Boardgame Players Association Newsletter — Aftermath 2016
Sept. 1, 2016

A sweltering month has passed since we escaped the worst of the summer heat at WBC’s new home in the Seven Springs Mountain Resort. I hope you enjoyed the experience … I know I did. What a difference! Judging from the social media buzz, most of you are looking forward to next year already.

Event Reports: We are hard at work updating the website with lists of the winners, event reports, and details about next year’s lodging deals. I may even post one last Director’s Chair report on the website to give my impressions of the new site and our plans for an even better experience next year.  But all of that takes time if we are to give you accurate information, so bear with us a while longer. Our free monthly email newsletters will resume in a few weeks. If you don’t receive them already, sign up using the information in my signature block below to ensure that you are prompted with the latest news as it becomes available for lodging, registration and 2017 events. 

Registration: This note is just to remind those of you who are new to WBC that the best time to register is during our annual December Membership Drive. The price is a fraction of the daily rate when purchasing a Sustaining membership on December 1st. Do NOT join now. Currently we are accepting only 2016 PBeM memberships for email tournaments starting in the remainder of 2016. 

New Centurions: A policy change this year you probably did not notice was the acquisition of enough Centurion shirts in all sizes to provide winners with one immediately rather than having to wait a year or risk getting them in the mail. Unfortunately, many of the GMs who gave out their event’s plaques directly neglected to remind the winners that they should stop by registration to get their Centurion shirt. No harm done other than the loss of immediate gratification. If you won a Century event, did not receive a Centurion shirt, and want one, just email stating your size and the event you won. We will put one aside for you to receive at 2017 registration. The cost is $5. Send no money. You can pay when you receive it. 

Donald Greenwood CD
WBC Convention Director


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