Boardgame Players Association Newsletter May 2016
May 17, 2016
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WBC 2017 DATES ANNOUNCED: The BPA has reached agreement with Seven Springs Mountain Resort to extend its current contract for hosting WBC to 2017 by exercising their option for the 2017 convention. The nine day conference will be held July 22 through July 30 with our group rates extended to the preceding Friday and following Monday as well. Further details pertaining to rates and reservation procedures will be announced at a later date. The BPA Board has been impressed with the efforts made by Seven Springs management to host an outstanding conference and decided to show its commitment to Seven Springs as the future home of WBC without further delay. 

BPA UNVEILS NEW WEBSITE WITH 2016 EVENT PREVIEWS: April passed without our usual monthly newsletter as we attempted the gargantuan task of updating the extensive BPA website with a new look to coincide with the WBC venue change to Seven Springs. It remains a work in progress but like our new WBC site, promises big improvements to come. Join us in giving Max Jamelli a big hand for a terrific effort with our new look. 

WBC 2016 EVENT PREVIEWS: Each of our 155 tournaments are reviewed in detail as only WBC does them on the Previews page. Check out the formats for your favorite events and get an early look at the WBC schedule. 

PERSONAL SCHEDULER UP & RUNNING: View the details of your favorite events and then plan your schedule using Steve Okonski's Personal Scheduler. Check the WBC page on the redesigned website to find scheduling tools, updated in the weeks before the convention, including the iPad and android apps. 

WBC PRE-REGISTRATION FORM: The 2016 WBC Pre-Reg Form for General membership (allowing WBC attendance for less than the full nine days) and accompanying information is now posted online. Current members who have already purchased Sustaining or higher level memberships need not pre-register UNLESS they want to register their team for the Team Tournament (the earlier the better please, especially if you have a new team name, though the deadline in July 16) or upgrade to Tribune level to snag the free premiums (hat or t-shirt, yearbook, and $20 gift card). However, the four-page folder contains much information on the new evolving WBC so be sure to check it out regardless. 

Remember that WBC Pre-registration ends earlier this year (June 22) and walk-on rates are higher, so plan accordingly now. Deadlines are even earlier to order the WBC duffel bag with its new larger embroidered WBC logo that spells out its affiliation with the World Boardgaming Championships. See the Souvenirs page for additional information.

WBC CONFIRMATION PAGE OPENED: Confirmations have already been updated twice with the first 837 attendee commitments logged in, a record for this early in the year. Use this page to check the status of your registration, troll for teammates, rides or roommates, or even Open Gaming matches or baby sitting gigs. Send your requests to or use the various social media links on our home page

2015-16 YEARBOOKS: The newest WBC Yearbook—and probably the last—will be mailed to all qualifying members in the United States next week. Only one book per household will be mailed. Other qualifying family members and foreign attendees may get their books at WBC check-in. If your postal address has changed since your membership was purchased, please advise the change of address at once to We assume no responsibility for books lost in the mail. Those wanting to see the online version can download it now.

AUCTION LOTS: The opening bell has sounded for this year's auction as gamers take to their closets to see what they will part with in the annual flurry to register items for the WBC Auction and Auction Store. As the former is limited to 550 items and always sells out, it is not wise to procrastinate. You snooze, you lose. Once again, all items must be pre-registered for both the Auction and Auction Store. The latter is also capping what it will accept this year at a much lower 1,500 items so don't delay. Unregistered items will NOT be accepted. To help cope with the ever increasing paperwork burden for our staff, Auction submissions must have a minimum of five lots; Auction Store submissions must have a minimum of ten lots and Unsold Auction Store lots will have a 50 cents handling charge deducted from the Sellers proceeds for each unsold item. Send submissions to

ELECTION: It may be tame compared to Trump vs Clinton but it is once again time to elect three members to three-year terms on the BPA Board of Directors. This year's slate features three incumbents and two challengers vying for three seats. Get all the information on the Election page. As usual, voting is effortless and takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot. Voting will remain open until June 15. All members (any paid attendee of WBC for more than one day is considered a member) are urged to vote since validation requires sufficient membership participation. 

