Century Group Vote for 2002

What follows is the complete alphabetical and ranking order list of all games receiving votes for inclusion in the Century by BPA members for the year 2002. In all, a total of 249 different titles received legal votes - showing the great diversity of interests among our members. Votes for games already in the Century Group or ineligible due to not having yet been published were not recorded.

The Annual Century vote allows our members to reinstate any culled games or to admit new ones directly to the Century without having to go through Trial event status. This process is part of the checks and balances system which addresses the difference between short and long games fairly - without disenfranchising either group.

While there are those who would prefer a nominating process for new events, we believe any such committee would be constantly criticized by the disenfranchised as being unfair to their omitted favorites. Consequently, we feel the fairest process is to let the membership as a whole decide by their participation - and who is more qualified to decide than the people who have committed to attend the upcoming conference and will actually be playing the games? This year our membership has collectively decided to return seven culled events to the Century while admitting three newcomers.

In the Century vote, one vote makes a big difference both because the electorate is so much smaller and the candidates so more numerous. just one person changing his/her vote in our election could have made the difference in a game making the Century Group. Next year - be sure to vote for the games you want to play!

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