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July 10, 2006

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TEAM TOURNAMENT ENTRIES: The Happy Handicapper has struck again and posted the opening odds for this year's Team tournament at Less than two weeks remain to enter your team. Submit your team entries on our pre-reg form or simply email with your team name and list of four teammates with corresponding game choice. All team members must be pre-registered. No on-site registration or substitutions are allowed.

WBC SOUVENIR T's: Only nine more days (till July 20th) to order your WBC 2006 T's for free delivery and show availability. This year's convention shirts offer more choices than ever. You can opt for Kurt Miller's WBC 2006 cover artwork or the popular one-, two- or three- game art combinations with accompanying WBC shield crests and your own motto up to 28 characters. You can also include the commemorative 2005 Centurion list and Award winners for the back or not as you please for no additional charge. Child sizes and women's V neck styles are also available upon request. Support the BPA, show your gaming colors and order a set of Team shirts for your squad from

ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT TO VOTE: We need your vote to validate our elections. Help keep costs down by voting. The E-Ballot for the 2006 Board of Director's election is available at Please take a moment to cast your vote before the July 15 deadline.

Don Greenwood, MD Andy Lewis,
Joel Tamburo,
Ken Whitesell,

AUCTION PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSED: Pre-registration of lots for the annual WBC game auction in Lancaster, PA, on August 1 is over. Procrastinators may rejoice in the knowledge that the Auction Store will still accept your items sans pre-registration provided they bear a sales price of under $30. Items must be delivered in person on Monday night, July 31 or the following Tuesday morning before noon by registered members. Check out the list of pre-registered Auction lots at

AUCTION STORE ADDED: A "flea market" type store for the sale of additional lower priced items is available during the WBC auction. Located to the right of the Showroom with the Auction, buyers will be able to peruse items with a set price within view and earshot of said Auction. The Auction Store allows us to increase the number of items handled in less time while offering sellers a more efficient way to offer lower priced items at a reduced commission. Items in the Auction Store have a top price of $30 and cannot be pre-registered. See for details.

PRE-REGISTRATION/RIDE/CARPOOL/ROOMMATE/TEAMMATE SERVICE: If you want to check your pre-registration status or look for a ride, carpooling from an airport, someone to share a room with, a particular Open Gaming itch you want to setup or just another member for your team, check out the WBC Prep page now on line at It is updated weekly as information is received. If you'd like help with any of the above, just email your requests to to be listed on the page. All we ask is that you notify us to remove your listing once your need is fulfilled. And if you misplaced your pre-reg form, you can download an abridged pdf version at the same page by clicking on the pre-register link. You will need FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to see the form. Download the software at

SAMPLER SHOWCASE SCHEDULE: The ten games to be featured in the Monday-Tuesday Open Gaming Pre-Con have been determined and are listed at with corresponding times for each demonstration. Participation in the Sampler Showcase which includes chances to win the various games being demonstrated in a participant raffle requires either Tribune level membership or separate
Pre-Con admission.

SEMINARS: WBC has long eschewed seminars in favor of tournaments but times are a changin' with the added facilities at Lancaster Host. If you'd like to host a seminar in the future, we'd like to hear from you. Among the new attractions this year are a pair of GM meetings at 3 and 4 PM Tuesday before tournaments begin led by recent GMs of the Year John Coussis and Vince Meconi. If you are running an event or have ever thought about doing so, drop in for the discussion. Also new is a game show with prizes for teams that will be run three nights. Get all the details at ... And if you're bringing your kids be sure to make room on your schedule for the new parent/junior team competition in Crokinole on Saturday afternoon. No prior experience necessary—it's just finger flickin' fun a la shuffleboard.

GM 101 Seminar Leaders

John Coussis

Vince Meconi

SCHEDULING AIDS: Steve Okonski has once again worked his magic and presented a host of convenient programming tools to help you plan your WBC week. Choose from among the Custom Scheduler, an All-in-One schedule, or several downloadable pdf pocket schedules which can be handy if you misplace your program. You can also download and print an extra copy or two of the chronological schedule from the program. All this can be reached from:



BUSE WINS WILDERNESS WAR: The 2nd Email tournament has concluded after two years and a total of 124 games played with 50 players participating. Congratulations to the champ, John Buse, who made his Wilderness War tournament debut and beat out several veteran players to take first. Buse twice defeated 2004 WBC Champ James Pei, who is arguably the top overall CDG player in the world, to secure the crown. Very few people have a lifetime winning record against "The Master"!

