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June 26, 2015

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25th TEAM TOURNAMENT: Yes, it is time for the 25th run for the slivers as the Happy Handicapper challenges one and all to best his predictions and win fame, fortune and glory in the Annual Bracket Bustin’ Contest. Check his early prognostications on the Team Tournament page and enter your team now by emailing Your teams must be composed of four pre-registered players - each vying in a different event.

ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-REGISTER FOR WBC: WBC Pre-registration ends June 30, and walkon rates are higher, so plan accordingly and avoid the sticker shock later. The 2015 WBC Pre-Reg form and accompanying information has been posted. Current members who have already purchased Sustaining or higher level memberships need NOT pre-register UNLESS they want to register their team for the Team Tournament (the earlier the better please - especially if you have a new team name), upgrade to Tribune level to attend pre-cons, or order any of the numerous souvenir and apparel items. However, the four-page folder contains much information on WBC so be sure to check it out anyway - especially for the time sensitive purchase of apparel items.

Note: If you are in the habit of showing up at the door and requesting extra days on your badge, be advised that the higher walkon rates will apply. Increased door rates are imposed to encourage pre-registration and avoid badge reprints which slow the registration process for yourself and others. So, if you want to upgrade your membership to include pre-cons, do so now before Pre-Registration ends on June 30.

AUCTION/AUCTION STORE: The WBC AUCTION soldout in record time this year and is no longer accepting lots. The Auction Store continues to accept submissions, but unregistered items will NOT be accepted on site. NEW FOR 2015: To help cope with the ever increasing paperwork burden for our staff, Auction Store submissions must have a minimum of ten lots and Unsold Auction Store lots will have a 25 cent handling charge deducted from the Sellers proceeds for each unsold item. Emails confirming submission and providing Auction Store Lot numbers will be sent by July 4. Get the details on the Auction pages.

GOODBYE BADGEHOLDER COLLECTION: If you are one of those who annually forgets to bring their WBC pouch badgeholder and gets soaked for another $2 replacement every year, take heart. WBC now has one less rule! Since no two people seem to prefer the same badge appliance, we will provide an assortment to choose from - be they the conventional pin, clip-on, magnetic or pouch. You can choose a free pin device or purchase a more sophisticated version, or simply bring one of your own if you wish to save the planet and/or our balance of payments deficit. Just wear them, please. 

CONTINENTAL INN VACANCIES: Although the Lancaster Host is long since sold out for WBC week, the Continental Inn, conveniently located across the street - and for the first time more accessible behind a newly installed traffic light, still has rooms available at our special group rate. See the details on the Hotels page.

YOUTH BOARDGAMING LEAGUE: Veteran WBC competitor Dr. Gregory Thatcher reports considerable progress with the formation of a competitive scholastic boardgaming league in California. Three news agencies covered their inaugural tournament which can be viewed at Dr Thatcher will be among the speakers at this summer’s WBC seminars and will report on their exciting progress with this promising program.

TIE-DYE SPECIAL ORDERS CANCELLED/DUFFEL BAGS EXTENDED: We regret that due to difficulties with the supplier we will be unable to provide Tie-Dye shirts this year. Those who have already ordered them have had their paypal payments refunded or will receive refunds at registration. We regret any inconvenience. The good news, however, is that we are extending the orders for emroidered WBC Duffel Bags - perfect for carrying all your new game purchases home. We will even accept email reservations for same with payment upon arrival at WBC registration. Just email us at with your color preference of Red, Royal Blue or Green.

LESS THAN A MONTH TO VOTE: This year's Board of Directors election features three incumbents and as many challengers vying for three seats. Get all the information on the Election page. As usual, voting is effortless and takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot. Voting will remain open until July 15. All members (any paid attendee of  WBC for more than one day is considered a member) are urged to vote  since validation requires sufficient membership participation.