APP PREPARATIONS: Kevin Broh-Kahn's WBC APP for the android platform and Michael Kiefte’s IOS version were big hits last year. They will be coordinating to share similar features and interfaces but will be tailored to each platform. Those interested in testing, making comments about last year's version or requesting new features should contact

THE SCHEDULE: Releasing the schedule in its myriad forms is an increasingly challenging task given the competing desires of members who want it all NOW and those who wait to the last minute and beyond to commit to anything. Every year I field requests from attendees who cannot understand why it is too late to schedule their request into the schedule. All this procrastination comes to a crashing halt on June 1. Seminars, Demos, Previews, and Scheduled Open Gaming requests can still be included until then. So contact us now at or wait till next year. 

LAST CALL FOR SCHEDULED OPEN GAMING RESERVATIONS: The much improved facilities at Seven Springs allow us to expand this feature in a big way with emphasis on individual demos and scheduled Open Gaming opportunities all week long. If you've ever bemoaned the difficulty of finding like-minded gamers to play what YOU want to play, this is your chance. Merely commit to providing the game in question and playing at a specified time in the designated Demo area in the Exhibit Annex and we will reserve your table plus advertise your game on the printed, web, android and rotating schedules for all to see and even provide signage for your "game event". The catch? You must commit to it in a timely fashion; i.e., NOW 


  • Must be a Sustaining or Tribune member before June 1.
  • Must submit details to before June 1.

Details should include:

  • Name of published game (limit one game); non-published games must be handled as Commercial Demos
  • Start Time and length of game (even hours only; no half-hour starts; i.e., 7 PM, not 7:15 or 7:30)
  • Type of table; 6' rectangular or 5' round (or if either is acceptable, indicate so)
  • Rate your game as A (expert), B (played previously or read rules) or C (will coach) insofar as experience level of players sought

You must surrender the table promptly to the next user before the next reserved time slot.


  • Multi-player games only—must accommodate a minimum of three players;
  • One reservation slot per person; second requests will be honored on a space available basis only after all other primary requests have been fulfilled;

All requests are based on availability. First come, first served. 


  • Submit multiple start times in case your first choice is unavailable;
  • The longer your requested time slot, the less your chances of getting a reservation; and
  • Avoid high usage time slots (e.g., slots on Tuesday evening have less chance of acceptance).

LAST CALL FOR COMMERCIAL DEMOS & PLAYTESTS: To alleviate crowding in Open Gaming, unauthorized exhibit tables will NOT be allowed to monopolize tables. Monitors will be tasked with strict policing of commercial efforts including prospective game designers who set up displays to troll for P500 backing. While you are free to Open Game anything you like, you will NOT be allowed to monopolize tables with displays that are not being actively played. Instead, designers/publishers are urged to register for FREE scheduled demos in the Exhibit Annex demonstration area. To be included in the schedule, you must be a current Sustaining level or higher member and register your demo before June 1. Multiple or long demonstrations are allowed on a space available basis. Contact for additional information. Include alternate times and type of table desired (either 5' rounds or 6' x 30" rectangulars) as well as boxart files containing the title of the game for display signage. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. Submit requests via the Demo Request form.

WBC LODGING: Seven Springs is now accepting reservations for stays of two days or more. As happens every year, the hotel is sold out for most prolonged stays. There are exceptions. If you come early for a short stay, there are still vacancies to be had and cancellations occur all the time because people reserve early and worry about attending later. That is why we are considering a No Cancellation policy in the future. However, there are alternatives. Start by calling the hotel at 1-866-437-1300 and checking the dates you are interested in. If currently unavailable, ask to be put on the callback list for the inevitable cancellations. See our Lodging page for more information. 

However, the availability of condominiums, chalets and cabins on property as well as rooms in nearby Hidden Valley and elsewhere means that there is still lodging to be had. The reservationist can direct you to it. We encourage those who would benefit from the enhanced accommodations of a condo to make the switch (especially if you will have access to a car). The reservationist at 1-866-437-1300 can give you more details on the various options available including nearby offsite lodging.

