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Last updated May 5, 2022.


All current members of the BPA may vote regardless of membership level—including all paid pre-registrants of the 2022 World Boardgaming Championships—except those purchasing one-day Guest passes. Votes will be recorded in accordance with membership status as outlined on the membership page and are weighted appropriately by election officials. Those elected to the BPA Board will serve three-year terms through the 2025 convention season. The new Board will be introduced during the BPA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, July 26, at 3 p.m.  in the Grand Ballroom at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, PA. All BPA members are invited to attend.

In order to vote, use our electronic ballot. The e-mail you supply with your vote must match the e-mail we have on file for you. Each member may cast only one ballot, and may vote for up to three (3) individual candidates on that ballot. Multiple ballots from the same e-mail address will be disqualified. The final day to vote is June 30, 2022. In order for your vote to count, you must cast your ballot on the website no later than midnight ET on June 30, 2022.

The last day to join the BPA in order to be eligible to vote is June 30, the "Record Date". In order for the Vote to count, a quorum of ten percent (10%) of all members who have joined the BPA as of the Record Date must cast valid ballots on or before the Final Voting Date. We anticipate the Quorum will be approximately 125 voters.

NOTE: Any person may run for election as a Director. Candidates must comply with the Board’s nomination rules in order to be placed on the ballot. The three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected.

[  ] Andrew Drummond—Gaming is a key part of my life and always has been. The last 2 years have seen such a drop off in face to face gaming, and I am excited to be running for re-election to the board in order to be a part of getting us back to enjoying the gaming we have missed.

From the lengthy sessions of games like For the People and Star Wars Rebellion to the lighter games like Ra! and Orleans and evening Can't Stop tournaments I am very much looking forward to this year's WBC and again being part of the organizing team that allows us to have the best week of the entire year.

[  ] Andy Latto— The tournaments are what make WBC great, and the GM's are a crucial part of that. WBC tournaments are the best place to play a game, whether you are a serious competitor, someone who isn't competitive but loves to play the game, or even someone who has just learned the game.

My goal as a board member would be to recruit and retain great GM's, who are critical to WBC. I would aim to broaden communication between the Board and attendees — especially GMs (I am an 11-year GM.) I created a computer tool that many GMs use for sign-in, tournament scoring, and event reports. In supporting this tool, I have talked to numerous GMs about their tournaments. This helps me understand the issues the GMs are concerned with, and how the WBC and the board can best support their efforts.

[  ] Marcy Morelli—I grew up playing family board and card games, learned RPGs and wargames in college, and have become an avid Eurogamer. I’ve been involved with gaming organizations and events for over 20 years as a player, GM, and event organizer. This has given me a strong understanding of the needs of players and GMs and a good grasp of different ways of managing board game events. I currently serve as Tournament Director for EuroQuest and Congress of Gamers (occasionally), and as Secretary/Treasurer of the Meeple League.

I have appreciated the chance to help guide our group during my first term, although of course, these have been unusual times. If elected for another term, I would continue the work of getting us back to normal as well as using my experience to help smooth the way for improvements that help GMs and players with better processes and use of technology.

[  ] Pete Pollard—Gaming has shaped me, how I think and approach challenges, even at work. My playing experience dramatically improved when I attended my first convention. I've learned so much at these events, but most of all, I've made many friends throughout the years playing at WBC. Leveraging my work experiences in logistics, I'd like to streamline our processes and events to help them run smoother for everyone. I want to ensure that each player has a better experience at the WBC so, like me, they look forward to next summer when they can return and enjoy a week of gaming again.

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