WBC 2015 EVENT PREVIEWS: Each of our record 164 tournaments are reviewed in detail as only WBC does them in our Event Reports. Recheck the formats for your favorite events. A few scheduling errors have been corrected since the initial unveiling. 

PERSONAL SCHEDULER REVISED: Some initial coding errors occurred for ALH, CAR, CCA, CMS, HWD, MGW, PRC, POF, SCT, SPD, TWI and VGQ and have since been corrected, so you may want to recheck those events. View the details of your favorites and then plan your schedule using Steve Okonski's Personal Scheduler. Check the Schedule page for all of the updated scheduling tools, including the iPad and android apps and a new Kindle version.

LIBRARY ADDITIONS: New contributions to the Game Library are now posted at . The BPA Game Library will lend out 2,000 games during the course of WBC week. Those wishing to add to the offerings can deliver them to the Registration Desk in New Holland or mail to BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602 for delivery by July 30.

OPEN GAMING HELP: For those procrastinators who coul’t get their act together in time to take advantage of WBC’s Scheduled Open Gaming opportunities, there is still help available even during the middle of the convention. Just use the Open Gaming Geek List: to find the gaming match of your choice at the moment.

PRE-CON ATTRACTIONS: The complete list of events available during the 2015 Pre-Con weekend on the Pre-Con page. To avoid extra cost for At-the-Door admission be sure to update any Sustaining membership to Tribune status before July if you wish to attend any Pre-Con.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Those wishing to check their current membership levels may do so on the Pre-Reg page. Use this page to check the status of your registration, troll for teammates, rides or  roommates, or even Open Gaming matches or baby sitting gigs. Send your requests to

POSTER, POSTCARDS & VIDEO: Our updated Publicity page includes the latest assortment of recruitment aids to help you regain the spirit of WBC and convince your friends to join you. Help spread the word!


VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC:  Join the action this Sept. 15, when the Ninth tournament kicks off again. See for details!

ADVANCED CIVILIZATION: The current leaders of the 2015 tournament are Joe Lux (Assyria), Dave Rubin (Illyria), Haakon Monson (Babylon), Jonas Lundgvist (Illyria), two-time and defending champion Mads Lunau (Illyria), Dan Morris (Egypt), Nils Brobakk (Assyria), Josiah Allen (Assyria), Kevin Youells (Assyria), and Ed Coderre (Africa).  Of course, the games all have between three and six turns remaining, so there is plenty of time for lead changes and ganging up on the leaders. Of our 38 players, eight will advance to the Final. Meanwhile, the Final round of the previous event is currently led by last year's sixth place laurelist, Jonas Lundgvist, (Iberia). Our reigning champ, Mads Lunau (Babylon) is hot on his heels only 58 points behind after sacking two Iberian cities this turn. Javier de la Fuente (Africa) and Kevin Youells (Assyria) are also within 150 points of the Iberians, so the outcome is very much in doubt as we prepare to enter the Late Iron Age. Updates are posted at

MARCH MADNESS: The BPA 2015 Final Four has finally been determined. In Bracket A, Marvin Birnbaum’s top seeded Houston 1968 is taking on Aran Warszawski’s Arizona 1997, and in Bracket B, the other top seed, Oliver Searles’ Kansas 1957 is being challenged by Debbie Gutermuth’s Arizona 2003. Track the progress of the event at

PRO GOLF:  After two rounds, Debbie Gutermuth has forged ahead to a four-shot lead over the field, thanks to John Daly posting a score of 11 under par after our first two courses. In second is Terry Coleman, who did the best on the Muirfield Village course when Curtis Strange carded a round of 6 under par there. The 22 golfers who made the cut by posting a score of 1 under par or better after the first two rounds are now starting the Pebble Beach course. This course has far more potential for water and out of bounds than the other two courses, so the field can either spread out or bunch up very quickly during this final round. To track the progress, go to


Remember…all of the above PBeM fun is free to current BPA members. Others may qualify with a $10 Email membership in the year the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. See the BPA Terms page for details.


BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

Visit the BPA website at

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