HIDDEN VALLEY: We are pleased to provide both hotel and condo reservations in the neighboring property of Hidden Valley at a special discounted rate as overflow housing through the same Seven Springs reservation system. Since these are outside shuttle service range, they are not recommended for those without their own transportation.

RESERVATION SCHEDULE: WBC has a long history of early sellouts, even though our room block at Seven Springs is substantially larger than past guarantees. Nevertheless, to ensure that our guests have adequate opportunity to make reservations, rooms will be reserved only on the following schedule.

  • as of May 15, 2016: Stays of 2 nights or more; and
  • as of June 15, 2016: Single Night stays (hotel rooms only).

CONDOMINIUMS: A wonderful feature of Seven Springs is the availability of nearby condominiums on the property that can be rented for stays of two days or more once reservations are accepted for stays of that duration as per the above schedule. These are available in varying sizes of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units for the daily rate of $129 per bedroom. Those who can group together with friends and family to cohabit these units will find these accommodations most welcome given their inclusion of kitchens and common living room areas that can enhance your visit—especially for those considering extended stays. While having access to a car is recommended for condo rentals, it is not required as free shuttle service is available on property around the clock. 

Even when the hotel website lists no vacancies, condo/chalet/cabin rentals are available. Call 1-866-437-1300 to speak to a reservationist about the options. The reservationists are available to answer your questions and will even recommend nearby unaffiliated housing. For those willing to orchestrate their groups into multi-bedroom condo units, this represents a great opportunity for group bonding and sharing that could enhance your convention experience more than the typical hotel room stay and was a major reason we chose to have WBC here. Multi-bedroom condos are rented to one individual who is responsible for payment for all bedrooms in that unit. Individuals getting together to share a condo, need to elect one amongst themselves to handle the payment for the entire group. 


Part and parcel of our new look is a new page for PBeM News.

BEARD WINS WATERLOO: After 23 replays of the famous battle, Joe Beard has defeated Richard Beyma in an exciting match of multi-year WBC champs in the 2016 Waterloo email tournament. Joe’s bid of 10 to play the PAA was accepted. His PAA forces were able to rebuff Richard’s threat to the Braine Le Compte road sector during the first day. But the French made progress by pushing into the Quatre Bras gap and launching a successful surprise 1-2 versus Pirch II on the heights. On his 17-0700 turn, the French, led by the Imperial Guard Ft Artillery, killed the Prussian infantry defending the Thil River. The fighting continued during the second day with the French pushing west toward the town of Genappe. Late on the second day, a fierce series of attacks and counterattacks broke out at Nivelles with the French taking substantial losses. The French then launched several low odds attacks in an attempt to recover but came up short and resigned. Also claiming laurels in the 24-player field were Ed Menzel, John Clarke, Greg Sith and Jim Tracy who finished third through sixth respectively. The latest laurel totals can be found on the Event Report page. 

The next Waterloo email tournament will start June 1. Rounds will be 3-1/2 months long matching the top half versus the bottom half. Eliminators will be used as necessary for any odd number of players. Details are at Enter by contacting

PASSACANTANDO WINS GREAT CAMPAIGNS: Some 2-1/2 years and 60 games after it started, Bruno Passacantando emerged from a field of 28 to claim the fourth BPA PBeM tournament for Great Campaigns of the American Civil War by besting Patrick Pence in the Final. They played From the Rappahannock to Bull Run from SJW II. Patrick's yanks were in a hole early on but managed to encircle Longstreet around Warrenton. Bruno, true to form, fought his way out of the trap, and Patrick graciously offered his sword on the last turn when it became apparent that the Union didn't have enough left for the counterattack. Also earning laurels were Mike Metcalf, John Cissel, Rob Doane and Scott Spurgeon for finishing 3rd through 6th respectively. Updated laurel totals are posted on the Event Report page. 

LUNAU LEADS ADVANCED CIVILIZATION: The preliminary round has ended, yielding eight finalists from six different nations. Our contenders are led by three-time Danish email champion Mads Lunau, who won both of his qualifying games this year. Other game winners advancing are Pete Staab, Norwegian Haakon Monson, Canadian Ed Coderre, Shantanu Saha, Swede Jonas Lundguist, Dan Morris, and UK’s Nils Brokkbak. Midway through the Late Bronze Age, Monson's Illyria holds a 28-point lead over Coderre's Thrace, but you can never count any of these players out. 

