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Victory in the Pacific (VIP)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstration: First Saturday 18 @ Exhibit Annex Table 4

Round 1/6: First Sunday @ 9 - Ski Lodge First Tracks Slopeside


John Sharp: GM (7th Year)

Two Top Six GM nominations

Email GM






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New, shorter format! Demo scheduled for Saturday, 7/23, 6:00 pm! Tournament: four rounds Swiss, then advance four to SE semi and Final.

Play as many or few rounds as you wish. Many choices to balance the game, including the GM-recommended Menzel Options. One may still play the Second Edition Rules straight out of the box. GM (if not in the semi and/or Final) will be happy to play teaching games during semi and Final.

Learn and play this classic!

The Menzel set of Options (yields a reasonably balanced game between fairly equal players):
Adjustment #1a -- I-Boat Arrival: The I-Boat arrives with Turn 2 reinforcements. The I-Boat is not available on Turn 1.

Adjustment #2b -- Individual CPO Withdrawal: After each Location Uncertain roll of "1", the USN may freely withdraw the associated group with no pursuit. USN ships using this free withdrawal must base at Johnston Island. The Allied player must choose before rolling for any subsequent Location Uncertain Group. Any groups that do not withdraw immediately do not have another chance to retreat prior to the end of the first combat round.

Adjustment #3b -- Pearl Harbor Escape: If there is an IJN Control Flag in the Hawaiian Islands during Turn 3 movement, any Turn 3 Pearl Harbor reinforcements and San Diego Repaired ships may also move to the U.S. Mandate. In addition: Marines that move to the U.S. Mandate using 3b are restricted to basing in Samoa or Pearl Harbor (though they may invade New Hebrides if IJN held).

Adjustment #4 -- San Diego Repair Yards: During the basing phase, any USN ship with damage less than or equal to its armor factor may be withdrawn from the map (i.e., based in San Diego). After missing at least one turn, such ships return with any subsequent turn reinforcements (with damage if not completely repaired). Total repairs in San Diego and Pearl Harbor (or Samoa if Pearl Harbor is IJN-controlled) are limited to Pearl Harbor printed repair capacity.

Turn One Special Rules:

· Ryujo & Zuiho may NOT raid Pearl. They may make any other legal move. All other ships move per standard Turn 1 rules.

· After the first two Pearl Harbor air raid rounds and Location Uncertain rolls, IJN must withdraw. USN may pursue per standard Turn 1 rules.
Send an email to GM for Tournament Rules, rules clarifications, links to balancing play optional rules, links to play resources - strategy, replays, etc.

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