Boardgame Players Association Newsletter — July 2008
July 3, 2008

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WBC PROGRAMS: A leaner black & white only version of the WBC Program will be available to all members at WBC registration. Those who have grown accustomed to the comforts of a full color presentation or who cannot wait to get their hands on a printout of the upcoming schedule may download it now in full color at in one of three formats: booklet format, spread format or one page per sheet.

HOTEL ROOMBLOCKS EXTENDED: Lancaster Host has long been sold out for the 2008 WBC but BPA has group rates at the nearby Red Roof Inn and Continental across the street. These hotels have been recently renovated and offer bargain rates and free continental breakfasts when you ask for the World Boardgaming Championships group rate. However, do not delay. Our group rates and room blocks have been extended to July 17 and when they're gone, they're gone. Lancaster area hotels often sellout during the tourist season. Reserve your room now. Get the details at

BPA's annual WBC game auction in Lancaster, PA on Aug. 5 is well on its way to another sellout with more than half of its 550 Lot limit already registered. Items must be delivered in person on Monday night, Aug. 4 or the following Tuesday morning before noon by registered members. Pre-registration of items for the auction is required. Check out the details and see the items already registered at  Download your Lot Forms now. Don't procrastinate!

We've expanded our popular WBC Auction Store for the sale of lower priced items during the auction. Located in the same showroom, buyers will be able to peruse items with a set price within view and earshot of the ongoing auction. The Auction Store increases the number of items handled in less time while offering sellers a more efficient way to offer lower priced items at a reduced commission. Items in the Auction Store have a top price of $30 BUT MUST be pre-registered by July 27th. Do not prepay fees until you deliver your items to the Auction Store but they MUST BE preregistered. Come prepared with your Auction Store Item forms pre-completed. After processing the submission, the Auction Store Administrator will provide Lot Numbers for the items. See for details and to download your Auction Store forms. Sellers are encouraged to read both
the Auction and Auction Store details carefully to determine which venue is the best choice for their sales items.

This year WBC returns to the often requested, original high quality, silk-screened shirts featuring the BPA logo of
yesteryear.  We no longer will be making shirts on site so if you'd like a souvenir shirt, you need to pre-order it for pickup at the show.
We'll even accept email orders at for COD payment at WBC but you need to order now. See the pre-registration form for


BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008 ELECTION NEARS END: Only two weeks remain to vote. The E-Ballot for the 2008 Board of Director's election is at Please take a moment to cast your vote before the July 15th deadline. Even if you're indifferent to the results, by law a % of the membership must vote for a valid election. Failure to do so, will require an additional election at more
expense which will ultimately be passed on to the membership. While ballots can be caste by mail or email also, the technology has been updated to facilitate true on-line voting for the ultimate in convenience at

In the 17th Run for the Slivers, we are assembling the racing form. So far it appears we have some catching up to do if we are to match 2004's record field of 82 teams. That cavalry charge set an all-time record with 328 players enrolled in the Team Tournament. Never fear ... procrastination is the favorite training technique for the WBC Derby and late entries are all the rage. Simply email the information
for your squad to . Rules are simple. You must have four members. All must be pre-registered to attend WBC and each must indicate a different tournament for his/her team game. Entry is free so give it a shot. The Happy Handicapper, Stuart Tucker, is sharpening his pencil as we assemble the racing form. We update the odds weekly at as new teams enter. We will again handicap the field by awarding a bonus point to every player who scores in an event they have not won at a past WBC. Will it make a difference in the crusade by everyone else to stop Nest of Spies from winning their 4th straight team title? Only time will tell.

Lancaster Host has become even more kid-friendly with a new playroom including toddlers playground toys, computer stations, and a widescreen tv running kid fare. In keeping with the family-friendly atmosphere of Lancaster Host (which is adjacent to an amusement park),
WBC again slates a full schedule of Junior and Teen events. Check them out at

WBC will again take advantage of the fine lecture facilities at the Host to offer an expanded series of speaking engagements
featuring many hobby luminaries and spousal support plans as well as the CSR Awards and the popular Wits & Wagers Game Shows. Contact Tamara Houde ( in order to arrange outings (with or without children).  Check out the schedule at

Steve Okonski has once again worked his magic and presented a host of convenient programming tools to help you plan your WBC week. Choose from among the Custom Scheduler at, an All-in-One schedule at, or several downloadable pdf pocket schedules. They can all be reached from:

WBC PRE-REGISTRATION/RIDE/CARPOOL/ROOMMATE/TEAMMATE/CHILD CARE SERVICE: If you want to check your pre-registration status or look for a ride, carpooling from an airport, someone to share a room with, a particular Open Gaming itch you want to setup or just another member for your team, check out the WBC Pre-Reg page now on line at  It will be updated weekly as information is received. If you'd like help with any of the above, just email your requests to to be listed on the page. All we ask is that you notify us to remove your listing once your need is fulfilled.  And if you can't wait for the pre-reg form to arrive in the mail, you can download a pdf version at the same page.

We are opening a small room for the exclusive play of large multi-map, multi-day simulation games. This
would be reserved for games that can't be played in a day and need to remain setup from day to day. Players would still be required to "play"
the games on a regular basis but could leave it unattended for a reasonable period without fear of it being moved. Use of the room would
be on a reservation system, first come, first served. To apply, contact with the game name. table space dimensions required, dates to be played, and the names of those who have committed to playing. This service is free to members of the conference. Other Open Gaming will be designated in two separate locations. Multi-player gaming will take place in Ballroom A until Thursday evening and then
move to the fireplace lobby and Ballroom Foyer. Two-player Open Gaming will occur in Vista C & D adjacent to Vista's restaurant. Consequently,
we ask everyone's co-operation in keeping the noise to a minimum for the restaurant patrons lest we lose this space in the future.

