueGMT$24x
479Arkham Horror Lot: Base game ( counters punched, cards shrink ), Kingsport Horror (UP), Dunwich Horror (UP), Curse of the Dark Pharoah (P), Black Goat of the Woods (P), King in Yellow (P)Fantasy Flight$90xx
480Titan ( plus bonus figures - do you feel lucky? Condition unknown )Valley Games$50x
481The Longest DayAvalon Hill$95x
482Stalin's WarGMT$16x
483Twilight StruggleGMT$65x
485Beyond Valor (ASL Module 1)AH$32X
486Yanks (ASL Module 3)AH$105X
487West Of Alamein (ASL Module 5)AH$70X
488Russia BeseigedL2$30x
489The Russian CampaignL2$50x
490Bitter Woods DeluxeL2$50x
491Age of RenaissanceAvalon Hill$120x
492Battle Cry (1st Edition)Avalon Hill$22x
493Panzer Grenadier Lot: Panzer Grenadier, Desert RatsAvalance Press$14x
494SoPacAvalance Press$18x
4951960: Making of the PresidentZ-Man$30x
496Memoir '44 Lot: Memoir '44, Hedgerow Hell, Terrain Pack, Winter/Desert MapDays of Wonder$42x
498Band of Heroes Lot: Band of Heroes, Battle Pack BravoMatrix/LnL$5x
499Steam over HollandVendetta$85x
501DAK 2The Gamers$170x
502A Frozen HellThe Gamers$14x
503MatanikauThe Gamers$12x
504Yom KippurThe Gamers$16x
505TunisiaThe Gamers$80x
506FallschirmjaegerThe Gamers$54x
507DAKThe Gamers$85x
508Case BlueMMP/The Gamers$160x
509Nappy's War (2nd)GMT$36x
511Pursuit of GloryGMT$30x
512Fields of FireGMT$28x
513Engulfed Lot: Asia Engulfed (UP), Europe Engulfed (PC)GMT$65xx
514Caucaucus CampaignGMT$26x
515Wilderness War (1st Edition)GMT$15x
516Thirty Years WarGMT$24x
517Battles of the American Revolution Lot: Vol I Saratoga, Battle II Brandywine, Battle IV, Savannah, Battle V MonmouthGMT$110x
518Barbaroosa: Kiev to RostovGMT$32x
519Grand IllusionGMT$22x
520Maneovre (1st)GMT$16x
521Great War in Europe DeluxeGMT$38x
522Combat Commander Lot: Combat Commander, Combat Commander: Mediterranean, Combat Commander: Pacific, Battle Packs #1, #2, #3, #4GMT$110x
523Command & Colors Ancients Lot: Command & Colors: Ancients, Expansions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, Mounted GameboardGMT$180x
524Dominant SpeciesGMT$50x
525Washington's WarGMT$34x
5261914: Twilight in the EastGMT$60x
527Here I Stand (2nd)GMT$44x
528War of the RingFantasy Flight$100X
529War of the Ring - Battles of the Third Age ExpansionFantasy Flight$46X
530The First World WarPhalanx$12x
531Price of FreedomCompass$8x
532Mosby's RaidersVictory GamesNo Showx
533Hannibal: Rome vs CarthageAvalon Hill$32x
534C&O/B&OAvalon Hill$46x
535B-17: Queen of the SkiesAvalon Hill$22x
536Twilight Imperium (3rd Ed)Fantasy Flight$45x
537South MountainWest End$12x
538Princess Ryan's Star MarinesAvalon Hill$12x
539Guadalcanal (Smithsonian Ed)Avalon Hill$14x
540Galaxy: The Dark AgesGMT$7x
541GangstersAvalon Hill$30x
542Down with the KingAvalon Hill$9x
543Fire in the SkyMMP$60x
544War Between The StatesSPI$120x
545Keythedral w/bonus tiles (1st 500)Pro Ludo$34x
546Sixth FleetVG$22x
548Gaines MillMMP$16x
5512nd FleetVG$24x
552Crisis: Sinai 1973GMT$30x
553War in the PacificSPI$140x
554Squad Leader BundleAH$36x
555Rise of the LuftwaffeGMT$32x
556Robo RallyAH$24x
5573M/Hasbro Sports Bundle3M/Hasbro$60x
558CartagenaRio Grande$10x
559Statis Pro Football 3rd Ed. (83)AH$20x
560Desert RatsAP$10x
561Grant Moves SouthQuarterdeck$17x
562Survival of the WitlessAP$20x
563Europe EngulfedGMT$34X
564Asia EngulfedGMT$40X
565Sword of RomeGMT$26X
566Twilight StruggleGMT$18X
567Here I StandGMT$30X
568The Great War in EuropeGMT$34X
569GunslingerAvalon Hill$45x
594Hube's PocketThe Gamers$125x
595Traders of GenoaRGG$14x
596UrsuppeDoris & Frank$10x
597Aladdin's DragonRGG$24x
599El CaballeroRGG$22x
600McGartlin Motor Sports Lot: 12 Driver decks, 2 Superspeedway decks, 1-Mile Oval Deck,McGartlin$65x
601BattleloreDays of Wonder$28x
602Box of JunkAvalon Hill$26x
603War of the RingAvalon Hill$75x
604BanzaiAvalon Hill$36x
605Cross of IronAvalon Hill$18x
607SPI War LotSPI$80x
608Auction Store 1st Time SlotLynda Shea$12
609Auction Store 2nd Time SlotJake Stoalina$2
610Auction Store 3rd Time SlotFrank G$26


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