MARCH MADNESS ENTERS MAY: Seven of our Eight Elite Eight teams have been determined so far. John Coussis and Chris Bauch are competing for the final open spot. Bryan Collars still has the only team to advance to the Final Four thus far with his, #1 seeded Louisville 2014 squad. The big question remains, will we have a champion before WBC? The teams in the tournament can be found at and the bracket can be seen at

PRO GOLF PUTTERS ON: We have had a rough start to the second round at Muirfield. Of the 20 players who started the course, only four are under par, highlighted by Marshall Collins who finished three under par with John Daly to be seven under par overall. Nine players, however, are over par for the course at the moment. We even had one contestant playing Pebble Beach all by myself for a couple of holes before noticing that he was all alone there. Good thing for him we were at Muirfield, as he was finding all kinds of trouble at our third round course. Due to the difficulty of play so far, the cut line has dropped to even par at the moment. The deadline, as always, is the beginning of the next month, 12:01 EDT on June 1st. For the scorecard, see: 

BATTLES OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION QUARTERFINALS: The 32-player field has been narrowed to four as the Quarterfinals have concluded. Chris Easter won an American Marginal at Guilford Courthouse over Jeff Lange. Jeff ignored the northern road and advanced all forces along the Hillsborough Road to the southern objective hex. There the Americans made their first defensive effort with the NC Independent Volunteer rifles conducting a gradual withdrawal using the NC Militia to block and delay along the roads. Jeff sent Cornwallis and 600 troops to take the western objective hex. The balance of the British advanced toward Guilford Courthouse. The British destroyed the NC Militia combat units but were unable to capture the courthouse for a final score of 3.5 British VPs vs 1.0 American VP. 

Mark Miklos also scored an American Marginal win over Andrew Maly by a 5 to 4.5 VP margin. Andy split his British advance along both axis, sending the greater weight along the traditional approach. The Americans massed against the weaker British column in the south, committing the Maryland Continentals and General Greene himself, while using their NC militia to delay in the north. Nevertheless, British play in that sector was aggressive and the British 33rd regiment actually penetrated adjacent to Guilford Courthouse where for two turns it denied that VP to the Americans. The 33rd was unsupported, however, and eventually was surrounded and captured. The rest of the British column was swarming up the heights west of the Courthouse as time expired. 

The Americans continued their string of Marginal Victories with Rob Doane taking the measure of Jim Tracy’s Redcoats. Jim enjoyed a 3.5VP advantage as the last turn began and was adjacent to Guilford Courthouse but Rob disrupted Jim’s artillery and his following counterattack secured the close victory. 

Bruno Sinigaglio broke the mold for American success in the last game with a Substantial British victory over Rod Coffey. Bruno split his British forces, sending an equal number of combat factors both north and south. Rod set up a masterful defense at the Little Horsepen Creek with every hex defended and the swamp covering the American right flank. Bruno was outmaneuvered and forced into a frontal attack with two British stacks against four American stacks all across the creek. The most important attack Bruno could muster on Turn 11 was at 1-2 odds vs the VP hex. Bruno again proved that luck trumps skill, with a roll that disrupted Kirkwood. Things then went south for the rebels with a British double move annihilating Rod’s northern force 

The semifinals are now underway with Miklos commanding the Spanish vs Easter in Pensacola while Señor Sinigaglio faces Mister Doane. 

Remember ... all of the above PBeM fun is free to current BPA members. Others may qualify with a $10 Email membership in the year the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. See the BPA Terms page for details. 

BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Keep up with WBC electronically by joining the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) Facebook group and the BPA_WBC Twitter Page. You can also easily find us in the Boardgame Geek Forums under Gaming Related, Conventions, WBC.


Visit the BPA website at

If you are not already receiving our monthly newsletters, please subscribe by visiting to confirm your address. Subscribing is free, takes only a moment and ensures your privacy. We are unable to add you to our mailing list otherwise.

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