WBC PRE-REGISTRATION FORMS:  The current Pre-Reg form can be downloaded from

WBC EVENT PREVIEWS: WBC 2008 is now on line with a "host" of new features and attractions. In depth previews of each of the 2008 WBC tournaments—all 155 of them, many with new formats, are now online in a new upgraded format as only WBC does them at

YEARBOOKS: For those who did not receive our annual yearbook in May, an on-line version can be downloaded at A limited number will be available for $10 each at registration. See the pre-registration form for ordering information. Late joining Tribune members may also pick up a copy while supplies last.

WBC 2008 POSTER:  Help spread the word. Download the current WBC poster featuring the artwork of Kurt Miller at and post it at your next club meeting or ask your local gamestore to display it.



MECONI WINS GETTYSBURG: GM Vince Meconi won his own tournament by topping WBC champion Ed Menzel in the second Gettysburg '88 PBeM tournament. Third place laurels went to Bill Place of Pittsburgh, PA, followed by Allen Kaplan of Howell, NJ in 4th, Ted Drozd of Chicago, IL in 5th and Robin Chiang of Fremont, CA in 6th. In all, the Confederates tallied 17 victories in the Single Elimination event to ten for the Union with Confederate bids ranging from .5 to 5. Details and updated laurel totals can be found on our Gettysburg results page at

Tom Gregorio has taken the TRC PBeM crown by edging Ed O'Connor to win the BPA 7th Annual Tournament over 31 entrants in the Single Elimination tournament. Michael Kaye won the novice division bracket which attracted eight additional players. Also earning laurels were Doug James, Gary Dickson, Larry Hollern and Roy Walker. Details and updated laurel totals can be found on our Russian Campaign results page at

TRC 8TH PBeM TOURNAMENT: The most regular of BPA email tournaments starts its 8th rendition on August 25th with three-month rounds. The event will be Single Elimination using the ten-turn Barbarossa scenario (with Schoose option) and 4th edition rules.  Contact - check out the details at

GUTERMUTH WINS ADEL VERPFLICHTET: After five swiss rounds, Ken Gutermuth barely qualified for the last seat in the Final by winning a "spaces across the finish line" tie breaker but he parlayed that place at the table to email wood with a one-space victory over Sharee Pack to add to his plaque collection. Other laurelists included Thomas Browne who had led the swiss rounds with 23 of a possible 25 points, Alex Bove, Greg Thatcher, and John Pack who lost that tie-breaker and seat at the table to Ken. Details and updated laurel totals can be found on our Adel Verpflichtet results page at

SINIGAGLIO WINS BITTER WOODS: The fifth BPA Bitter Woods PBeM tournament got underway on December 16, 2006, to commemorate the battle with 32 players and has ended five rounds later with Bruno Sinigaglio's GI's defeating son Buddy's Germans to claim his first title. The Americans won 20 of the 31 games played, including six of the last seven. Other laurelists in order were Bill Morse, Steve Likevich, Jeff Lange and Frank Sinigaglio. Updated laurel totals can be found on our Bitter Woods results page at

WILDERNESS WAR SEMIS: The Semi-finals of the Wilderness War PBeM Tournament have concluded with George Young's British defeating Adam Deverell's French and James Pei's British defeating Ron Fedin's French. The championship and consolation matches have begun and will conclude in September at the latest. In the Final, Young had the right to bid first but passed whereby Pei bid 1 VP for the French, which bid was accepted by Young. In the battle for third place Deverell has the French against Fedin, having bid 1 VP for that side. Both pairings are
rematches of recent games as Pei (2004 WBC Champ and 2007 WBC Runner-up) defeated Young last year in the WBC tournament, and Fedin (2005 WBC Champ and currently the top rated player in the world) defeated Deverell earlier in this tournament. This event began in early 2007 with 62 players, and the tournament website is at

DROZD TAKES DOENITZ AWARD: The recently completed five swiss rounds of the WAR AT SEA tournament yielded three players who played the underdog Axis throughout. Those were Tal Seaman, Eric Filipkowski and Robert Drozd. The latter chalked up 40 VP to ensure a spot in the
Quarter-Finals and thereby win this honorary award. Alas, his U-Boats ran out of steam at the hands of Dennis Nicholson in the play-offs. The
Semi-Finals are in progress and you can see how the contenders are doing at  


Anyone interested in running an email tournament is invited to inquire. BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved. See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

All BPA PBeM tournaments require current BPA membership when the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. Associate Calendar year memberships enabling play in all PBeM events starting in that year cost only $10. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. Members are reminded they can upgrade their current memberships at any time by remitting the additional funds. See for details.

Visit the BPA website at


If you are not already receiving our monthly email newsletters, please subscribe as directed below as we are unable to add you ourselves. To receive our free monthly newsletters you MUST join the BPA mailing list by visiting to confirm your address and your desire to be on this list. Subscribing takes only a moment, ensures your privacy, and increases likelihood of receipt. The newsletter will continue to be posted in the WBC folder in the Conventions section of Consimworld and on our website but will otherwise be unavailable to those who do not join the list in this fashion. If already receiving the BPA News you need take no additional action.

Don Greenwood
WBC Convention Director

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