Entering the final round of the pure swiss format tournament, the leader was GM Keith Wixson, the third seed and lone undefeated player. Wixson had to defeat top seed and reigning WBC Champ Ron Fedin in order to claim the crown. Wixson's Brits survived an early appearance by Montcalm and the French capture of Albany in 1756 to claw his way back. Relying on the appearance of Wolfe in 1757 and great support by the Colonial Assemblies, Wixson took back Albany and was eventually able to besiege Montreal and threaten Ohio Forks by late 1759.

He ran out of men and time, however, as the support of the Crown was very weak. Fedin was able to bleed Wixson white, relieve Montreal and earn the win. The tournament ended in a six way tie for first place and came down to the tiebreaker—the average AREA rating of defeated opponents. Buse's two wins over the highly rated Pei was the difference. Other laurelists in order were: Ron Fedin, Keith Wixson, Tom Drueding, Gary Phillips and Bill Peeck who took 2nd thru 6th respectively.

BURKHALTER WINS HAMMER OF THE SCOTS: The first BPA PBeM tourney of Hammer of the Scots is in the books. 31 players vied for dominance of the Scottish Nobles over the course of 52 games. This was a five-round swiss tourney using the 2.0 rules. Players bid to play the English by bidding the number of years to play without Edward I. Games were played on a website that handled the cards and the random draws of the blocks. The English won 28 with three draws for a winning percentage of 57%. Hank Burkhalter was able to beat Rick Young in the final battle of the unbeatens to remain undefeated. Other laurelists included:Chris Byrd, Jeff Mullet, Suzanne Tuch and George Seary who claimed 3rd thru 6th respectively.

HAMMER OF THE SCOTS: A new Four-Round Swiss Tournament is planned with a starting date of September 1 to be played at the Above the Fields Website or F2F Gaming which will give free membership for the tourney. Players that cannot agree on which site to use must use Above the Fields as the default medium. Each player may play all of the rounds or drop out after any round. Check out the details at

GETTYSBURG: The 2nd BPA PBeM Championship for Gettysburg ‘88 will kick off on August 15. To enter, simply e-mail GM Vince Meconi at Webmaster Ric Manns maintains the tourney website at A few of the format highlights are:

  1. single elimination
  2. seeded pairings based on AREA ratings
  3. 4 months per round (about 3 days per move if the game goes all 24 turns)
  4. bidding for sides, and
  5. the default scenario will be 6F, Scenario 5, the 3-day Battle of Gettysburg, using all optional rules except 10D, Extra Union Generals.


All BPA PBeM tournaments require current BPA membership when the event starts. All multi-day paid attendees to WBC are current BPA members for the balance of that calendar year. Associate Calendar year memberships enabling play in all PBeM events starting in that year cost only $10 and earn discounts for admission to all BPA gaming conferences. You need not keep your membership current in order to finish a PBeM event. Players may join the BPA throughout the year. Members are reminded they can upgrade their current memberships at any time by remitting the additional funds. See for details.

Anyone interested in running an email tournament is invited to inquire. BPA members who would like to see an email tournament for their favorite game are encouraged to step forward as the GM of such an event. BPA does not run tournaments. Rather, we are an organization of gamers lending support to one another so such events can happen. No one cares as much about your hobby as you do. Get involved! See the requirements to host a BPA email tournament at

SUBSCRIBE: If you have not yet subscribed to our new mailing list, please do so as we are unable to add you ourselves. To receive our free monthly newsletters you MUST rejoin the BPA mailing list by visiting to confirm your address and your desire to be on this list. Subscribing takes only a moment, ensures your privacy, and increases likelihood of receipt. The newsletter will continue to be posted in the WBC folder in the Conventions section of Consimworld and on the BPA web site but will otherwise be unavailable to those who do not join the list in this fashion. Here are previous newsletters: Nov. 2005, Dec. 2005, Jan. 2006, Feb. 2006, April 2006, May 2006, June 2006.

Visit the BPA website at

Don Greenwood

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